The growth of the NFT market during 2021 was exponential, with more investors than ever capitalizing on the trend of owning digital art. This trend shows no signs of stopping in 2022, with an abundance of exciting NFTs growing in value and proving themselves to be beneficial assets to own.
With that in mind, this video will discuss the Top 3 NFTs With Best ROI to buy right now.
Watch this video till the end, because we will also share with you our best Wallets for Storing NFTs.
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Now, let's get started.
#1: Yeah Tigers
The first collection is Yeah Tigers.
Yeah Tigers is a collection of 10,000 individual NFTs with artwork based around tigers. The project aims to be a brand rather than just another NFT project.
While the Yeah Tigers collection is one the best cheap NFT projects in terms of art, it also comes with plenty of utility. After purchasing a Yeah Tiger, the holder can stake it on Magic Eden in order to receive a unique, wearable NFT shirt. The project also aims to partner with several pop-up shops around the world to provide Yeah Tiger holders with tangible value as well as cool art.
As the project grows, there are aims to build a dedicated Yeah Tigers community and organize real-life meet-ups for holders. The Yeah Tigers team is a group of music enthusiasts and as such, also has plans to create a musical project based around the Yeah Tigers collection. Lastly, the team wants to open an art studio where NFT fans and artists can collaborate. With all this in the works, Yeah Tiger is one of the best NFTs to buy.
#2: Childhood Dreams
The second NFT project we're going to be talking about is called Childhood Dreams.
At the time of recording this video, they already have over 74,000 followers on Twitter. That's huge.
At first glance, you can see that there is certain professionalism.
Even the design of their website is nice. There are shooting star animations in the background.
With their website, you can see what the NFT will look like.
Childhood Dreams starts with a collection of 4888 NFTs, offering value holders a privileged membership in the dreamverse.
In fact, in the Childhood Dreams community metaverse, you can enjoy virtual events with other dreamers and stake the NFT to earn considerable passive income.
It is mentioned on their site that their next step is to explore more land-based games and features in their Dreamverse and to conduct extensive research on the development of their own $Childhood governance token, with regards to the sustainability and feasibility of its tokenomics.
That's basically the background, how they developed the project, and the mission they set out to achieve. 
Everyone loves their childhood dreams, right? So, very nostalgic, very cute, and friendly from the start.
They even have a very detailed roadmap of what they really have planned. First of all, their launch, of course, their big launch, as they call it, to establish the dreamverse. A community-owned, community-driven, community-tinkered metaverse. Of course, this is their first launch, which is their Genesis collection, which was supposed to be June 2nd. It's already done.
Now let's take a look at some of the benefits for those who sign up here.
Childhood Dreams values its cardholders.
Therefore, they offer rewards in perpetuity ranging from regular loyalty to physical gifts, NFT Airdrops, priority purchase of new collections, cross collaborations, and partnerships with other talented projects. Whitelist spots are also available for the community.
According to their site, they partner and collaborate with many different projects. So, places to join these projects are also available for the community.
Next, we see here the team behind the project. They have a strategist and engineer, a co-founder and developer, a community and marketing manager, and a ton of solid team members.
Looking at the top navigation bar, we see that the playground and staking features are still to come.
Many people are following the project here and taking a closer look at the artwork. It's a very well-designed piece of art for animation. As you can see, there are a lot of colors and a lot of pop to these characters. It gives a bit of an anime feel, as you can see. They are very cute and very much in line with the theme of childhood dreams that this project is trying to promote. On their Twitter, they do great things like different giveaways, whitelisting opportunities, different announcements as well as many other things.
This project is very active on the web, communicating and networking in the NFT space as well as with other projects.
#3: Shrapnel Operators
And the last one is going to be Shrapnel Operators.
The Shrapnel Operators Collection consists of 5,500 NFTs based on 5 characters featured in Shrapnel’s upcoming comic series.
The Shrapnel Operators Collections comes equipped with loads of utility perhaps making it the best NFT to buy. Holders of a Shrapnel Operator are granted early access to an upcoming NFT game based around the collection but that’s not all. Every holder will receive the comic linked to the character they own, along with a host of future NFT airdrops based on the rarity level of the holder’s operator.
While a fair few projects are aiming to create games linked to their NFT collections, Shrapnel Operators has attracted talent that has worked on some massive games like Halo, Call of Duty, and Star Wars. This put's the project in great stead to fulfill its goals and create a truly excellent experience for gamers around the globe.
There are a lot of factors that go into selecting strong NFT projects, with the most important being utility and hype. Each of the NFT projects we’ve looked at today offers both in spades.
But Shrapnel Operators is the best NFT to buy now. It's stuffed to the brim with utility, has a strong community, and has an excellent team. With the project likely to take the NFT world by storm, it's not one you want to miss.
Now, when planning out your investment, it’s crucial to find the best wallet for NFTs to meet your needs. Thanks to the exponential growth of the NFT market, there is an abundance of wallets to choose from, each offering a slightly different set of features. However, the key elements to look out for are the level of security provided and the compatible blockchains.
Furthermore, user-friendliness should also be considered – especially if you are a newcomer to the market. Finally, much like when researching the best crypto wallet, it’s a good idea to obtain an NFT wallet from an experienced and reputable provider. These tend to come with the highest security level and best tools.
If you are looking for a specific wallet provider to partner with, we suggest you use MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or Enjin due to their popularity.
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