What's new, everyone? What are the updates on the PulseChain launch?
In this video, we'll take a look at the insights we have on the PulseChain launch and share with you why we think PulseChain will grow quickly.
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Now, let's get started.
PulseChain is among the most anticipated layer-2 blockchain and investors are eagerly waiting for its release. The L2 solution will be an Ethereum hard fork created with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. The network aims to provide affordable gas fees when compared to the Ethereum network.
Reports are doing the rounds that more than 120 projects will be built on the PulseChain network after the L2 solution is launched. The projects that will be built on top of PulseChain include NFTs, tokens, and DAOs.
The Twitter handle ‘Pulsechain News & Talk’ has been following up with the network’s development extensively. The team has compiled a list of projects that could make it on the PulseChain network post-launch. The Twitter handle revealed that they contacted all the projects and received confirmation that they plan to build on the network.
In total 137 projects have been lined up to launch their businesses on the upcoming network.
Also, the release date for PulseChain has not been confirmed and all developments are kept under wraps. However, since no details about the launch are out, one can expect that the L2 network might not be released in 2022.
But this is just our opinion. PulseChain will not be released until the documentary "The Highest of Stakes".
We'll tell you why in a moment.
It's been over a year since Richard Heart published anything significant about PulseChain, except for the v2b version of his testnet, and that's the main reason why the community is looking forward to the long-awaited success of PulseChain. In a recent Livestream, Walrus from how to Pulse and Jake Sharp said many interesting things about PulseChain.
Walrus, a famous early investor in HEX is known for his good deeds towards the HEX community and PulseChain. This includes following developments on PulseChain and educating people about it.
For him, despite the delay in the launch of PulseChain. There is a lot to celebrate, aside from the massive sacrifice that PulseChain has been able to make. It has accomplished so much in all this time, which would not have been possible otherwise.
According to Walrus, the main reason for the delay in PulseChain's launch is that, unlike the previous HEX launch, Richard Heart wants to do something big this time around with this perfect opportunity to attract as much traffic as possible, which could end up giving higher returns than HEX.
Indeed, Richard Heart's multiple experiences have helped him understand the power of building a large and strong community. And given the importance of PulseChain, having a large and strong community is more than necessary. 
To make this a reality, Heart is using every means at its disposal and the documentary "The Highest of Stake" will play a very big role. This documentary will show how HEX total investors have made millions of dollars, and it will show that the same is possible with PulseChain.
All you have to do is invest in PulseChain at the bottom of the bear market.
And as he's said so well in interviews, the documentary will be released at the end of this year. We would probably still be in the bear market. So, there is a good chance that these two events will occur simultaneously. This suggests that the launch of PulseChain is just around the corner. 
Richard Heart's documentary will help build a narrative and spread the message around the world. And the bear market bottom will lead to the start of another bull market cycle. And when users are exposed to slow and immediate gains, they will bring more investments and more people on board. This is how the 10,000X goal will be easily achieved.
Now, if you want to earn Pulse tokens before the launch, go to Pulsextokens.com where you can also list new token projects for free, vote for your community's project and use their free PulseX faucet for 100 PulseX per day that will be queued up and given to you when PulseChain goes live. They also just launched a Richard Heart style clothing line and even accept HEX as payment.
Given all of this and Richard Heart's prior marketing knowledge, it seems like this has been his plan all along and there is a good chance that PulseChain will finally be released in a few months.
That being said, it's important to remember why PulseChain is going to be so important because people need to fundamentally understand why users leave one project for another.
Once people realize that they get more incentives and security on another project, there is no reason not to abandon the previous one and move on. Once people realize that a project has more and better to offer, they are immediately interested. And this is exactly what PulseChain will do in the crypto-currency world, as it will give more incentives compared to other tokens. Therefore, users will not fail to make the move. PulseChain will have a better blockchain, better security, higher throughput, and lower fees. So, if everything happens according to everything that is said in its white paper, it will lead to its massive adaptation, which will also be triggered because of the intelligence and the way investors reward innovation in the crypto world have become.
Now, one very important thing to know is that when it comes to PulseChain, people have to restructure in order to make maximum profits. To make big profits, you have to think long-term. Richard Heart is building something sustainable and solving some of the most important problems facing the crypto world today. This is not a pump-and-dump system. In order to make maximum profits, you need to put in the time, just as you would with any other type of long-term investment. And slowly, once the demand for PulseChain increases, the results will start to appear and all the winners in the crypto world know that this is the only way for you to extract value from your crypto investments. Another very important factor for the Pulse ecosystem is the PulseX buy and burn mechanism. This mechanism is all about creating more value for users. The PulseX burn is not the result of buying and selling taxation. In fact, it is part of the system.
And the real difference is that users can choose whether they want to pay into PulseX and can also choose to control the incentives and behavior of how the community can use PulseX. And on top of all that, there will be an incentive token that will give more value to the community and PulseX holders.
The PulseX burn will allow users to remove a certain number of tokens from circulation. These tokens are sent to a wallet address that cannot be used for transactions other than receiving coins. The wallet is off the network and the tokens can no longer be used.
So, in the end, this mechanism will be very beneficial for the valuation of the crypto. So PulseX will be more bullish because of the buy and burn mechanism.
Now, do you think Richard Heat's documentary and the buy-and-burn mechanism can help PulseChain rise quickly? As usual, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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