The best way to become a millionaire with crypto is to look for promising projects and invest in them before they blow up. If you had invested in Solana, Polygon Matic, or Cardano when they were still in development, you would be a millionaire today. That's the power of investing in projects before they explode. In today's video, we're going to share with you the 3 promising projects that have huge potential. The great thing about these projects is that they haven't reached their growth potential yet and some of them have major updates coming up that will surely make them explode. So, you'll have a chance to get them before they explode. Make sure to watch this video all the way through, so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
The very first high-risk high-reward crypto is Polygon.
Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building multiple types of applications.
For those familiar with Ethereum, MATIC has a bit of an ETH-like role. Indeed, the MATIC token is the cornerstone of the ecosystem developed around Polygon. On the one hand, it is the payment method of the network. Thus, transaction fees are always paid in MATIC. Consequently, validators and delegators are paid in MATIC.
On the other hand, MATIC is the governance token of the Polygon protocol. If you own one, you can contribute to the evolution of the network, by proposing improvements and by voting for the proposals submitted to the vote.
The Polygon ecosystem is in constant and rapid evolution. Thus, our opinion may vary according to evolution. At this stage, here is what we can say...
First of all, we would like to point out that this is a project born in India, which makes it different from the others, all born in the United States or Western Europe. This is already a point that sets Polygon apart, especially when you know the quality of Indian engineers (many of whom are managing American tech companies!).
Then, if you use the Ethereum network via, for example, a decentralized finance protocol, you probably had to bear very high transaction costs. However, Polygon answers precisely this problem and thus aims to solve a real need. Thus, one can benefit from a scalable and secure blockchain thanks to the Ethereum network.
Moreover, the enthusiasm is not only on the technical side, it is also on the developers' side. Indeed, the latter does not hesitate to use the Polygon protocol to develop their project compatible with Ethereum. One of the best known, if not the best known, is the decentralized finance protocol Uniswap, whose version 3 uses Polygon instead of Ethereum.
Finally, the Polygon ecosystem is booming, with many solutions developed or under development. For example, the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz wants to create a marketplace to market data with Polygon, via the Acentrik project. And Starbucks wants to launch a loyalty program "Starbucks Odyssey" where its customers can receive NFTs, with Polygon as the underlying infrastructure. This is starting to become concrete, right?
Anyway, you understood that we were positive about the future of Polygon. Moreover, we are not the only ones, because Polygon has been selected to participate in Disney's 2022 Acceleration Program. This program only selects 6 companies each year. The project will therefore receive advice from the management team of a company that has a turnover of over 60 billion dollars!
#2. XEN
Now, your next coin is XEN. Beware, this one is really high-risk high reward crypto and we don't recommend you to buy it as you can mint it for free on the Polygon network. So, Polygon is really excited about XEN.
And here is what is very important to understand about this cryptocurrency coin.
First of all, everyone is minting it for free and selling it like crazy and we just said, you might as well mint it for free, especially for a few cents.  
In our opinion, in the long run, it will be worth more than a few cents if you make enough of it. And again, you're still way ahead of the game on this one, it's only a few days old.  If you want more details, especially on how to hit it for free, let us know in the comments and we'll do a tutorial on it. As you can see, the graphic looks absolutely terrible. But what's important about this project is that it started from nothing, like the people who bought and sold and made this graphic, it was just pure speculation. So, this is a very interesting project, and the reason we're sharing it with you here is that there have been a lot of other crypto-currencies that you could have parachuted in. You could have made some for free that turned into thousands of dollars. That doesn't necessarily mean that this one will do that. It may not. Either way, you have nothing to lose by hitting this chip for free. And only time will tell if this project is any good or not.
And the last high-risk high reward crypto on our list is HEDERA HASHCRAPH.
Hedera is the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralized economy that allows individuals and businesses to create powerful DApps.
The HBAR network is being heavily exploited by multinational companies such as IBM, EDF, Google, LG or Boeing, and many others. Initiated in 2017 by computer science professor Leemon Baird, HBAR has one main ambition. It is to have a platform that allows everyone to develop and exchange applications.
Hedera or HBAR is an innovative technology and a particular platform that stands out in the crypto market for its novelty. It is a network supported by large companies with the sole purpose of facilitating the development and exchange of applications by anyone. HBAR crypto has experienced a real development during the year 2022, which has allowed it to rise among the best.
It has a top staff and makes significant investments that allow it to make commendable and singular designs. This will attract highly experienced investors to the company.
Hedera's mode of operation is simple. It uses a variant of consensus proof of stake in its operations. This method allows it to offer three quality services namely low cost, competitive transaction speed, and low energy usage compared to other blockchains.
HEDERA Crypto is very promising as it brings great innovation to micropayment. As we all know the blockchain is very slow and expensive, the Hedera platform has then launched the Hedera Hashgraph in order to remedy this problem. Moreover, it is this technology that HEDERA Crypto uses.
Hedera's token has a bright future. HBAR crypto has evolved a lot this year because it is known by a large audience. Positive reviews are coming in because of their principle and innovations which makes the coin more and more interesting and better. With an active staff and great investments experienced users are then rushing to this cryptocurrency. Hedera's project then has all the cards in hand to have a bright future in the market. So, it would be very wise to invest in this crypto right now.
Now, do you think these cryptos can make you rich? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.
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