If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency launchpads through which to kick start your own crypto project, or to find your next investment for the next bull run, then this video is for you. In this video, we'll share with you the top 7 crypto launchpads to consider if you want to make exponential gains in the next bull run. Watch this video all the way through, so you don’t miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
#1: BSCPad
The very first one is going to be one of the BlueZilla launchpads. It's about BSCPad.
BSCPad is the first Decentralized IDO Platform on Binance. The BSCPad platform provides cryptocurrency projects with a means to distribute tokens and raise liquidity. It is a platform for fair, decentralized launches.
BSCPad aims to be the next generation of blockchain launchpads that addresses the issues with staking. Existing launchpads face a challenge due to an underlying problem, acquiring enough tokens to participate in the ecosystem is prohibitive, and even if you stake the tokens, the allocation spot is never guaranteed.
This platform benefits all token holders and enables fair launches, allowing traders of all sizes to invest in the best upcoming Binance Smart Chain projects. The BSCPad is hallmarked for its two-round system that ensures that every tier level receives an allocation. Through their market-leading advisory, investment, development, influencer marketing, and legal support services, they specialize in bringing you a unique approach from ideation to execution. BSCPad works with a variety of users and organizations, including small and medium businesses, enterprises, freelancers, non-profits, and the government. To participate in IDOs on BSCPad, you must stake a minimum of 1000 BSCPAD tokens. These 1,000 tokens give you the eligibility for one lottery ticket. But if you want a guaranteed allocation, you must stake at least 10,000 tokens. The current BSCPad market price is $0.15 today. So, at the time of this recording, 10,000 BSCPAD tokens is over $1,500. That's a small price to pay for the massive gains you will make. Most of the projects that have been launched by BSCPAD have been very successful. MoveZ, for example, was incubated there and went up 30x the first day it was listed on the exchanges. And if you go through the BSCPAD platform, you will find a lot of projects that have been launched like WeWay, Verve, Metafluence, and many others. All of these projects have done very well for investors.
#2: Solster Finance
The next up is Solster Finance.
Solster Finance, a decentralized launchpad, is an up-and-coming project incubator based on the Solana ecosystem. Having completed over 20 successful launches, the platform has already processed over $1.7m in funding.
Although Solster is a new launchpad, projects launched via the system have already seen massive gains, with one example being UPFI, which recorded a massive 44x increase in value since its IDO on Solster Finance.
With ever more Solana projects being developed with the possibility of being launched, Solster will undoubtedly be at the forefront, helping to connect developers and investors.
Here, the principle is similar to that of BSCPAD. You have to stake a certain number of tokens to participate in IDOs. Except that here the price is ridiculously low. To get a guaranteed allocation, you need to stake at least 14,000 STR tokens. At the time of this recording, that's about $85.
#3: Polkastarter
The next launchpad to consider for the next bull run is going to be Polkastarter.
Founded in the late months of 2020, the Polkastarter Launchpad is one of the best crypto launchpads in 2022 to grace this list and has drawn the attention of over 200,000 enthusiastic investors since its launch in 2020.
Some of the great features in the Polkastarter launchpad include its auction system, password-protected private pools, whitelisting, token swaps, and price alerts. It also helps new projects to raise capital and develop dedicated communities.
Polkastarter has a native utility token called the POLS token. Investors can use POLS tokens to pay transaction fees and participate in governance through the Polkastarter Council for Governance.
Furthermore, should users choose to stake the POLS token, they can earn rewards and gain early access to upcoming token pools. So far, 111 projects have been launched on Polkastarter with more than $49,000,000 raised. That's more than enough to make Polkastarter one of the best launchpads in the crypto space.
#4: Gamestarter
The next is going to be Gamestarter.
Gamestarter is a crypto-gaming-based launchpad, offering decentralized IGOs to its user base. Offering a playthrough of diverse games hitting all corners of the crypto-gaming industry such as; Metaverse games, Play-to-Earn, NFTs, and more.
Their most successful launch, project seed, boasts a massive 77x return at all-time highs, which shows how committed Gamestarter is in allowing all sizes of projects an opportunity at an IDO.
#5: Binance
Yet another one is going to be Binance.
Being the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, Binance launchpad also boasts a successful launch platform with over $120m raised over 3.5 million unique users.
In total, Binance has only launched 64 different projects, however, each project is heavily scrutinized to ensure safety for the platform's users. An example of a recent successful launch is STEPN, recently raising over 8,500 BNB which is approximately $3,5 million at the time of this recording. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain and utilizes a tier-based system in which users can stake their Binance coins in order to earn a lottery ticket and the opportunity to participate in the IDO process.
Launching on Binance offers key advantages, such as extremely high liquidity on your project’s trading pairs and exposure to millions of unique Binance users.
#6: Solanium
Another launchpad that stands out from the pack is the Solanium launchpad. Solanium is the first launchpad on the Solana network and attracts many participants per IDO.
The two main features of the launchpad are its liquidity pools, and the 5 Solanium tiers. Users are required to stake the SLIM or SLIM-LP tokens to receive xSLIM tokens.
Just like Polkastarter, projects launched on Solanium benefit from the strengths of the Solana blockchain. The top 2 on the list of Solanium’s benefits are its high TPS, and low gas fees.
Of particular note is the impressive achievement that 30 projects have been launched on Solanium, including Project SEED, Cryowar, and DeFi Land. SEED made 100X, Cryowar made 224X, and Defi Land made over 150X.
#7: DAO Maker
The last Launchpad on our list of best crypto launchpads is DAO Maker.
It is the best and one of the oldest launchpads in the Ethereum blockchain.
Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO) and Strong Holder Offering (SHO) are two token sale formats initiated by the platform.
DYCO allows investors to reclaim their tokens if the project fails while SHO enables a project to receive funding from holders of a given cryptocurrency.
The coin that powers this network is DAO and you need a minimum of 500 DAO tokens to participate.
Also, it uses a tier system to distribute new tokens fairly.
Top-performing projects that launched on DAO Maker include My Neighbor Alice, Lossless Protocol, and Orion Money.
In total, over 70 projects have successfully launched on the platform.
DAO Maker also features additional blockchain advisory services, for early-stage startups; crypto projects that launch via this platform, are guided through the incubation stage.
DAO Maker is set to debut a flagship product , dubbed Venture Bonds, which will allow participants to acquire private startup bonds, while operating within decentralized markets. This will not only enable founders to raise money , but expose more people to the lucrative startup ecosystem.
There you have all 7 of the best crypto launchpads but which one is the best? Let’s know in the comment section below.
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