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Airdrops are distributions of tokens or cryptos sent to users for free – a fundamental way of garnering mass attention and engaging recipients with the related project.
Active early members of the blockchain community will receive small amounts of the new virtual currency for free or in return for minor services such as retweeting the company’s post.
The main criteria for receiving crypto airdrops are holding a cryptocurrency wallet such as Coinbase.
It is important to note that legitimate crypto airdrops will not ask you to invest. All here is free.
Additionally, the airdropped tokens are relatively new coins for which a market is yet to develop, and traded prices are unavailable.
Now, let's take a look at some of the major crypto-currency projects that could airdrop their tokens in 2022.
#1: Pulsechain
The first upcoming crypto-AirDrop is PulseChain.
PulseChain is a fork of the Ethereum network and is a cheaper, quicker, and more ecologically friendly cryptocurrency project than its parent blockchain. After the upcoming hard fork, all ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network will be duplicated and transferred to PulseChain.
This could one of the greatest airdrops in terms of value in the digital asset scene. The upcoming crypto airdrop is open to anybody with one of many ERC20 tokens or NFTs in a suitable wallet address.
PLS tokens will be given to everybody who has ETH in their wallet in a 1:1 ratio. The PLS received needs to be relocated to a new wallet within 30 days. Failure to do this would lead to the crypto that was airdropped being burned.
Of course, this is a brand-new cryptocurrency and at the time of this recording no one knows its exact value, so there are risks. That said, any airdrops you receive can be traded or transferred to the Pulsechain exchange, where you also can earn free crypto by yield farming.
Leave us a comment if you want us to make a video about PulseChain yield farming.
#2: MetaMask
And the next one is MetaMask.
MetaMask is one of the widely used cryptocurrency wallets. A possible airdrop has been rumored to be in the pipeline for a long time.
The possibility of MetaMask releasing its token, dubbed MASK, has been widely discussed and was mentioned several times by the MetaMask team.
The revelation comes after ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin tweeted last November, in response to speculation, that ConsenSys may not want tokens on its balance sheet as JPMorgan has a stake in the firm.
His tweet triggered various MetaMask token expectants’ responses, indicating the excitement the crypto project infuses.
As influencers spread the rumors of a possible airdrop on social media, activity through MetaMask Swap “has seen a huge usage increase in recent days,” per data from Delphi Digital.
That said, it is most likely that the team would not disappoint the anticipating user base. However, it’s unclear who exactly will be eligible for airdrop tokens.
#3: OpenSea
And the next one is OpenSea.
OpenSea, a leader in the non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace, still does not have its token, but users expect to arrive in Q4 of 2022.
With its insane transaction volume in the NFT market in 2021, OpenSea has won many user hearts showcasing positive signs for a possible token launch this year. Speculations state that it might drop tokens to users who’ve bought or sold NFTs on the platform.
Also, OpenSea’s newest competitor, X2Y2, recently had an airdrop, offering users accumulative rewards for using their marketplace or staking their tokens. This has left us expecting an OpenSea token soon.
#4: Vinci Protocol
Then we have Vinci Protocol.
The Vinci protocol is an airdrop backed up by the DEFI protocol and has been designed to boost liquidity. Liquidity boost, in this case, is done through a lending platform and simultaneous hedge volatility.
Unlike the previous airdrop, this ongoing protocol is expected to run through October 2022, making it one of the best crypto airdrops enthusiasts can consider in July.
Vinci Airdrop has a pool price worth $1,000,000 VCI tokens that will be allocated to the winners. The total number of winners for this airdrop is not available on the official website, and it will most probably be based on the tokens.
To participate in this airdrop, several steps will have to be followed.
We suggest you visit their Twitter page or their official website to learn more.
After completing this process, all participants will be expected to wait patiently until the airdrop period is over. Vinci Protocol will then review all the entries and whitelist all addresses of winners. Whitelisted addresses will be published on all social media channels associated with Vinci Protocol, where users will claim their prices.
#5: Metarun
And the next one is going to be Metarun.
The Metarun is one of the many NFT crypto airdrops that crypto enthusiasts can participate in. As announced during their launch, they will be giving away 2000 WL spots with several additional bonuses, including x1SOL for top inviters in their Discord. The Metarun airdrop is already ongoing and will be active all through to August 6, 2022.
The maximum number of rewards for this airdrop will be 200,000, with an estimated value of 30,000 USD. Like every other NFT, the Metarun airdrop requires the user to complete a series of tasks to be eligible for winning.
The participant needs to complete mandatory tasks that involve joining Discord, Following Twitter accounts, retweeting, and Telegram groups.
Once this task is complete, participants will unlock other tasks, and they will follow the required prompts to complete them.
Once these prompts are complete, participants will be required to provide their crypto addresses, after which they will receive their tokens once the airdropping period is over. It should be noted that every person is entitled to keep his/her digital assets safe.
#6: 4Everland
The next is 4Everland.
This NFT airdrop is powered by cloud computing designed to ensure that it is easier for developers to develop Web 3.0 applications. In addition, 4Everland provides several solutions in terms of protocols and products, such as a decentralized gateway, data services, digital marketing, and decentralized domain name, all aimed at helping developers build a perpetual distributed network.
This ongoing airdrop giveaway is worth $30,000 T-4Ever tokens to about 20 random winners plus a 4EVERLAND OAT NFT to all users who complete tasks and fill out the form properly​​​​​. In this giveaway, it is clear that everyone will be going home a happy person with a token from the airdrop.
#7: CoinGecko
Now, let's close this Airdrop list with CoinGecko
The CoinGecko Token has inspired the ongoing hottest meme coin in the current market. This NFT crypto airdrop is currently ongoing and is expected to end on 30 July 2022. The maximum rewards for this Crypto stand at 500 coins with an estimated value of $150.
To participate in this airdrop, users must follow the usual tasks.
Winners from this airdrop will be contacted once the final date is complete.
Let us know in the comments, which other Airdrops should be mentioned on this list.
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