What are the best gaming crypto projects to invest in for 2022? With the development of Web3 via blockchain technology in the last few years, we have witnessed a growth in the number of crypto gaming projects. As many metaverse gaming crypto projects allow players to monetize their experience, investors are looking for the best GameFi crypto tokens to trade. This video reviews the 5 best gaming crypto projects to invest in 2022.
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The first one is Lucky Block.
Lucky Block is a popular cryptocurrency game operating as an NFT competition platform. Participants can stand a chance to win rewards by joining weekly NFT and crypto draws. Among the rewards are crypto prizes, $1 million housing giveaways, free Lamborghinis, and much more.
Operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), this GameFi coin mints its own NFT collections. Players holding particular collections may also earn exclusive entries into various NFT draws. The platform navigates itself through LBLOCK - the native cryptocurrency.
LBLOCK was launched in January 2022 as a BEP-20 token, attracting a 12% sales tax. To combat the tax issue, the development team has recently released a new token version (V2) - an ERC-20 protocol that charges no additional sales tax to users. LBLOCK V2 has been listed on popular CEXs including MEXC and Gate.io - the latter being the 5th largest centralized exchange in the space.
Another P2E platform, Battle Infinity (IBAT), provides a decentralized ecosystem where gaming can be monetized. All the P2E features on Battle Infinity are governed by IBAT - the native cryptocurrency.
IBAT can be purchased and swapped with other cryptos on the IBAT Battle Swap - Battle Infinity’s decentralized exchange (DEX). Players can access GameFi opportunities by participating in the IBAT Premier League - an NFT-based sports fantasy league. Battle Infinity offers crypto staking making it one of the top alternatives to the best yield farming crypto platforms out there.
One of the best metaverse crypto coins, Battle Infinity also offers its own metaverse - the Battle Arena. All players and in-game items are minted in this virtual environment as NFTs, using smart contract functionality. Players can purchase and update their avatars on the Battle Market - the game’s local NFT marketplace.
Due to the multiple use cases of this online crypto-gaming platform, IBAT completed its 90-day presale in just over 3 weeks. IBAT was launched on PancakeSwap in August - reaching a high of $0.0105 - more than 700% higher than its presale launch price of $0.0031 per token. After the initial token listing, IBAT has recently been launched on LBank - the popular centralized exchange (CEX). The successful presale and increase in token listings is making IBAT one of the top trending cryptos in 2022.
The next one is going to be Decentraland.
Decentraland is a virtual reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. This decentralized project allows players to monetize content and applications on its virtual ecosystem, dubbed the metaverse.
There are two tradable aspects of Decentraland - LAND, and MANA. On the platform, players can buy, sell and trade 90,601 individual parcels of LAND - which are minted as NFTs using ERC 721 smart contracts. MANA is an ERC-20 token and the native cryptocurrency which allows participants to trade on Decentraland.
In 2017, Decentraland raised $24 million, completing one of the best crypto ICOs. After launching at just $0.025, Decentraland’s native token reached an all-time high (ATH) of $5.90 in 2021. At the core of Decentraland is the cryptocurrency’s DAO - consisting of community members participating in the ecosystem's management and improvement.  According to CoinMarketCap, MANA is available to purchase at $0.69 per token.
It does have the first-mover advantage since it was one of the first platforms with a fully functional virtual world. That has also made it one of the most well-known gaming platforms.
The next one is Illuvium. Set to launch this year, Illuvium is an open-world role-playing game with elements of the Final Fantasy and Pokémon games. Players control characters called Hunters, and, as they explore, they encounter creatures called Illuvials. The Illuvials are NFTs, and, when you capture one, it's stored in your wallet. Since this is a play-to-earn game, players will be able to earn Illuvium tokens for winning competitions and tournaments.
Although Illuvium has been compared to Axie Infinity, there are several major differences. Unlike Axie Infinity, Illuvium will be in 3D with an open world and will have a story mode. If it lives up to the hype, it could be the rare crypto game that also connects with traditional gamers.
Illuvium's price and market cap rose significantly in anticipation of the game's release but fell off with the rest of the crypto market. It's still on the pricey side for a game that isn't out yet. If nothing else, it's worth keeping an eye on Illuvium to see what gamers think when it's released.
The next one is the League of Kingdoms.
League of Kingdoms is an MMO (massively multiplayer online) strategy game which leverages NFT and blockchain technology to facilitate in-game rewards and trading. Players can access virtual parcels of LAND - which represent NFTs built on the Ethereum platform.
The LAND pieces can be owned permanently and can increase in value over time. League of kingdoms hosts two virtual currencies - DST (Dragon Soul Token) and LOKA. The DST token is a utility token used to fuel the P2E economy in the League of kingdoms universe.
LOKA is the governance token of this crypto-gaming platform. Participants can access decision-making rights on the ecosystem, earn profit through staking and purchase in-game items. 25 million LOKA tokens are circulating. According to CoinMarketCap, LOKA has a current price of $0.52.
And the last one is going to be The Sandbox.
The Sandbox is a decentralized platform where players create their own 3D game worlds using visual scripting tools, which means no coding knowledge is required. Players make games and store assets on LAND, The Sandbox's digital real estate.
SAND tokens power The Sandbox. Players use these tokens for in-game transactions, such as buying equipment and LAND. There are a limited number of LAND plots available; only 166,464 will exist.
So far, The Sandbox has amassed a large and varied list of partnerships that could help build its user base. It's working with gaming company Atari to create virtual theme parks. Several celebrities, including Snoop Dogg and Deadmau5, have also gotten involved with The Sandbox and set up their own virtual estates.
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