Investing a very small amount of capital in cryptocurrencies can reap big rewards if you get in at the right time and make the right choice, but that’s not an easy thing to do as there are risks involved. Therefore, you need to think more about your options before making a crypto currency investment choice. With that said, what is the best crypto currency to buy in 2022? In this video, we explore the top 5 crypto Altcoins that could make you rich soon.
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#1: Uniswap (UNI)
The very first crypto Altcoin that we think could make you rich soon is Uniswap. You may be thinking "it already has a big market cap, how is it going to make you rich?". Well, what we're about to tell you will surprise you.  One of the top cryptos to consider now is Uniswap. UNI is a DeFi king — it is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on top of Ethereum that links buyers and sellers directly to each other for a variety of digital assets.
One of the best reasons to invest in a crypto is when it’s making improvements that will likely impact its usability and speed up adoption.
Uniswap’s latest big change comes in the form of launching Optimism, which has been in development for two years. Some of the benefits include being able to pay gas fees in any token, scaling, and near-instant and cheap transactions.
For now, Optimism is in Alpha, which means they are still testing it and it will still be a while before it is rolled out to everyone else. Eventually, it will be implemented to Uniswap making now a great time to invest.
Not all is perfect in Uniswap land. There have been a series of controversies over Uniswap’s governance because of how voting works.
In short, the more UNI tokens you own, the more voting power you have. And what makes this worse, is users can delegate their voting power to others as well.
Most recently, debates about Uniswap’s governance came up when Flipside Crypto, a crypto analytics firm, requested $25 million from Uniswap’s grants, as reported by Nathan van der Heyden of Crypto Briefing.
Until attention was drawn to the matter, it looked as if the firm would get the funding without any real competition. It highlighted the amount of power few at the top had at Uniswap.
DEX’s are expected to overtake traditional crypto exchanges in the future. Investing in Uniswap crypto now could be like being an early investor in Bitcoin several years ago.
#2: Compound (COMP)
Another crypto worth buying is Compound. It is one of the top crypto-lending platforms today, booming in the emerging DeFi market.
Compound has been busy leveling up in the crypto-lending industry launching their new ‘Compound Treasury’, a service strictly for financial institutions where they can earn 4% fixed interest per year by investing US dollars.
This will provide a massive amount of liquidity to Compound and fuel its crypto-lending services. And with the interest in DeFi exploding in 2021, the Compound Treasury looks like a top investment for institutions.
With all this extra liquidity at their disposal, Compound could essentially become the bank of the crypto world.
Aave by far is Compound’s biggest issue. Aave is one of the most popular lending platforms in the market but the two differ in the products they offer crypto holders and how they function.
Compound might be leading the way by getting institutional money into crypto-lending and DeFi, but it doesn’t mean that it will be the last and most successful.
Furthermore, we also need to consider potential DeFi regulations that could be put into place in the next few years.
Crypto-lending and DeFi are showing very strong growth at the moment and the prospect of bringing big institutional investors into the fold could be another game-changer.
#3: ApeCoin
ApeCoin is another common-sense cryptocurrency to buy if you want to get rich soon.
ApeCoin is one of the most popular and cheap crypto coins in the market today. New cryptocurrencies that draw hype tend to outperform the market. ApeCoin is the governance token for the Ape DAO, which runs the trendy Bored Ape Yacht Club line of NFTs.
ApeCoin is one of the best-performing crypto coins to buy today, and it seems to be gaining momentum.
APE is an ERC-20 token that developers utilize to empower and incentivize decentralized community building at the forefront of Web 3.0. It also solves one of the crucial issues that DAOs face today by enhancing community participation.
Another key factor that pushes ApeCoin to explode in 2022 is its plans to integrate into play-to-earn games developed by the Ubisoft-backed Animoca Brands. In addition, the crypto would also be integrated into an upcoming game developed by nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca. If these integrations become successful, Bored Ape will create a unique brand name in the market.
ApeCoin is listed on all top cryptocurrency exchanges, which gives it liquidity. Confirming the Metaverse rumors could see ApeCoin emerge as the best performing new cryptocurrency in 2022.
#4: Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum can't miss among the 5 best potential cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022.
With the rollout of ETH 2.0, Ethereum would be one of the top performing cryptocurrencies to buy now in the crypto sphere.
Ethereum is a global decentralized platform launched in 2015 and led by co-founder Vitalik Buterin. It is hugely popular and is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap for almost as long as it has existed.
Many see Ethereum as the second-most important development in cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and to go into all the reasons why Ethereum is so great will take far too long.
Amid the pros of investing in Ethereum, one of the most anticipated events among crypto investors is the launch of Ethereum 2.0 that will shift from proof-of-work to proof-of-take (which is more efficient).
That’s not everything! Behemoths like JPMorgan, Amazon, and Microsoft Azure have also embraced Ethereum’s blockchain technology to stay ahead of other financial giants, piquing investors’ attention worldwide.
Ethereum has a tonne of rivals who claim they can do what Ethereum is doing but better. Cardano, which is also on our list, is one of these rivals.
While Ethereum is the torchbearer when it comes to leading the way with blockchain technology, if it rivals outmaneuver Ethereum, it could be quite troubling.
Another reason why Ethereum could be risky is that there is an unlimited number of coins. This means that Ethereum lacks the scarcity aspect many other cryptos have.
Ethereum is still a long way off Bitcoin in terms of value, but despite this, analysts are very optimistic about Ethereum’s future, predicting steady growth over the next few years. In fact, based on ETH price prediction, the leading crypto is expected to reach the $5000 mark by the very end of 2022.
Ethereum is usually the second favorite choice after Bitcoin and it’s hard not to see why.
#5: Cardano (ADA)
And the last one is Cardano.
Cardano is defined as a third-generation cryptocurrency that aims to improve the scaling issues of Bitcoin and the smart contract deployment principles of Ethereum.
After the update to the Cardano network in September 2021, the number of smart contracts based on Cardano has seen tremendous growth, which could help Cardano to compete with Ethereum.
2022 could finally be the year we’ve been waiting for as traders have been buying up ADA in anticipation. Aside from smart contracts, Cardano also launched other features such as token creation.
On top of that, Cardano had some of its best performance ever in 2021, gaining over 720% at the start of the year and at one point momentarily took the third spot of the largest cryptocurrency by market cap.
Smart contracts could either make or break Cardano. It could always be possible that Cardano really is all bark and it never worked anywhere near as well as claimed. It is simply one of those things we have to see to believe as many other cryptos make similar statements of what they are theoretically capable of doing.
Until we get smart contracts, we will not know.
Cardano definitely looks like it could be a great investment. But it is hard to say if the good times will last for the rest of the year.
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