Are you looking for the best crypto bots to get the maximum profit from your investments during the bear market? It's possible, thanks to this crypto trading bot called ArbitrageScanner. This bot analyzes the crypto market to find the best trading positions for you. The good news is that you don't have to give it any money. ArbitrageScanner doesn't work with customer money and doesn't connect to APIs via exchange balances. It's an automated bot that works only in the cloud, so the user's funds are always safe. In this video, we'll review this crypto trading bot to determine whether it's worth using or not.
And if you watch this video all the way through, you will discover 4 other trading bots that we believe will take your crypto arbitrage experience to a whole new level.
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ArbitrageScanner (Do not voice this)
The cryptocurrency market is complex, and prices are constantly fluctuating. It is beyond human knowledge because predicting it can never be done perfectly. Crypto arbitrage scanners can aid in such cases for traders to keep track of prices and make profits based on live price movements. By adding, the trader can breathe in peace without having to worry about the trading process.
Arbitrage Scanner supports over 60 CEX and DEX and more than 40 blockchains like (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism and more. For example, blockchains like Litecoin or Ripple and several other large coins are traded during sharp rise or fall for catching good spreads. The user can add any coin on the exchange which can be tracked for differences when the market is fluctuating. This can be done by connecting the user’s cloud with the scanner and the connection process only takes less than a minute.
Earnings from well-executed arbitrage can be considered risk-free since the buying and selling prices are known in advance. Arbitrage Scanners don’t work with the customer’s money or connect with the APIs via exchange balances. It is a manual bot and hence the user don’t have to connect their wallets. This is an automated bot and it only operates in the cloud, so, the funds of the user will always be secure.
To track the price movements of the token, it can be automated using the bot which will provide the price fluctuation notification within minutes and keep track of every previous movement. This can help the trader to decide when to enter or exit the trade and add or remove a particular token. Notifications can also be set depending on several trading volumes. Once a similar trading volume takes place, the user will get notifications via their Telegram channel.
It's important to note that the Arbitrage Scanner has no limits and can monitor over 50 exchanges in real time.
Now, the question you're probably asking yourself is: How much does this crypto trading bot cost? Before you answer that question, you should know that when a powerful tool like this is given to you for free, it either doesn't work, or it's a scam. But, I'd like to reassure you by saying that this bot has been online for years and has enabled many traders to make a lot of money by automating their trading. So, it's only logical that a gem like this should have a subscription plan starting from $69, with different features. I invite you to take a look at these different plans to find the one that suits you best.
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Traility (Do not voice this)
So, the next up on this list is going to be Traility.
Traility boasts an impressive code editor, putting the power of crafting your own trading bot directly into your hands. The platform allows users to code personalized instructions, providing a unique and tailored approach to algorithmic trading.
One standout feature of Traility is its dedicated marketplace. Here, users can not only share and sell their finely tuned trading algorithms but also explore the option of renting bots created by fellow traders. The marketplace creates a dynamic space for algorithm exchange and collaboration.
Traility offers a free version for users to explore. For more advanced features, the starting price is €9.99.
Windows users can seamlessly integrate Traility into their trading toolkit.
As we delve into the depths of Traility, its unique features and promising functionalities make it a compelling player in the algorithmic trading arena. From a robust code editor to a vibrant marketplace and an efficient wallet, Traility has the potential to elevate your trading endeavors.
Kryll (Do not voice this)
The third on our list is going to be Kryll: This one is somewhat similar to the previous one.
Kryll stands out with its user-friendly visual strategy editor, enabling users to craft advanced trading plans effortlessly. This drag-and-drop interface is designed for individuals without programming skills, providing a seamless experience in building sophisticated trading strategies.
Dive into the vibrant marketplace within Kryll, where users can buy, sell, or rent out their trading techniques. This community-driven platform fosters collaboration and the exchange of successful strategies among its members.
Kryll facilitates effective strategy development with its backtesting feature. Historical data is readily available, allowing users to evaluate the performance of their trading techniques before deploying them in real-world markets.
Kryll supports a diverse range of cryptocurrency exchanges, providing ample opportunities for arbitrage.
The "sandbox" function allows users to test their tactics under real market circumstances, enhancing strategy refinement.
However, the subscription pricing may be on the steeper side for users with lower trading volumes.
Anyway, Kryll offers a compelling suite of features, especially catering to those without extensive programming skills. The marketplace and backtesting capabilities add significant value, although potential users should be mindful of subscription costs and consider the occasional delays in customer support during peak periods. Overall, Kryll presents a robust platform for traders seeking advanced tools and a community-driven approach to algorithmic trading.
Cryptohopper (Do not voice this)
And the last one on this list is going to be Cryptohopper.
If you’re looking for a crypto arbitrage bot that allows you to connect to all your exchange accounts simultaneously, manage your portfolio across accounts as a whole, and even allows you to execute market-making trades, then Cryptohopper is a strong contender.
The bot offers pretty impressive features and integrations. Right off the bat, we noticed that the bot offered a social trading feature that allows you to copy the trades of other successful users.
We peeked into some pro tools and found its arbitrage feature that allowed us to execute arbitrage trades within one exchange and across multiple exchanges. Thanks to the bot’s advanced technology, you don’t need to withdraw from one exchange to sell on another, provided both exchanges are sufficiently funded.
Another great feature of Cryptohopper is its pricing structure. The basic package called the Pioneer plan, is free and allows you to open 20 positions per exchange. However, to execute arbitrage trades, you’ll need to upgrade to an Explorer plan which is $16.58/month if you pay for a yearly plan.
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