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Now let's go into these airdrops which we don't want you all to miss out. Drift Protocol, the largest perpetual futures trading platform based on the Solana blockchain, has announced a rewards program for users ahead of its token launch.
The program, Drift Points, starts today and closes in March. Drift points will be given out weekly, with the first distribution scheduled for Feb. 2. It's been buzzing everywhere that the drift protocol wants to reward users.
There will be around 100 million Drift points issued per month," Cindy Leow, co-founder of Drift Protocol, told The Block. "These  points will be allocated to users based on their pro-rated trading volume and other activities on Drift, such as market making and liquidity provision," Leow said.
The points program recognizes future activities. For those who have engaged with Drift before today, Leow said, "numerous checkpoints and snapshots" have already been taken to reward users.
Drift Protocol follows Jito Network's recent successful rewards program and its subsequent token airdrop and launch.
For its part, Drift is the ninth-largest decentralized finance protocol on Solana, with a total value locked of over $113 million, according to DeFi Llama data. Drift said it has processed over $4 billion in trading volume to date for more than 80,000 users.
The launch of the Drift token is scheduled to occur shortly after the culmination of the points program in March. While specific details about the correlation between Drift points and the token airdrop remain under wraps, Leow assured that there would be a meaningful relationship between the two, hinting at a well-thought-out strategy to reward the platform’s loyal users. Are you all so interested in this first airdrop. Lets know in the comments.
Eigenayer is said to be one of the biggest airdrops. EigenLayer, an Ethereum native protocol that introduces restaking, awards points to depositors. Points systems are a relatively new trend in DeFi that have stirred speculation among traders about future airdrops. 
These 3 categories of traders are eligible for the airdrop.
  1. Users who directly stake ETH through EigenPod;
  2. Users who re-stake LST through Lido, Swell, Rocket Pool, Stader Labs, Coinbase, Binance, StakeWise, Origin Protocol, and Ankr on EigenLayer;
  3. Users who pledge LRT through Renzo,, and Kelp DAO on EigenLayer.
AltLayer announced the details of the Season 1 airdrop. AltLayer has reserved a total of 300,000,000 ALT tokens (3% of the total supply)  for the Season 1 airdrop event, which will be distributed to its NFT holders (OG Badge and Oh Ottie! series), Altitude event participants, and EigenLayer re-stakers Participants, EigenLayer ecosystem partners.
MilkyWay ($milkTIA, $MILK) is the first ever liquid staking protocol for Celestia’s TIA tokens. There are rumours that MilkyWay has the potential to airdrop $50 PER WALLET. Also, the MilkyWay team is working to allow its users to also qualify for a potential Celestia ($TIA) token airdrop, isn't this great guys? This means an opportunity for DOUBLE airdrops! This article is a guide to the MilkyWay ($milkTIA, $MILK) potential airdrop.
You will need a Cosmos, Kepler or Leap Wallet to participate in the MilkyWay airdrop, so get one of these wallets if you have not already.
Connect your wallet to Make sure you have the correct website or you risk losing your funds.
Select how much TIA you wish to stake and click “Stake”. Don’t stake all your TIA because you need some of it for gas fees. It only costs around 7 cents per transaction!
You will get milkTIA rewards in return for staking TIA. milkTIA is MilkyWay’s liquid staking token and these rewards automatically compound.
You can see your milkTIA rewards in your wallet. If you are using Kepler wallet, you can also see your rewards in your Kepler dashboard.
There is nothing that needs to be done afterwards other than to hold your milkTIA tokens. Many are predicting that holding more milkTIA tokens may mean you will get more MILK tokens. And when MILK tokens are listed on major exchanges such as Bybit or Binance you would be able to trade these tokens, potentially earning huge profits.
Looking ahead, Magic Eden is introducing various innovative ways to earn these coveted Diamonds. This includes purchasing native listings directly on Magic Eden, engaging in offer-based transactions, and embracing cross-chain trading across Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Bitcoin (BTC), and Polygon networks. This strategy is a clear nod towards a more interconnected and versatile NFT marketplace.
Additionally, Magic Eden is upping the ante with a Diamond Bonus system, offering up to a 2x increase in Diamond earnings for certain activities. The catch? A 100% loyalty rate, monitored via their newly introduced “loyalty-o-meter”. This ingenious tool is designed to encourage consistent engagement on the platform, ensuring users are rewarded for their dedication.
 , aimed at further integrating users into their ecosystem. Early glimpses of this wallet suggest a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with their trading platform. Future rewards linked to wallet activities are also on the horizon, though details remain under wraps for now.
Despite past skepticism about Solana, Magic Eden is highlighting the blockchain’s thriving and vibrant community. To celebrate  this resilience, a Retroactive Diamond Drop is scheduled for February 2nd, acknowledging the historic activity of users on the platform since its inception in 2021.
The platform has announced a ‘Diamonds airdrop’, slated for February 2nd, rewarding users for their past trading activities since 2021. This initiative is a nod to the platform’s commitment to recognizing and valuing user loyalty and engagement.
The airdrop amount is speculated to correlate with your total trading volume. This approach not only acknowledges past interactions but also adds an element of surprise and anticipation regarding the potential rewards.
To participate in the rewards program, users are encouraged to visit Magic Eden’s Rewards Page. Ensuring 100% loyalty is crucial, as it doubles the potential Diamond rewards. The platform has made it simple to relist NFTs and delist pools, promoting ease of use.
An integral part of this initiative is the upcoming Magic Eden Wallet, which will integrate rewards directly, allowing users to earn Diamonds post-launch.
Earn diamonds when buying native listings on magic eden. Larger buyers earn more. Earn diamonds  by listing NFTs, the more likely it is to sell, the more diamonds you earn.
Also you can earn diamonds by making collection offers, with additional rewards for providing greater liquidity.
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