If you bought $100 worth of Bitcoin on the first day it was listed, you would have over $40 million today.  That's the power of being first. In today's video, we're going to share with you three undervalued coins that we believe will help you multiply your money exponentially. Watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
#1: Splintershards
The very first one is going to be Splintershards.
Splinterlands is a trading card game created in 2018 where you have to build squads to fight against other players. The blockchain Hive was taken as a base. Initially called Steem Monsters, it was later renamed Splinterlands. For players, it is more reminiscent of Hearthstone Battlegrounds, as one of the main mechanics is the automatic conduct of the battle by artificial intelligence, based on the principle of chance.
Thanks to blockchain technology, Splinterlands players own their digital trading cards and are free to trade and sell them.
Judging by the forums, after 3 to 4 months of playing, a regular user can earn several hundred to a thousand dollars a month by reselling cards and increasing their value. If you invest about $1,000 and immediately buy powerful cards, you can get such an income faster. If you manage to get a rare card, it will immediately pay all expenses. However, there is no guarantee of earnings, of course. You may not have luck in the game or the prices of cards will not increase. Right now, there is a lot of hype around the game, but if it ends, the investment can pay off much more in time.
The audience for Splinterlands is growing rapidly. In July 2021, about 10,000 people were playing the game daily, in August - already 90,000, and now - more than 285,000. The excitement around the game coincided with the launch of the SPS token on July 26. After that, the number of daily registrations increased 10 times. According to DappRadar, Splinterlands is now the most popular blockchain game on the market.
Splinterlands is an interesting and promising project that popularizes NFT and allows players to earn real money. But the game's leadership in the market will probably not last long: it has many competitors and the hype usually fades quickly. Nevertheless, Splinterlands has all the makings of a stable, long-term development: it is a mature game with an active community and constant updates. It can captivate players not only with wins but also with the gameplay itself. Blockchain and NFT aside, this is an excellent card game with a unique combat system and a variety of strategies. The best part is that the Splintershards token is sitting on a market cap of $40 million. Which is small compared to what it could make. That's why you should consider buying this token before the next Bull run.
#2: Star Atlas
And the next up is going to be Star Atlas.
The future of the Star Atlas virtual currency is pretty good. Moreover, ATLAS crypto is gaining more and more trust among crypto traders in recent times. Star Atlas crypto also has very remarkable potential. Despite this, this crypto is not yet considered a strong competitor to big cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. But it is still promising crypto according to experts.
Star Atlas virtual currency is the native crypto of the Star Atlas platform. Indeed, it is a strategic video game launched in 2021 by Michael Wagner, Deb Lucas, and Pablo Quirogo. The Star Atlas project combines the world of NFT with video games.
Players must use their ATLAS tokens in order to receive NFT items like land, crew, etc. The crypto-currency also plays the role of the dominant currency in the NFT market of the Star Atlas platform.
The launch of the Star Atlas crypto-currency was only less than a year ago now. So, in order for you to consider the value of this crypto, we have decided to take a small leap into its previous price. At the beginning of September 2021, the value of an ATLAS token was 0.078 USD. Then a few days later, the crypto-currency reached its highest price which was 0.237 USD. The Star Atlas virtual currency started in the year 2022 with a value of 0.102 USD. So, the year 2022 started better despite the loss of value of the crypto.
Investing in the Star Atlas Coin remains a very good idea that you can have at this time. Even in the several years to come, it will still be a very good deal. Moreover, the value of this crypto is still very affordable right now. And it is because of this that crypto investors are becoming more and more interested in this virtual currency. As for its rate of return, it keeps growing every year and should continue in this series of increases in the coming years. Finally, it is reliable crypto according to the experts.
So basically, right now, ATLAS virtual currency can be used in different business sectors.
The crypto star Atlas is one of the cryptocurrencies of the future.
For these reasons we have just mentioned, you should consider investing in Star Atlas if you are looking for reliable crypto with huge earning potential.
#3: Wilder World
And the last one on our list is Wilder World.
Wilder World crypto is an exciting new metaverse project being introduced into the Web3.0 ecosystem. It is the brainchild of Frank Wilder, an enigmatic artist, also known as the Banksy of Blockchain, who has made a name for himself as a real-world sculptor and jewelry designer.
The Wilder World Marketplace attempts to solve a fundamental problem related to NFT markets. This problem is the lack of liquidity. As the most popular NFTs are constantly out of the price for ordinary people, there is often not enough demand for them to meet the supply. This makes it extremely difficult to sell an NFT after you buy it.
To avoid this constraint, which can scare away users, Wilder World has opted for a simple, but a relevant solution. Indeed, in its marketplace, the NFT can be split. An idea comes from the stock split that is done in the stock market. Where we split a share, in order to make it more affordable for investors and thus increase the liquidity of the market.
Wilder World users can therefore buy a part of digital artwork and resell it with ease. This system allows the platform to guarantee a consistently high level of liquidity for both buyers and sellers. Moreover, it believes that NFT's fractionalization will play an important role in mainstream adoption.
Wilder World crypto has emerged in the ecosystem with a lot of potentials. The platform gives a futuristic look to a new digital world. This metaverse can potentially offer a great opportunity to earn extra income. Now the real world could enjoy the thrill of exploring a new world.
As the metaverse continues to demonstrate its usefulness, it will quickly attract the attention of industry enthusiasts. With gaming, virtual real estate, and NFT, Wilder World seems to be a relatively high-capitalization project like Decentraland or Axie Infinity.
Although Wilder World is a very interesting project, its token is still undervalued by the market. Therefore, it is easy to understand the opportunity that this represents. Moreover, considering the loss of value of the crypto markets at the moment, it can be interesting to invest at this price. Especially since it will allow you to surf in the two most fashionable areas at the moment, which are NFTs and metaverse.
Nevertheless, it is still recommended to be careful. No matter how reliable or innovative, a cryptocurrency project is never risk-free. If you want to invest, it is better to do it with moderation in order to minimize your risk-taking.
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