In today's video, we are going to share with you the best Play to Earn of the year. The best part is that you have the chance to play for free, or rent your NFTs to earn passive income. This project is unlike anything you've seen so far in the metaverse. The earning potential is huge, and the adoption is massive. The project has a great chance to succeed. Watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything at all!

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Now, let's get started.

The project we are talking about is called Wizardia.

Wizardia is a fantasy online role-playing game, with special NFTs. Its addictive gameplay and incredible graphics, surpass most blockchain-based games.

Wizardia is a fantastic turn-based combat game, where you play as wizards, according to your NFT. You can level up by upgrading your NFT, as you level axies in Axie Infinity.

What's more interesting is that, Wizardia offers a play-to-win economy, where early backers and investors can earn passive income - somewhat similar to, but much better than blockchain game guilds like, Merit Circle, and Yield Guild Games. As an early investor in its NFT Arena Genesis, you can own the Wizardia Battle Arena, and collect fees on all fights, that take place on your battlegrounds.

In addition, you can buy and sell NFT Wizard on the Wizardia NFT marketplace. As with similar metaverse games, Wizardia allows you to upgrade your wizards, to increase their combat powers. Then you can sell, trade, or rent your upgraded NFT Wizard, to earn extra money via Wizardia.

So, wizards can level up by gaining experience, and are classified into three affinities: body, mind, and soul. These affinities work like a game of rock-paper-scissors where each affinity has an advantage over another. In this case, the body beats the mind, which beats the soul, which beats the body. There are always a lot of strategies involved in targeting, spell timing etc. But having at least one wizard with an affinity advantage in a fight can make a huge difference.

In Wizardia, players form teams of three wizards. In this turn-based strategy game, players use abilities, spells, and items to try and destroy the other team. The last team standing is declared the winner.

Look at how fantastic the graphics are. The gameplay is much better than most of the Play to Earn we have seen so far in the metaverse.

It's obvious that the guys who made this game are really talented. It's really nice. All those avatars you see here are NFTs. And you too can own them.

In the Wizardia Metaverse, there are different types of NFTs. First, there are land-based NFTs, called Arena Genesis NFTs, which allow you to own in-game combat arena areas. Second, there are avatar and item NFTs: these can be wizards, Protosorts, and realm wonders. The former is avatar NFTs, while the latter two are spell recipes, and special buildings. For example, you need a Wizard NFT to play the game. By the way, you can use the link in the description to get a 5% discount on your NFT purchase.

Wizardia is jumping straight into a play to earn economy, with its alpha version. Players participating in the tournament must face AI opponents, in twenty battles. The score of each battle is calculated, based on the remaining health of the player's wizards, and the number of their wizards that survived. The total score of all battles equals the tournament score. If a player does not like their final score, they can purchase another entry ticket and try again.

Players purchase entry tickets with BNB, USDC, USDT, or WZRD tokens that is equivalent to 10 USD.

Each ticket entitles the player to participate in a twenty-battle tournament round. This tournament is PvE only . The top 20 players earn Wizard tokens. The top 10 players receive epic NFTs.

To participate, you must have three Wizard NFTs. These are still available in the official store, starting at $77 for a common wizard, though some options are already sold out. you can use the link to get 5% off all your purchases. Just click on the first link in the description of this video, and you will be redirected to the purchase page.

Now, as for the tournament, it will run until September 9, 2022, at 23:59 UTC. Everyone can check the current standings on the official website, to see where they stand. We will also put the link to this page in the description.

This is not a one-time event. Wizardia plans to hold monthly tournaments, as part of its game offering. So, head over to the Wizardia website to create an account, and get your team ready for battle!

Now let's talk about the principle of the game. It's very simple, just go to the platform, and connect your wallet. Then buy at least 3 NFTs. Why 3? Well, because you must assemble a team of 3 Wizards to compete in a Tournament. Then, buy your entry ticket.

A 10$ Tournament ticket gives you access to 20 battles. One Tournament lasts 4 weeks.

You can buy multiple entry tickets for one Tournament to improve your score. It is important to know that your score resets, with each new ticket

Now, as we mentioned before, with Wizardia you can level up your wizards to increase their combat powers. By doing this, you will have more chances to win battles, and at the same time climb up the rankings.

There is $200,000 Wizard to be split between the top 20. Then there are additional winnings only for the top 10. These are NFTs. The first-place finisher, for example, will receive an exclusive Epic Petro Wizard NFT. Second through fifth will each receive an Epic Wizard worth $777, and sixth through 10th, will receive a Rare Wizard worth $777. You too can be part of the ranking, and earn rewards.

The team plans to expand its tournament system, with weekly challenges. They also plan to implement a PvP battle system, where players bet Wizard against their opponent.

The game offers countless possibilities. Wizardia presents the limitless expanse of the fog, where havens have developed on the few plots of land, that are safe from the wrath of the unknown, and still viable.

You can interact with the same using a large map of the continents, where you can explore natural resources, and build defenses and strategies, to rule one or more of the continents. Wizardia goes even further by placing a great emphasis on high-quality art and graphics, which further enhances its gameplay. This ensures that avid gamers will enjoy Wizardia as much as any other popular game.

Wizardia aims to launch its game with A R integration, and mobile app by the 4th quarter of 2022. They plan to create a marketplace, and list their token in a centralized Tier 1 exchange, by third quarter of 2022. We are quite impressed to see their progress, as they were able to meet most of their goal roadmap on time, which is hard to see in most crypto projects.

Importantly, they have continued to grow their community, which is extremely essential to building a thriving and vibrant metaverse economy.

Regarding tokenomics, WZRD is the native token of Wizardia, with a total supply of 300 million tokens. At the time of this recording, the outstanding supply of wizard is 7.74 million, according to CoinMarketCap.

Its C O O, Tomas Kacevicius, has 13 years of experience in digital marketing. His CTO, Marius Podvoiskis, has years of experience in the technology industry, including at Shopify.

Wizardia has advisors from Mars4, Illuviam, and Launchpad. Also, he is backed by a large number of investors including popular names like, AU21 Capital, CRT Capital, and Magnus Capital, among others. In addition, he has partnered with many launchpads, like Enjinstarter, Lithium, and Trustpad.

If you've been in the crypto space long enough, you would know that crypto projects need to survive times like bear markets, to ensure a solid return on your investment. Wizardia looks all set to perform well.

Wizardia is one of those projects, that has all the fundamentals to succeed: a good product with a dedicated team, and a vibrant community. One of the goals on their roadmap is to grow their community by 200,000 people each quarter, a goal they met on time!

In addition, Wizardia is standing and growing during the ongoing bear market. It has attracted investors as well as the gaming community, during the fourth bear market in the crypto industry. This may be enough to say that people in the crypto industry, are betting on Wizardia.

So what are you waiting for, check out Wizardia, link is in the description! and dont forget to avail the 5% off, on your all NFT purchases, use the first link in the description!

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