If you acquired Verge or Reddcoin at their lows and sold them at their highs, you would have profited more than 15,000 times your investment. And if you bought HEX at its all-time low and sold it at its all-time high, you would have profited 10,000 times more.
These are genuine statistics that a few extremely fortunate investors have been able to accomplish through the use of crypto-currencies.
This could well happen to you if you choose the right crypto to invest in, and apply the right strategy that has always worked so far.
In this video, we will show you step by step how investors make over 100X with tiny crypto coins in 1 week. So you'll see exactly how you can grow your wallet from $1000 to $100,000 in just 1 week. 
So, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss any details.
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Let's get started!
Before you begin this section, please note that this is not financial advice and is only our opinion. crypto investing is very risky. you must do your own research.
#1: Do your own research
The first thing you need to do to earn 100x is to do your own research. Although analysts warn investors about the volatile nature and unpredictability of cryptocurrencies, especially the newer crypto-currencies, some investors are willing to take the risk for the potential reward. But they don't do the research before investing. This way, they end up losing all their money. So, it is essential to do some research beforehand to determine if it is a good thing to invest in particular crypto.
To learn more about cryptocurrencies, join an online community of crypto investors and enthusiasts, such as the one found on Reddit, to see what the community is discussing. Read the white paper that describes the specific details of the crypto-currency project you are considering buying. Every project should have an easily accessible white paper. If it doesn't, it's a red flag to move on.
CoinMarketCap data shows there are now over 18,000 cryptocurrencies on the market. Of those, only a small fraction are listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges. Being listed isn't necessarily an endorsement, but it does show it's a relatively well-established project.
Newer crypto investors may prefer to stick to cryptos they can buy on a centralized crypto exchange. More experienced or adventurous investors may decide to use a decentralized exchange to access less-common cryptocurrencies. Whichever route you go, make sure you'll be able to buy crypto on your platform of choice before you spend hours researching it.
#2: How long do you plan to own your coin.
The second step in our secret formula is to find out how long you plan to own your coin and how much you plan to invest. The truth is that most people never last long enough to receive the 100X winnings. Others may make a lot of money but pull out of the bull run too soon.
If you go to the many Launchpads, you will see that some projects that were launched did not do much X at the very beginning of their launch, but a few weeks later, they did up to 10X and 100X. Imagine if you had gone out at 10X, you would have been disgusted to know that just a few weeks later, these projects went up to 100X.
For example, if you bought a Shiba inu in August 2020 when its price was $0.00000000022 and sold it in February 2021 when it reached $0.000000017, you would have earned a little over 75X. You probably would have gotten out because you waited too long to get it. But you would have been disgusted to see that it got to $0.00008 just a short time later. Because you could have done better.
Suppose you invested $10 at the All-time Low, you would have gotten $750, and if you were patient, your $10 would have earned you a little over $3.5 million.
But, since you couldn't predict this, the best thing to do is to take a profit without closing your position completely when you get some gain. You don't have to hold your position forever either, so you have to know when to sell. This brings us to our next step.
#3: Know when to sell
The third step is to know when to sell and hit the "sell" button. Some crypto-currencies have gained more than 100X in less than a week, and the next week they have lost all their value. For example, MetaVPad was listed at just under $0.34 on December 10, 2021, and reached its ATH on December 22, 2021. So, if you had held your position when it reached its ATH, you probably would have taken a loss. 
So you need to set a goal based on your capital and what you can afford to lose. For example, if you have a small capital, you can set a goal of 4 or 5X and withdraw at least 2X so that if the crypto falls afterward, you will still be a winner. But if you are ambitious and can afford to lose everything, you can set your goals a little higher like 10X, 50X, or 100X. But this also takes some practice, because you don't know when the crypto will stop going up. This brings us back to risk management. 
#4: Managing risk
Our fourth secret is risk management.
There is a very effective way to manage risk within your crypto-currency portfolio, such as diversifying the range of crypto-currencies you buy. Crypto-currencies can rise and fall to different degrees, and over different periods, so by investing in several different products, you can insulate yourself to some extent from losses in any of your holdings.
Thus, the best strategy for managing risk and getting 100x gains is to take many small positions in many different Altcoins. But, make the effort to get these cryptos before anyone else. This way, you will be able to enjoy it a lot. Set limits on how much you invest in a particular digital currency and don’t be tempted to trade with more money than you can afford to lose.
One of the biggest mistakes new cryptocurrency investors make is putting their money on a brand new altcoin they see someone talking about. Then, suddenly, that cryptocurrency goes down, and they continue to hold onto it because that's the formula many have advised them to do.
Unfortunately, the crypto-currency continues to drop, by 80 to 90 percent. This person gets discouraged and sells her remaining position. She does this with a massive loss, abandons the crypto-currency, and never swears off doing something like this. This is a big mistake that new investors should avoid.
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