Here are the altcoins that could realistically be multiplied by 50 or 100 in 2023. Today, we're excited to talk about some hidden gems that we believe could shine in the next crypto bull run. As we've seen in past bull runs, some altcoins have emerged from obscurity to become some of the top performers in the market, with gains of over 100x in just 12 months. In this video, we want to share some of our favorite low-cap altcoins that we believe have the potential to see similar explosive growth in the coming years. The best part is, most of these coins have very low caps, making them potentially great investments for those looking for high-risk, high-reward opportunities. Now, we're not promising any overnight Lambo purchases or mansions, but we're confident that these altcoins have what it takes to exceed expectations and deliver strong returns on your investment. Watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
The first altcoin that we believe has the potential to grow explosively is SHPING.
We discovered SHPING through the Coinbase Earn program, which we highly recommend participating in to take advantage of distributions of (small amounts of) free crypto. This comprehensive shopping app allows users to compare product prices across some of Australia's largest retailers to earn SHPING tokens and save money at the same time.
We believe that over time, SHPING will grow in popularity, particularly among savvy shoppers who enjoy collecting rewards points across multiple loyalty programs. The added benefit of earning crypto tokens primarily benefits early adopters of this asset, and we expect it to be a significant draw for many users.
We also think that prevailing economic conditions will not negatively impact the app's activity, as supermarkets and other large retailers tend to cope well, even during economic downturns. We expect to see a comfortably achieved 15x for the next bull run when looking at its all-time high (ATH), and we believe that Bitcoin hitting $100K or a $10K ETH will propel alts even higher than their top prices to date. We are confident that a market-wide bull run is a matter of when, not if.
The next one on our list is going to be OriginTrail.
OriginTrail (TRAC) has deployed and is continuously improving a range of leading solutions that leverage blockchain technology to provide greater efficiencies for various stakeholders across the globe. These include product traceability, logistics tracking, security audits, sustainable agriculture, and verifying credentials' authenticity.
We have only scratched the surface of what the organisation has achieved to date and what is planned. You only need to look at its comprehensive roadmap with its five eras (similar to Cardano) to see what is in store for its ecosystem. Make sure to check OT's whitepaper for more details about its dual-token system and layer 2 solution (OriginTrail DKG).
Another crypto with some similarities (in terms of solutions) is VeChain (VET), which will also do well in the future and benefit from more investment across the crypto space. However, TRAC's much lower market cap makes 50x minimum much more plausible.
We believe that TRAC, VET, or similar assets will do very well in the future. The use cases, especially those about product traceability (for food, alcohol, vaccines, etc.), verifying credentials (e.g., university degrees, thinking of countries with sub-par record keeping), or confirming the authentication of (luxury) goods to combat counterfeiting, are all possible (and will become mainstream) by utilizing blockchain technology.
The next one is Arweave.
Arweave’s fundamental purpose is to provide us with a decentralised, open-source ledger to permanently store data online, available to everyone online, without being scrubbed or tweaked to suit a particular narrative.
In short, Arweave's CEO, Sam Williams, refers to this project as a “global, permanent archive that can’t be censored or altered by any one regime or individual.”
One only needs to look at certain totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century to gauge how powerful information control and propaganda are, though we will refrain from digressing here. Utilising blockchain technology’s benefits, we have the excellent opportunity to store data across multiple points in a system. However, keeping a colossal amount of historical information will significantly limit the network’s ability to scale effectively.
Thus, Arweave has developed a novel and unique variant of blockchain tech called Blockweave, whereby miners and those who contribute to network hashing are only required to store a portion of the blocks to earn rewards, as opposed to all the data, as this is the case for many blockchains.
Furthermore, their Permaweb has information permanently stored on the Internet; everything we have published is forever available for content creators to access.
A serverless system? Yes, Arweave has been designed to help link those that require web hosting with the average person that can delegate some spare hard-drive space on their computer. As a result, web hosting is significantly cheaper, thus, more efficient overall (with space, energy intensity and less reliance on expensive corporate-run servers).
Without a central point of failure, having something open-source and easy-to-use represents a truly distributed, transparent and universally accessible project.
In terms of spare hard-drive space, there is competition in the form of Filecoin (FIL), Storj (STORJ) and Siacoin (SIA); we are particularly excited about the former, but both should benefit from this as the concept gradually becomes mainstream.
We expect big things from Arweave (AR) and the decentralised data-store space in the coming years.
And the last one is Livepeer.
Livepeer is building a decentralised, open-source live streaming video network, aiming to provide a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to the centralised systems we have today. According to their whitepaper, whilst LPT is the network’s token, ETH is utilised for broadcasting video to the network. Various devices or data points (nodes) that offer bandwidth and process videos earn ETH fees as a reward. The whitepaper also identifies threats to the network (DDoS, Useless or Self-dealing Transcoder, Chain Reorg, etc.) and we were pleased to see that it goes into sufficient detail about planned measures to address and mitigate these risks.
Besides its role as the general protocol token, LPT is also used for staking rewards (fairly generous ones, from what we’ve seen).
Additionally, Livepeer allows users to earn ETH and LPT by transcoding video (going from one format to another) while mining crypto with their GPU.
Strictly speaking, the protocol is semi-centralised, as Livepeer Inc., the primary entity behind it, is gradually setting up the network to become completely decentralised. This phenomenon is common in the space, with various blockchains having key companies/organisations that initially have more influence over a network than others (at least initially) as a system transitions to something genuinely decentralised. These things take time and are not straightforward (thinking of IOTA and Coordicide as an example). Overall, we believe that Livepeer has potential to disrupt the current live streaming market and we look forward to seeing how it develops in the future.
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