What will happen when PulseChain and PulseX launch?  In this video, we'll talk a little bit about the PulseChain Mainnet. The launch will happen soon. Probably by the end of this year or early 2023. Are you curious about what will happen on day one? Is it possible to do 100x on the first day of the launch? We'll cover everything in today's video. So, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
Now, on day one, will he be able to do 100X? Let's be clear, nothing in this video should be taken as financial advice. You need to do your own research. In our opinion, for several reasons, PulseChain has a high probability of making 10, 50, or 100X on day one.
The first reason we think this is possible is its popularity.
is the amount of money that is currently on PulseX DEX. There are a lot of trades going on and happening on DEX right now on the testnet. So, you can imagine that when PulseChain comes out, it's going to be an explosion.
Another reason we think PulseX will do 100X on day one is its popularity.
Indeed, the popularity of PulseChain will play a big role in this success. PulseChain is very popular, mainly because it was created by Richard Heart. His popularity has made PulseChain also very popular within the community. There are many interesting projects on the Ethereum network. The problem is that these projects have not exploded because people are running away from Ethereum's transaction fees and also because Ethereum's blockchain is very slow. So, when PulseChain launches, it will be faster, cheaper, and more reliable.
Another reason why we are optimistic is the number of projects that will be launched on Pulsechain. Currently, over 120 projects are waiting to be launched on the PulseChain blockchain. This is incredible for the blockchain. Not only is the blockchain going to launch, but a hundred other projects are going on at the same time. Imagine the buzz this will cause in the crypto space.  By the way, one of those projects that we found very interesting is called Hpx.
If you want to know about a good project with good tokenomics, you should look at Hpx. They have the best tokenomics in the whole PulseChain ecosystem.
Hpx will work as an index for all nfts on Pulsechain. Owning Hpx tokens entitles you to certain benefits like earning returns every time a transaction is made on the platform, just like a shareholder. So, when you own these tokens, it's like owning a piece of all the NFTs available on PulseChain. And thanks to PulseChain, there will be over 20,000,000 NFTs. We invite you to visit their website to learn more about this token and how it works.
Now, by staking it, you become a stakeholder of Hpx. The more $Hpx you stake, the more PulseChain, PulseX, pHex, and USDL you earn. It should also be noted that the token is deflationary.  Once a person has bet $Hpx tokens, 0.111% of their coins are burned. This significantly reduces the total supply in circulation, which increases the price of the token.  Currently, they have launched an Airdrop.
And in our opinion, this is the biggest Airdrop for the Pulsechain ecosystem. And there is a sacrifice phase going on, so you can participate now. And as you can see from the first graphic on their website, the sooner you sacrifice, the better your reward will be. Plus, if you do it before September 26, you'll get 20% bonus points.
Now, let's get back to the main topic of this video.
Another reason is the time waiting for the next bull run. In our opinion, the next bull run is going to be something extraordinary. The next time it goes up, people will have so much time and a lot more millionaires will be created.
Now, when the main PulseChain network launches, there will be a 48-hour period before the floodgates open and tons of capital from Ethereum rushes in. And during those 48 hours, before PulseX and PulseChain go into price discovery mode, you'll have the opportunity to play different games. What we mean by that is that you will have the opportunity to exchange your PulseX for Pulse if you want to. Now, if you're considering doing that, the ratio is three to one, which means you're trading three PlsX chips for one Pls. And that's a pretty big loss if you think the two are equal in the long run. In our opinion, PulseChain has more potential because it's the foundation of the blockchain. That's PulseChain. And PulseX is just the marketplace.
It's just a decentralized exchange. However, it's hard to know what either one is going to do. Richard himself said. There's potential for these two to do a 10,000 X.
There's potential. That's what Bitcoin has done and Ethereum has done 10,000 X as well. These products have the potential. I'm not saying they will, but picking one of them is like betting on another racehorse. We're talking about the short term. Of course, this video is just for your information. It's up to you to know what to do. This is not financial advice. Like everything else, we say in our videos here on YouTube.
There are a lot of people who think they're playing this game and trading PlsX for Pls. But know that you could end up picking the wrong one. And betting on the wrong horse. If PlsX outperforms in the short term with this "buy and burn" feature, patience is a virtue. There might be a low point where you can buy pls. There may not be a low, but either way, you are still ahead, so you don't need to play these games.
You can just wait until you have fiats or other coins that you want to spin or turn into pls.
For now, you have 2 ways to get pls tokens for free. The first one is through the PulseChain faucet. But don't expect to become a millionaire with it. You can only claim a few pls tokens every 24 hours.
You can also use Free Pulse to get free Pulse tokens. We've talked about that in other videos on this channel. Right now, it's not Pulse. It's just a beta version. We're using Testnet. There is no Pulse until the main version is released. So, the website works, but there's no point in using it right now because you won't get any real pls tokens. However, once PulseChain is released, it will be very interesting to use it. And indeed, every hour you will be able to claim up to $200. Why not do it? The site is called FreePulse.io. It's going to be a huge success.
If you search for FreePulse.io on Twitter, you'll see that it attracts a lot of people. There's already a pretty strong community.
Now, do you think PulseChain can do 100X on day one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
And if you are new to the pulse ecosystem, and want to know more about the pulsechain, hex, or pulse X, we have curated a huge playlist with all possible questions in peoples minds. It has more than 160 videos as of now. Go check them out for more detailed information on this ecosystem, the link is in the description!
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