Would you like to turn $1000 or $10,000 into $100,000 or $1 million in crypto? Whether you are new to crypto or have been in the game for some time, knowing which cryptocurrencies to invest in is something that should always be top of mind. Also, the best crypto to invest in can change as quickly as the crypto space itself.  This is why we have prepared a list of the top 3 best cryptos that we think can help you turn your $1000 into $1 million. The best part is that two of these cryptos haven't been launched yet. Which leaves you with a great chance to explode your wallet. Watch this video all the way through, so you don’t miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
The very first crypto coin that can help you turn 1k into $1 million is going to be DogeLauncher.  This is the first decentralized Launchpad on Dogechain. The first evolutionary step of Dogechain with the world's first MAJOR launchpad on Doge priming the network or accelerated growth and mass adoption of the chain.
No longer a simple memecoin, Dogecoin has become rejuvenated with the Dogechain! Dogelauncher kickstarts this process by providing everyone a chance at reaping the rewards of its growth With rapid deflationary mechanics, ultra-low fees and fast speeds, anti-rug mechanisms, and a focus on the environment with a proof-of-stake consensus, Dogelauncher has set the stage to push the boundaries of growth for the DogeChain ecosystem!
Now, DogeLauncher is set to supercharge it. Dogelauncher helps ambitious startups raise the capital they need to seed the fertile land of Dogechain.
Dogelauncher makes it easy to launch your Meme token and raise funds in a completely decentralized fashion.
Participate in any launch on the Dogelauncher platform by simply staking your $DCGOD tokens into that project launch pool.
Dogelauncher will serve as an accelerator for all the unique and innovative tokens, primarily based on the Doge Network and no KYC is needed for investing in dogelauncher.
The Dogelauncher Protocol encourages outstanding Dogelauncher teams to launch Meme projects with high playability and reasonable tokenomics on Memelist and gives users early access to the outstanding projects.
Whether it's the next generation of DeFi apps, massively accessible metaverses, fun, and rewarding games, or something else entirely —DogeLauncher will bring them to Dogechain. DogeLauncher comes with a serious bite. Featuring aggressively deflationary tokenomics, value flows from the weak hands to the strong ones. At the moment, there is not enough information about this project because it has not been launched yet. So, this is the best time to invest in this project. And it is a high-risk high-reward token.
Currently, there is a whitelist going on. This is the best way to participate in this project.
Sign up for a chance to be whitelisted!  To qualify, individuals must complete the whitelist below and complete a KYC on their website - must have a minimum of $10DOGE in their wallet to begin the KYC process.
The next crypto coin that we believe can help you turn 1k into $1 Million is going to be Velas.
Based on the same code as the Solana blockchain, the Velas blockchain project, carried by its crypto VLX has begun to emulate. With a blockchain that wants to take another step towards decentralization. With a solution that seeks to best combine network security, scalability, and transaction speed with strong decentralization, the Velas project, and its native token VLX is now on the radar of many crypto investors.
It is now taking the gamble of trying to combine blockchain and artificial intelligence.
The Velas project is based on the principle that the various blockchains have developed their own solutions independently of each other. The objective is to set up an ecosystem capable of taking advantage of synergies between these different blockchains. To do this, the Velas blockchain seeks to use the best ingredients of the largest blockchains. With first Ethereum but also Solana for the number of transactions per second. Velas also integrates the Ethereum Virtual Machine which allows it to ensure compatibility with the eponymous blockchain and its programming language.
While most new crypto projects today focus on decentralized finance, Velas sees further ahead. With a fully decentralized world that is more respectful of user privacy. According to the creators, the Velas blockchain would be today the best compromise between security, scalability, and decentralization of the network. An operation made possible by the adaptability offered by artificial intelligence. Indeed, depending on the conditions on the network, it can adapt in real-time. For example, in the event of an attack on the Velas blockchain, the parameters are adjusted in real-time to maximize network security.
A whole ecosystem is built around the blockchain. A system that emphasizes the interoperability of blockchains but also seeks to develop its own solutions. An ecosystem that has its own crypto wallet. A digital wallet focused entirely on improving the user experience.
To continue to develop its ecosystem, Velas intends to attract many developers via the launch of a fund abounding in the amount of 5 million dollars. In addition, Velas now has its own decentralized exchange: WagyuSwap. The blockchain also intends to continue its development in gaming and NFT.
But the Velas ecosystem also plans to launch a decentralized social network: Bitorbit. The Velas ecosystem is also looking to expand into decentralized instant messaging solutions and video streaming platforms.
This is the opinion of many crypto enthusiasts. For those who missed the opportunity to buy Solana, buy Cardano, or buy Polkadot, the Velas blockchain can be a great opportunity.
Also, according to models from the DigitalCoinPrice platform, the token price could approach $0.50 by the end of the year. In the longer term, the trend could continue on an upward dynamic. Looking at technical indicators, the DigitalCoinPrice platform believes the asset is a buy. With 13 indicators that send strong buy signals.
#3: BudBlockz (BLUNT)
And the last crypto is BudBlockz. This is one of the Best cryptos to buy right now.
BudBlockz is the first decentralized marketplace for cannabis e-commerce and comes at the perfect time for more and more cannabis legalization in the US and globally.
With legalization only just beginning, there is huge potential for growth concerning cannabis eCommerce. BudBlocks will be at the forefront as a marketplace for all market participants.
But BudBlocks is not only a decentralized eCommerce platform but also an NFT marketplace, making it a complete decentralized solution and ecosystem for the cannabis market.
Its native token $BLUNT will be used as a medium of exchange between farmers, manufacturers and individuals. Their NFTs will be used for licensing participants, making the cannabis trade more transparent and secure at the same time.
If you would like to invest in the decentralized future of the cannabis market, you can currently still participate in BudBlockz' token presale for their native token $BLUNT. The presale lasts until 4th December 2022, when the token will be listed on UniSwap exchange. At the time of this recording, you can get 1 $BLUNT token for $0.0256.
Presales allow you to invest in a token before it hits the public market at much higher prices, allowing you to be as early as possible for a new project with a potential of 100x and more.
Now, do you think these cryptos can make you rich? As usual, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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