How to generate passive income with PulseChain?
In one of our previous videos, we shared with you our method to generate passive income with PulseChain. In today's video, we will share with you another very effective method to generate passive income with PulseChain. You will be able to generate significant income if you have big capital. That's why we call this strategy, "The Whale Strategy".
So, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss any details.
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Let's get started!
Before we start, you should know that under no circumstances should you consider this video as investment advice. This is just our opinion, many people may think otherwise, so do your own research before you jump in. With that said, let's get to the heart of the matter.
Before we tell you our strategy, let's first look at what might happen shortly after Pulsechain launches.
Well, you should know that after launch, if PulseChain does 50X or 100X, some of these whales may get super-rich and they may decide to take profits. And if they do it before you do, the price will drop and you could lose everything.
So, the whales might choose to apply the strategy that we are going to guess to generate passive income.
To understand this, when we look at Uniswap, we see that it has about $6 billion locked and about $254 million in daily trading volume. And it also has about $2 million in fees. Now, if PulseX has the same numbers, we will have $3 million in daily fees and more than $2 million which will go to the liquidity providers.
That are the ones who are putting that $6 billion in value on the crypto.
Now, if you simulate that on average, that means that someone who has about 5 billion can make you about 2.5 million. Mathematically speaking, if you invest about $100,000, you'll make about $50 a day. And if you invest 500,000, you will earn almost $250 a day. That's more than 18% of your capital in a year. 
So if you invest $100,000, you will earn over $18,000 in one year by providing cash liquidity.
Of course, some pairs will have more income than others. Also keep in mind that, investing in cryptocurrency is very risky.
However, it is still a very smart investment since earning $18,000 on $100,000 a year is very good money; earning $90,000 on $500,000 is also very good money. There are alternative methods to make that revenue with cryptocurrency. However, many of those additional options, such as collecting interest on your stable coins, come with some risk.
But, it is preferable to invest your money instead of giving it to someone else who will utilize it and pay you interest. When you invest and put your money on the line, you own an asset.
If they are Pls that you believe will rise in value over time and you are also receiving interest on them, or even if you are earning USD value on them, you can always sell them. You can always sell the USD to purchase additional Pulse, PlsX, or any other altcoin that you believe will do well.
So what we see from these numbers is that it can be quite lucrative for the big whales to put in cash. Now, that's not going to be the only way to make money. You will be able to use staking pools, where you can also earn money.
This money that you earn by bringing cash does not include the incentive chip, because if you add the incentive chip, you will earn more. This could lead to very good APYs for the big whales. Now, the whales may not take profits aggressively because they know that this income can generate more money over time. And if you protect your position, meaning if you have a certain number of Pls tokens, you protect your position over time, you're going to get more income because the supply of Pls decreases over time because of the burn mechanism. And if you can maintain your position, that's good, because all the new people that come in, they're going to have to buy from the people that have coins. And so that would be a logical thing to do for some whales.
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Now, let’s continue.
Now think about what will happen when more people need Pls or PlsX, say 1 million. That will drive the price up to very high levels. So overall, there is a good strategy for everyone. But it's much more for people who have capital and want to live off the return they can generate from the capital they have.
It's much more obvious to them than not getting rid of their stock by suddenly selling it to get their capital out because when you get rid of your stock, you destroy the price. But when you live off the return, you have something more sustainable. Sometimes it's better to have income than to spend the profits because once you spend them, you don't get them back. But the income, you can continue to generate more income from the capital base. This can also be interesting for you because even without having a large capital base, you know that you will not lose what you hold because whales do not deflate. You can also do it with a little more money to benefit from this passive income.
So if you have enough capital, you can generate enough income to live on. So it's something that will be very lucrative over time. One of the benefits is that no matter how big of a deal you want to do if you have these large liquidity providers, they will make it possible.
So, there will be massive volatility, massive fluctuations up, down, and back and forth until we find the equilibrium of a price where we stabilize it.
That will generate huge gains. But it's very hard to know how to win this game, so the best thing to do is probably to huddle up and if you don't have a position, try to start building your position over time. You can't predict how different investors are going to act, how new people coming in are going to act, and what is going to attract the most money.
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