Recently, the altcoin market has been surging, and these 5 under-the-radar gems are skyrocketing in value. In this video, we'll dive deep into these micro-cap altcoins, uncovering them well with their explosive potential, discover innovative blockchain startups, disruptive technologies, and hidden investment opportunities before they hit the mainstream.
In the midst of a market that's constantly buzzing with activity, these altcoins are making waves and showing potential for significant growth.
With the latest news on Bitcoin ETFs stirring up the market and investors looking beyond the big names, it's the perfect time to explore these rising stars. We're seeing a shift in the market structure, with altcoins gaining more attention and traction. This could be your chance to discover the next big thing in crypto.
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We will look at DragonX first. DragonX is a derivative on maximum length TitanX stakes. During the DragonX launch phase, users submit TitanX to the DragonX contracts. The contract mints DragonX in return. Through publicly callable functions, maximum length  TitanX stakes are
created by the contract. The Ethereum rewards from these stakes are used to buy TitanX off the market and stake it. DragonX is bought and burned off the market with a portion of the Ethereum rewards earned through TitanX stakes.
This perpetuates the growth of staking rewards and increases the size of each subsequent DragonX buy and burn. The amount of TitanX in the DragonX contract will always grow, even after the launch phase is over. The DragonX launch phase will last 84 days. During the initial launch phase, users can submit their TitanX tokens to the DragonX contracts.
By submitting their TitanX tokens, users create their own DragonX. The DragonX token acts as an incentive for users to initiate the positive flywheel described in the “Tokenomics” section of their whitepaper.
Let me explain how they operate guys, when a user submits 100 TitanX in week 1, they receive 100 DragonX. A user submits 100 TitanX in week 3, they receive 95 DragonX.
For every creation of DragonX by a user, an additional eight percent of the DragonX incentive token is sent to the DragonX Genesis Address. Eight percent of the TitanX submitted during the launch phase will go to the DragonX Genesis Address.
The DragonX contract is designed to perpetually grow larger and larger,
dragging in more TitanX into the contract for staking. Over time, DragonX can become the largest staker and buyer in the system tireless buyer of DragonX and TitanX on the market. TitanX stakes are rolled over after their term has completed. The TitanX can never be withdrawn from the contract.
GT Protocol’s price jumped 10% in the last 24 hours as of the time of recording and has surged 50% over seven days to trade at $2.52 on trading volume that soared 44%. The token hit a weekly high several hours earlier only to pare gains.
GT Protocol is a newly launched crypto that has added listings in the past few days on platforms that included MEXC, Poloniex, BitMart, and HTX, making it more widely available. It was earlier listed on platforms including KuCoin, Bybit,, PancakeSwap, and Hotcoin Global.
GT Protocol’s price has seen quite a bit of volatility in the last 24 hours, heading from $2.13 to $2.88 as  it bounced higher and lower. Technical indicators such as Bollinger bands show that there is still high demand for the token.
The project is currently offering users to bridge from V1 to V2 simply by staking SPONGE today to earn Sponge V2 tokens instead. Furthermore, users can buy and stake Sponge V2 directly and get special bonuses. The total amount staked and bridged so far has reached $3.77 million. As for purchasing the new token directly, it can be done with ETH, USDT, or with your credit or debit card.
With the bullish and bearish signals mixed, chances are that the price will remain volatile for a while longer. However, with the majority of the market currently trading in the green, this is another positive sign for the short-term future of GT Protocol’s price.
With guidance from ChainGPT Pad, GT Protocol features a conversational AI model alongside its “Deal Execution and Task Management Core” to connect users with crypto’s most sought-after  risk-managed investment instruments. Users gain convenient access to DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, CeFi exchanges, and ChainGPT’s proprietary staking mechanism through the protocol.
“The GT Protocol is a testament to the visionary approach of ChainGPT Pad by fostering groundbreaking Web3 solutions with the help of AI,” says Ilan Rakhmanov, CEO and Founder of ChainGPT. “GT Protocol has already garnered great momentum thanks to attention from significant media figures like Evan Luthra and Yat Siu.
The $GTAI token plays a crucial role in the GT ecosystem, allowing users to earn the native currency by providing account data for GT AI model learning while using the  app and products. $GTAI holders can also participate in GT DAO governance votes, influencing the future strategy and ecosystem development.
Chain GPT has the potential to go far in terms of growth and adoption. With the increasing demand for AI and the expanding AI market , Chain GPT's AI model can cater to the needs of businesses and individuals in the crypto and blockchain space. The project's affiliation with C defy and its strong community support also contribute to its potential for success.
Up next we will be looking at manta. Manta Network is the modular ecosystem for web3. Users can build and deploy any Solidity-based decentralized applications on Manta and leverage its technology stack to deliver faster transaction speeds than an L1 and lower gas cost than  an L2.
Manta Network continues to grow despite the bearish pressures, as the bulls seem confident of reaching the higher targets. After the recent retest, MANTA appears to be ready for higher breaking out in the lower time frames. But the token managed to withstand the upward pressure, which paved the way for the bulls to initiate a fresh rebound. The price faced a minor pullback after testing the interim resistance at $3.5 and with the fresh bullish attempt, it is believed to breach through the levels in the coming month.
In the short term, the MANTA price is displaying some strength, so it has achieved the average levels of the channel. With this, there are hopes for an extended ascending trend but the bearish pattern in the RSI is raising major concerns. The RSI has displayed a bearish divergence after testing the upper resistance level and hence the hourly candle  has also turned bearish. If the bulls manifest some strength at the moment, a bullish push could elevate the levels close to the 50 & 100-day MA at $3.59. Let's know what you think in the comments about these guys. is launching soon, within the next day or two. You can check their twitter for great updates, they are also planning to get listed in 7 exchanges, this altcoin is also a great one and expected to do well and perform. With the exchanges to be listed this is actually big news so, see you guys in a few days on this project and if you want more, make sure to subscribe. Also share this video for others to see also.
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