Would you like to know the high-risk, but super high-potential cryptos to invest in this year?
We have already passed the halfway point of 2022 and we are surely wondering about the most promising cryptocurrencies in 2023. The crypto market has been extremely volatile this year, causing many cryptocurrencies to fall. Nevertheless, some have recovered and maintained their value. Find out in this video, the top 3 crypto-currencies you should follow closely for 2023 if you want to make if you want to boost your wallet.
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Currently, cryptocurrencies are being used more and more in the field of online trading and investment. These digital assets can bring a lot of profits but also significant losses. This is why it is important to bet on a cryptocurrency that has a future.
A promising cryptocurrency is none other than a digital asset that has high growth potential. A promising cryptocurrency thus has every chance of experiencing an explosion in its price, being able to bring profits to investors.
#1: Sundaeswap
Cardano is one of the biggest competitors of the Ethereum network. Recently, its advanced features have attracted thousands of developers and investors. Moreover, the arrival of the SundaeSwap DEX on the Cardano blockchain gives it a very important competitive advantage.
Indeed, you can't have a complete blockchain ecosystem without a reliable DEX that enables exchanges. From this observation, the idea of creating SundaeSwap, a unique concept DEX that aims to position itself at the heart of the Cardano ecosystem, was born.
So, SundaeSwap is a decentralized trading protocol that essentially runs on Cardano. This DEX is the first of its kind to be born on the Cardano blockchain.
For those who don't know, Cardano is a next-generation blockchain network that is based on a different technology than the one used by Ethereum and its smart contracts. In recent months, the network has become a mainstay of the crypto market, but its consistent and methodical approach to development has just recently come to fruition with several significant updates, including the introduction of smart contracts.
The SundaeSwap project was launched in 2021 and has been growing ever since. Since its launch, it has been very well received by the Cardano community. But it is only recently that it has started to attract the attention of developers and investors from around the world. The project team seems to follow the same development philosophy as Cardano itself. There's a solid argument in favor of SundaeSwap as the best Cardano DEX. SundaeSwap is the largest DEX on Cardano's platform, with a 95 percent dominance. The SundaeSwap community is strong, engaged, and enthusiastic, and the SUNDAE token works well as an incentive to hold onto thanks to its utility and prospects as an investment. Large financial institutions think likewise, with the financial backing being especially strong from cFund, Alameda Research, and Double Peak Group.
SundaeSwap offers some long-term upgrades and improvements for Cardano. Despite being the first Cardano DEX, it’s continually improving to be the best. And with the upcoming Cardano fork, it could be interesting for Sundae as well. That's why Sundae is your first high-risk, high-reward crypto.
#2: Seedify NFT Space
The next one is going to be Seedify NFT Space.
Not to be confused with Seedify.fund. This is Seedify NFT Space. This crypto has just been launched, and its chart is very positive even though we are in a bear market. According to its chart on Coinmarketcap, just a few days after its launch, it has already made over 700%.
SNFTS is a utility token created by Seedify, Incubator, and Launchpad that will allow its holders to access the best NFTs in the space besides higher chances of getting into the NFT Launches promoted at the launchpad.
Some of the benefits of holding the token include Fee discounts when $SNFTS are used, Better RNG rates for the random NFT drop chances when making buy & sell transactions, Funding the treasury for collaborations, marketing, NFT drops, and expansions, Staking and farming for passive income. The total supply is 20 billion tokens, (whereas it was previously stated to be 50 billion).
Seedify NFT Space will feature an innovative gaming-and-metaverse-centric asset marketplace. The platform will cater solely to those assets and their ever-increasing interconnected use-cases, multiverse integrations, and countless exciting applications that haven't even been dreamed of or conceived yet.
Seedify NFT Space will address the shortcomings of current NFT marketplaces and their inability to adequately accommodate utility-based metaverse and in-game asset collections. Platform features will include lower fees and a user-friendly interface with intuitive, space-specific asset research tools.
Along with the marketplace, Seedify NFT Space will feature additional functions to connect gamers and collectors with creators and project owners while adding new use-cases to their native SFUND token.
Whatever the case, the future holds great things for Seedify NFT Space. And its performance in its first two weeks speaks volumes about its future. The best part is that it is brand new and was launched in a bear market. So, the token is currently selling at a very low price. That's why it's your second high-risk, high-reward crypto. The last one is going to be more interesting. So, hit the "Like" button, and share this video if you haven't already.
 #3: UFO Gaming
Now, the last one is UFO Gaming.
UFO Gaming is a fully decentralized gaming platform, which provides blockchain support for traditional games. It is based on the classic principle of playing to win.
The gaming company, which is a pioneer in its niche, was founded by a team of crypto and gaming enthusiasts who are advancing the gaming industry by harnessing the power of blockchain in a play to earn economy.
UFO Gaming is a gaming Metaverse platform whose mission is to bridge the gap between traditional AAA games and the crypto play-to-earn model, allowing players to earn rewards by participating in the UFO Gaming ecosystem.
Dubbed the "Dark Metaverse," UFO Gaming will introduce its first NFT-based game, Super Galactic. In addition, UFO Gaming will launch an NFT marketplace for players to trade game assets and make profits.
Each game in UFO Gaming's metaverse will have its own governing planet. The team will hold virtual land auctions where people can buy their share of that planet and earn in-game revenue by completing specific tasks.
UFO Gaming has gained a robust eSports presence; by acquiring its own eSports team, hosting large-scale tournaments, sponsoring streamers, and partnering with other eSports companies, UFO has become a known brand within the eSports industry and plans on scaling further in order to capture a larger viewership and customer base.
Over the past few months, a few updates and improvements have been made to UFO Gaming, the fully decentralized gaming platform. Ranging from the staking application to the NFT Marketplace.
These latest updates to the UFO Gaming platform will greatly improve the gaming experience for every user. For Super Galactic, the revision of errors and gameplay is a big plus for the evolution of the game. The community has even given positive feedback. The NFT Marketplace, as well as the Staking Dapp application also improve the handling of the network and encourage member participation.
Despite its superficial similarities with other play-to-earn games, UFO Gaming tries to set itself apart with an intricate in-game economy that combines NFT minting and GameFi quests.
That's what makes this project special. And as the Play to Earn universe keeps growing, we expect UFO Gaming to become a good refuge for everyone.
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