What's up guys, welcome back to this channel. In this video, we will delve into these two platforms and examine their potential for success. With over 137 projects developed on PulseChain before its launch, there is great anticipation for what's to come. In comparison to HEX, PulseChain and PulseX have a higher chance of surpassing the 10,000x mark within the first two years of launch. We will examine the potential for PLS and PLSX to become the most popular coins traded, with significant fluctuations in price, and PulseX to experience the largest first-day volume for any decentralized exchange. Remember that this video is not investment advice, and it is important to conduct your own research before making any decisions in the crypto space. So, keep watching to learn more about PulseChain and PulseX!
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Now, let's get started.
A lot of people have aspirations or a sensation that one or more of the fresh prospects available in this Ecosystem could revolutionize their existence. While presently, the "gold standard" is 10,000x, many of us may necessitate 10x, 100x, or even 1000x to experience a total life transformation. This occurrence can be likened to winning the lottery. However, investing in the proper coins could increase the likelihood of achieving such a feat. This is precisely what PulseChain and PulseX aim to accomplish. The unveiling of PulseChain is eagerly anticipated by investors, as it is arguably the most awaited blockchain.
We are now at testnet v3. So, the much-awaited moment is almost here as PulseX and PulseChain are already completed, and ready for launch.
However, the outcome of the launch of PulseChain and PulseX remains uncertain. Will they outperform HEX? To answer this, let's closely examine what we know about both platforms.
Firstly, HEX did not receive as much support during its launch as PulseChain and PulseX have so far. In 2019, when HEX was introduced, it lacked the extensive video library and dedicated channels that Pulse possesses today. Furthermore, there are over 135 projects developed on PulseChain. Therefore, there is a good chance that Pulse and PulseX could surpass 10,000x at an even faster rate within the first two years of their launch.
At this point, all this is speculative. But let's go further. 
As you may have heard somewhere, more than 137 projects will be launched on PulseChain once the main net is launched. By the way, on this channel, we've talked about that multiple times. And, we've decided to cover the most promising projects. We have already talked about Love.io, PoolSea, Pulse Valley, Liquid Loans and many others. Be sure to let us know in the comments which one you would like us to cover in our next videos.
The interest of over 137 projects in PulseChain before its launch is a clear indication of the impact and interest it will generate in others. This has never been accomplished by any other blockchain before. Richard Heart's project is one of the most impressive ventures in the crypto space, inspired by the successes of others, to build a quicker, cheaper, and eco-friendly blockchain. This project also suggests the most extensive airdrop of potentially valuable digital assets in history.
Given the exponential growth of Richard's community since HEX made a 10,000X profit, it is likely that PulseChain and PulseX will achieve a similar feat, or even faster. The community has matured, and Richard has already experienced the benefits of his efforts. Additionally, nearly the entire HEX community has sacrificed for PulseChain, and many new individuals have joined the Pulse project, contributing to its excitement.
It's important to note that even those who criticize PulseChain and PulseX still believe that the prices will go up, and the involvement of more people in the project is a testament to its potential success.
Our opinion is that PulseChain and PulseX have the potential to achieve a 10,000X profit faster than HEX. However, it is crucial to understand that this is not investment advice, and it is vital to conduct your own research before making any decisions in the crypto space. The beauty of the world of cryptocurrency is that anything is possible, and the market is constantly evolving.
At this juncture, it is essential to explore the various improvements that PulseChain offers compared to other blockchains, particularly Ethereum. Firstly, transaction fees will be significantly cheaper, likely costing less than $0.01 at the initial stage. The throughput will be four times that of Ethereum, providing a faster and more efficient network for users.
PulseChain also boasts of a deflationary mechanism whereby 25% of the transaction costs are burned, and no new Pulse tokens will be mined. As a result, the total supply of Pulse tokens will never exceed day 1 levels, but rather, it will continue to decrease from that moment forward. Furthermore, PulseChain has 10,000 times more tokens than Ethereum, which is advantageous as users prefer having one whole token rather than a fraction.
As of the time of this recording, when you invest $100 in Ethereum, you receive 0.054 ETH. On the other hand, when you invest the same amount in HEX, you receive 1452 Hex, illustrating the significant difference between the two platforms.
If you haven't figured out what we're getting at yet, keep watching.
Actually, many individuals in the crypto community tend to prefer owning a larger number of tokens rather than a smaller amount, even if the value of both is equivalent. For instance, individuals may prefer owning 1452 tokens rather than 0.054 of a token, even if both are worth $100. Therefore, the value per token would not be higher than Ethereum if PulseChain were to achieve the same market capitalization. Even if the market cap were the same, PulseChain would still be considered "cheap."
As PulseChain and PulseX are launched, PLS and PLSX are expected to become the most popular coins traded, with significant fluctuations in price. Many PulseChain projects will announce their launch on the network, which will attract even more attention. Within 24 hours, the adoption of PulseChain is expected to skyrocket, though it's hard to predict what the future will hold. As crypto adoption continues to grow, there is hope for an increase in value.
On the other hand, PulseX is anticipated to experience the largest first-day volume for any decentralized exchange. Many skeptics will fear missing out and invest in not only PLS and PLSX, but also many of the projects built on the platform. The hype surrounding PulseChain and PulseX is expected to drive demand and potentially cause significant price movements in the market.
With the potential improvements of PulseChain, there is a chance that it may surpass HEX and other blockchains, making it an exciting opportunity for crypto investors.
It's hard to predict what the future holds for PulseChain and PulseX, but there are reasons to believe that they can outperform HEX. The improvements made by PulseChain over other blockchains, particularly Ethereum, including cheaper transaction fees, improved throughput, efficient delegated Proof of Stake validators, and deflationary economics, could make PulseChain an attractive option for investors. Moreover, PulseChain has 10,000x more tokens than Ethereum, and this could make it a more desirable investment option.
As the launch of PulseChain and PulseX draws closer, we can expect PLS and PLSX to become the top coins traded, with significant price fluctuations. It is also worth noting that the adoption of PulseChain will likely skyrocket within 24 hours, as many projects are expected to announce their launch on the network. PulseX is expected to see the largest first-day volume for any DEX, and we can expect many doubters to join in the hype and invest in PLS, PLSX, and other projects.
So, the potential for PulseChain and PulseX is massive, and many investors are excited about the opportunities they may offer. However, it is crucial to remain vigilant and avoid falling victim to scammers. As always, do your own research and share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.
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