What is this crypto that everyone is talking about?  It's called IMPT, and it's currently on presale. Everyone thinks it's going to make 50X in 2023. Watch this video to the end to find out exactly WHY.  We will also show you step-by-step how to buy IMPT tokens.
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Now, let's get started.
The year 2022 has seen the launch of many projects with well-run pre-sales. But if you missed them, it's still not too late because the best always comes at the end. The IMPT token has all the makings to claim to have the best pre-sale of the year. Only two weeks after its launch, the project has already raised more than $5 million.
IMPT.io wants to revolutionize the carbon credit market by involving both individuals and companies. Many environmentally conscious investors have been attracted to this innovative concept. Moreover, experts predict a 50x growth by 2023.
The innovative concept of IMPT is the reason for its success. The second phase of the token pre-sale is currently underway. After its launch four weeks ago, more than $5 million has been collected, which is about 50% of the available token supply.
As was the case with the TAMA token and IBAT, the IMPT token stands out with an interesting concept.
IMPT.io wants to demonstrate that everyone can generate revenue while preserving the environment. The carbon offset program set up by the IMPT team appeals to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investors. This allows them to take a greater interest in environmental issues. Anyone can buy, sell or retire carbon credits from the trading platform in the ecosystem. To do so, one would first have to buy IMPT tokens which will then be converted into carbon credits. This step also allows the carbon credit to be converted into NFT on the exchange platform integrated into IMPT.io. The goal of IMPT is to reduce everyone's carbon footprint. A reward mechanism is provided to encourage investors to retire their carbon credits. At the same time, it also reduces the supply of IMPT tokens in circulation.
Many investors are interested in IMPT because of its high potential. The fact that the project provides a concrete solution to climate problems is drawing all the spotlight on it. Some analysts believe that the token will rise by x50 by 2023.
Others are even more optimistic. The Youtuber Jacob Crypto Bury considers that the IMPT token clearly has the best pre-sale of this year in the crypto community. He bases this on the transcript of an interview with Impact Project (IMPT) CEO Denis Creighton during an AMA session that took place on October 13 in the project's official Telegram group.
For Jacob, IMPT could explode to x100 in the future thanks to its various assets. First, there will never be a sales tax on the tokens. Second, the price of carbon credits will vary according to the state of the market in real-time. The project will encourage people to withdraw their carbon credits so that the money collected can be used for projects that have an impact on the environment.
One of the most important points Jacob made in this interview is the support of the program's affiliated partners. The Impact Project CEO revealed that 25,000 retail brands have already joined the project. Major retailers have also shown interest in the project such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Electrolux. In the end, what Jacob appreciated was the transparency displayed by the team behind IMPT.io. Therefore, it would be time to invest in the project for those who hope to make important profits with this project.
Thanks to a partnership with more than 10,000 companies specializing in carbon credits, IMPT token provides access to a wide variety of investments in favor of the planet. In addition, it is possible to invest directly in carbon credits via the IMPT Token marketplace.  On this online marketplace, hundreds of projects are available. They are all verified beforehand. Indeed, the carbon credits on the platform are pre-audited by a third party in order to verify that the global certification protocols have been strictly respected.
Thus, it is possible to buy, sell or retire carbon credits. The use of blockchain technology ensures optimal transparency and avoids fraud, including duplication, that can sometimes be observed in the carbon credit market. These carbon credits can be bought or sold at any time. IMPT token wishes to reward users who withdraw their carbon credits. For this, once their carbon credits are burned, users will receive different NFTs created by artists.
So, what are the key points of the IMPT token to remember?
First of all, it is a project in favor of the environment and at the heart of the concerns of millions of citizens. Hundreds of projects are accessible in one place, and the possibility to generate capital gains while participating in the preservation of the environment.
Many people are looking for ways to help the environment and this project gives them the means to do so in a simple and accessible way. By choosing this key sector, including in the economy of the future, the project puts all the chances on its side. This is the main reason why you should invest in this project.  The vision of the IMPT token is in line with the times and the concerns of many citizens. This project aims to encourage people and organizations to commit themselves to environmental protection. To do that, users will receive points and a global score that will allow them to see the progress and the involvement of each one in favor of environmental protection. Different levels and rankings will be available for users. They will be able to track their impact day by day.
Points will be offered to users who commit the most to this mission by sponsoring their friends or by eliminating their carbon credits. It's a way to incentivize people and push for more virtuous practices.
IMPT token also offers a shopping platform to combine the useful with the pleasant. On the project's shopping platform, users can purchase various products from partner brands or buy IMPT tokens. For this, each brand decides on the percentage allocated.
For example, if a supermarket allocates 2% of its sales to a project, with an average shopping cart of $500 per month, users will be able to own a carbon credit each month just by shopping.
Thousands of products will be offered by sports, automotive, and luxury brands. An interesting process that allows users to contribute to the preservation of the planet while shopping.
It is therefore possible that IMPT tokens will be a huge success and that the token price will appreciate in the coming months.
IMPT token is definitely a project of its own. Its easy-to-access platform and reward mechanism are excellent arguments for its adoption.
Now, if you are looking for a way to buy this token easily and securely, then you need to follow some steps.
Step 1: Go to the official website of the project: IMPT.io. This is where you can access the pre-sale of IMPT tokens.
Step 2: Connect your crypto wallet on the official website by clicking on Connect Wallet.
Step 3: When your wallet is connected, you will be able to select your payment method. You can exchange IMPT tokens for USDT or Ether. Finally, you also have the option to invest directly via your credit card.
Step 4: Simply confirm your choice and the number of tokens. You will receive your IMPT tokens directly in your crypto wallet.
This pre-sale is a way to invest in the early stages of the development of the project and take part in an exciting adventure. The future will tell us if the project is successful but it has all the keys to develop and grow in the months and years to come.
Now, do you think this project can make 50X? As always, share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.
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