This project called Metropoly is one of the best upcoming projects this year 2023. The project has already gained immense popularity and has been featured on some of the biggest finance websites like Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Azcentral etc. The project is about real estate and real estate will always be valuable. And it offers affordable access to real estate, ideal for young and older investors. There is a lot of value for everyone. The best part is - the pre-sale is just getting underway, giving you the opportunity to be an early investor.

This video will review the project and explain the buying process for Metropoly’s METRO token in detail. It will also touch up on features and potential for the project in the coming months with respect to market conditions and trends. In this way, you will be able to assess the project well before actually investing in it.

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Now, let's get started.


At the time of recording this video, Metropoly has already raised over $1,200,000. The company has also launched its beta version and has over 2,900 pre-sale participants. In addition, they are in the final stages of launching their METRO project. The excitement around Metropoly is huge and they have already received over 200 PR publications and have formed strong partnerships with Chainadoption, Tenset and DTC Group. These highlights suggest that Metropoly is making progress towards its goals and has gained the interest and support of investors and partners. But concretely, what is the purpose of this project?


Metropoly is a decentralized NFT marketplace featuring non-fungible tokens backed by real-world assets, which are real estate properties. The project aims to democratize real estate investment by providing fractional ownership of these properties by fragmenting the NFTs attached to them. Buying these fractional NFTs, which cost as low as $100, will allow the NFT owners to share the revenue generated through the said properties.

Real-world utilities for NFTs have always been a matter of discussion - and Metropoly is making it real by attaching NFTs with income-generating assets. All properties are hand-selected by The Metropoly Trust, which houses highly professional realtors. The properties will then be tokenized - and then the NFTs attached to them will be put on sale in a decentralized marketplace.

Real Estate continues to be a thriving sector that has flourished despite the recent economic downturn. However, accessing real estate investments has not always been within the capacity of most people. Sometimes, the entity barriers are too high, and other times, the attached regulations deter people from investing. Metropoly aims to deal with all these issues through the power of blockchain technology.

With Metropoly, investors can, Buy REN (Real Estate NFTs) and earn monthly rental income, Sell or auction their tokens, put their NFTs as collateral to borrow against them.

Participate in Metropoly DAO to decide whether to sell a property or increase rent.

The Metropoly Ecosystem has four pillars - Marketplace, Launchpad, Mortgage Platform, and DAO.

The marketplace is where Real Estate NFTs are bought and sold. Users can also auction them at a lower-than-market-value price or put them on Emergency Sale. The emergency sale allows them to sell the NFT at 75% of its original value. Also, 25% of the net profits generated go to charitable organizations.

The launchpad is a way to incentivize early adopters - the Metropoly Platinum Members. These people get early access to Real Estate Mints at a price 5% lower than the listing price.

The NFT holders can leverage the mortgage platform to put their NFTs as collateral and borrow against it.

Finally, the fourth pillar, Voting Rights, is a way for Metropoly to democratize the Real Estate Space by letting NFT holders make important decisions about the properties represented by the fractional NFTS.

Inclusive, democratized, and accessible are three descriptors that perfectly encapsulate what Metropoly is all about. But what are the exact issues it is trying to fix?

First, Real Estate investment should be accessible to everyone. It is a perfect investment for the risk-averse because, in the end, people will always need a place to stay. However, the current bottlenecks stop this sector from reaching its full potential. These issues include.

The next issue is the Tax Involved in the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate.

Real Estate tax rates have increased, and they are continuing with this trend. A high tax rate can offset the gains that can be made from selling the property. And since much of it is undefined, people end up paying more taxes than they need to.

Other than taxes, brokerage fees are another additional cost that can offset the profits generated through a property sale. Furthermore, the intrusion of a broker can often diminish the worth of a property; investors often feel like they aren't being paid the exact worth of their properties when proper is involved.

Also, the government rules regarding tenants have become more tenant-centric – especially in western countries. In light of this, the duties of a landlord have become that much more complicated.

And finally, Buying and selling property takes a lot of time. The long lines, coupled with a bunch of paperwork, lead to many days wasted.

Metropoly is providing a solution to these issues by building the world's first marketplace to invest in income-generating properties. These properties are attached to NFTs that investors can become fractional owners of by spending only $100.

Owners of these asset-backed NFTs will get not one but two different income venues. The first one comes in the form of rent.

All properties that Metropoly will tokenize into NFTs will either be long-term rental properties or holiday homes. The monthly income generated from rent will then be divided among the owners of the fractional NFTS that this property represents.

The second way is through price appreciation. Most properties listed on the Metropoly Marketplace are available in popular regions like Dubai. These uber-popular regions have seen an increase in the price of properties in the past, and there are no signs that the increase will slow down anytime soon. Property price appreciation will equivalently increase the value of NFTs that their owners can sell or auction for additional income.

A cryptocurrency project's potential can be gleaned from the experience of the professionals behind it. On that note, we are happy to report that Metropoly is in good hands.

All the team members have been KYC verified by SolidProof, and have links to their LinkedIn profiles on the official website.

The Metropoly $1,000,000 giveaway is currently available! To qualify for the prize, the recipient must fulfill all contest requirements and possess at least $100 worth of $METRO on the day of the draw.

So, how to Invest in Metropoly?

The first step one must take is to set up a wallet to store their tokens. This wallet will be used to swat cryptos for $METRO. Metropoly recommends going either with Metamask or Trust Wallet. But other options that support ETH are also allowed.






Now, do you think this project can make 100X this year? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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