Are you looking for the top cryptocurrency to invest in? There are over thousands of options out there in the crypto market. This can be confusing, especially for altcoins with high growth potential, utilities, and significant market positions. And to make things worse, the crypto industry is constantly changing and is highly volatile.
Let’s explore these top cryptocurrencies for May 2022 individually to gain a deeper understanding of why they are considered prized assets.
And the best part is that one of the tokens we're going to tell you about in today's video isn't on the market yet, giving you the chance to be the first to take advantage of it.
So, as usual, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let’s get started.
But your first cryptocurrency coin to help you turn $1,000 into 100,000 and beyond could be QMALL.
We've already talked about it in other videos on this channel. We've told you about the incredible potential of this crypto. In fact, at the time we first told you about it, the token was not yet launched. Later, in mid-February 2022, we made another video and at that time, the price of the token was $0.14, and you know what? Today, the price is $1.06.  So, those of you who have been following us have already made almost 8X.  We would like to congratulate those who followed us and bought the token in time.
Today, we are still talking about it because it is a project that you should not miss. Especially since it's still a good time to get the chip. 
So, Qmall is a brand created by an international group of companies based in Ukraine. They create innovative acquiring products that make the process of paying and posting cash and other payments simple and convenient.
The QMALL token is a service token of the Qmall exchange platform, whose main application is to use it to pay a commission when using the services of the exchange platform, including a trading commission, as well as to obtain additional privileges.
Possessing this token, you will have the possibility to have exclusive opportunities, to buy goods and services on the Qmall marketplace, and also to vote for the development of the project.
When you use a QMALL token to pay a trading commission, you get a 50% discount on any trading pair!
It is now that things get serious with Qmall.
In fact, the company has become regulated in the Eurozone by registering as UAB QMALL in Lithuania. The company has been officially registered as a virtual currency exchange operator and virtual currency wallet operator by the Financial Crime Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.
Now that QMALL is legally allowed to operate in Europe, the company can begin to build on its 100,000+ Ukrainian users by attracting new merchants from around the world.
The most immediate and impactful benefit of QMALL's registration in the EU is its ability to allow users to trade Euro pairs. Offering its users the ability to trade Euro pairs allows them to create new trading strategies and therefore increase their profits. Registration in the EU has opened the door to a world of new trading opportunities and the company plans to move quickly to take advantage of them.
QMALL is ahead of most of the industry in this regard and has positioned itself as both a leader and a major player in the space. That is why we strongly believe in the incredible potential of this project. You can check out our previous videos to learn more about Qmall.  The link is in the description.
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So, the second crypto project we think will make you rich is STEP.APP.
At the time of making the video, STEP.APP has already made several people millionaires. And it's going to continue because this project has incredible potential. More and more users are joining the app.
Step App is the native part of the mobile application.
Since its launch on Bybit on April 26, it has pumped about, 13000% in the first week, reaching another peak, and currently, its price is $0.6. It is the current highest FITFI of all time.
Step App's price has performed well despite Bitcoin's drop from $40,000 to $35,000 in the same period, showing great relative strength compared to the rest of the crypto markets. Step App is part of the popular move-to-earn phenomenon, a way to earn free crypto when running and have an NFT sneaker, the mobile app on their iOS or Android smartphone, and a GPS connection.
Step App and its native token have competitors - like STEPN of the same name. We've made a price prediction for that before, it's also on an explosive bull run. And those who have followed us since we put out the alert on STEPN have already made at least 5X their investment.
Now, you may be wondering which one you should hold for incredible gains.
In our opinion, you'll need to hold both. Cryptos are unpredictable, you don't know which one will perform better. So, in order not to miss the opportunity, you'll need to hold both.
Now, there is a fundamental difference that you need to know.
In fact, Step App also offers staking, where users can stake the FITFI token to get NFT (DT) deposit tickets for "Lootbox events" and earn NFT in the form of "SNEAK, skins, badges, and avatar tags," according to the website.
There aren't many details yet in the Litepaper about how Step App plans to "bring the industry the first perpetual staking contract of its kind." A longer white paper is not yet available, and the Step App site displays a "coming soon" message.
And, so far, STEPN is more established, GMT was listed on Binance on March 9 and is currently up 27,000%, opening at $0.01, reaching an ATH of $4.17, and trading today at $2.70.
Comparing market cap, GMT has a market cap of $1.6 billion (over $2.2 billion at its peak, and now ranked #53 on CoinMarketCap), and FITFI's market cap is $166 million. This represents a huge growth potential.
This suggests that FITFI's market capitalization has the potential to grow by 10 times, just by comparison, if the Step app becomes as popular as the STEPN app, with runners and investors.
Now, if you want to know how to get FITFI tokens from, leave us a comment and we'll make a video to explain it to you.
#3: MoveZ
So, the third crypto project that hasn't launched yet that we think will explode is MoveZ.
So, like STEPN and, MoveZ is another app that encourages individuals to do what they can to improve their health and fitness through a balanced and sustainable move-to-earn ecosystem.
Basically, you do sports, and you get paid.
One very interesting thing about this project is that its token is deflationary. The project will launch on May 24 with a market cap of $55,000. That's more than enough to go from a $1,000 investment to $1 million. The potential of this token doesn't end there. Let us know if you'd like us to make a more detailed video about this project. 
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