Who exactly is the genius behind the revolutionary HEX? In today's video, we are going to tell you who exactly Richard Heart is. From his childhood to today, let's discover the incredible life of Richard Heart. You won't believe how he has amassed millions of dollars over the years.  The truth may shock you.
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Famously known as Richard Heart, Richard Schuele is an author, philanthropist, and YouTuber. Since crypto-currencies have become mainstream, many innovators have come forward and tried to introduce new and better technologies. Richard Heart is one of those innovators looking to make game-changing changes in the crypto world.
Richard has made a name for himself after building many successful businesses, both online and offline. Richard Heart is expected to have a net worth of $500 million as of 2022.
Richard Heart is a blockchain expert best known for inventing the HEX crypto-currency and PulseChain. Before telling you about his achievements, let's first talk about his childhood and his career.
Heart was born on October 9, 1979, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and grew up there. From an early age, Heart showed signs of being a gifted youngster.
At the age of three, he learned to read. Richard Heart had a normal childhood. He was educated in an inter-school in the city. Interestingly, he was one of the few white kids in his school with predominantly black students.
Recalling his school years, he shares in a YouTube video that his school was a "nerd school." There was no dating culture, fashion shows, or cheerleading. He says he was surrounded by smart people and wasn't really an academic. Heart began working as a child when he started a home-based car stereo business. As he got older, he branched out into different business ventures. He became a newspaper salesman before starting a modest air conditioning business and a shopping cart platform.
A significant portion of his early childhood was spent on innovation and entrepreneurship. One of Heart's friends started a computer company in his basement, which inspired Richard to start his own business. Heart started a home stereo business. Later, they even collaborated on another project and built a shopping cart platform. These experiences should provide a solid foundation for the future success of his business.
Later in life, Richard Heart bonded with his colleagues over business ideas. It seems that these were not random conversations, as he went on to start a mortgage business. He worked on SEO or search engine optimization and led pay-per-click (PPC) management. He recognized the value of Internet businesses and decided to put more time and effort into them. He founded a mortgage company and promoted it using search engine optimization and pay-per-click ads.
Heart reached a fairly comfortable position in his job where he was making $60 million a year, enough for anyone to retire and go on a world tour. He came across Bitcoin for $1 via Reddit. However, unlike the average crypto enthusiast, he dug deeper and found the drawbacks of Bitcoin, which led him to create his own cryptocurrency in 2019 called HEX.
Later that year, he started working on another crypto project called PulseChain, which allows him to generate funds for medical research.
Heart also used his cryptocurrency fortune to buy "The Enigma," a rare black carat diamond considered the largest in the world. He changed the name to HEX.com diamond.
Back in 2017, Richard predicted that Bitcoin would reach $20,000 when it was only $5,000 and he called the Bitcoin top at $20,000. In 2019 he also predicted that Bitcoin would reach $60,000.
Richard called the top on Bitcoin at $65,000 on the day, warned everyone about the Ethereum top, and reminded everyone that the ETH top came 27 days after the Bitcoin top last time. And indeed, it happened again.
Richard Heart's PulseChain Sacrifice Phase raised over $27,000,000 in donations to SENS.org, funding medical research.
However, he is not a big fan of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Heart even confronted Craig Wright, a computer scientist who claims to be the founder of Bitcoin, face-to-face.
In an interview, Heart explained that Bitcoin's intention was to eliminate middlemen, not include them. He felt that Bitcoin had matured in a way that had strayed from its true original intentions. With HEX, he aims to somehow hide Bitcoin's downside. To understand what HEX actually does, let's give a brief overview of HEX.
HEX is no ordinary cryptocurrency. It is different because, in addition to giving users the ability to make transactions, it also offers them interest on their locked money. In simple terms, HEX is a digital contemporary of CDs or certificates of deposit.
Our traditional banks have been paying us interest on blocked money for years. However, the profit we make is not very lucrative because the value of our money is constantly decreasing. For one dollar, you could buy a decent number of things ten years ago. Today, however, there are very few things you can buy with one dollar.
Heart's crypto-currency, HEX, is getting users interested in their locked digital currency. It is an ERC20 token that was launched on the Ethereum network in December 2019. HEX uses the DeFi ecosystem in the cryptographic assets of the Ethereum network.
HEX is also the first cryptocurrency in the world to display a graph of its future locked supply. This helps traders plan accordingly and know when high stakes will expire, increasing buyers' confidence in the future value of their investment. In order to present better and improved future data, HEX world aims to improve price discovery and reduce volatility through market incentives. As also previously mentioned and widely known, Richard Heart is a prominent philanthropist. He uses his time to help people. He hosts free chat sessions, creates free videos, and free plays, and writes free SciVive self-development books. He also encourages people to stop gambling, drinking, smoking, and gaming. He is a big supporter of medical research.
In one of his interviews, he mentions that everything he has gained from his life experiences, school days, start-up apprenticeships, homelessness around the world, and running a successful multi-dollar business, he uses all of it to help others live a rewarding life.
In Richard Heart's book SciVive, he talks about nine secrets that he believes are necessary to win in life. His main goal is to help people understand various aspects of life in a simple way. He also supports the school of thought that money is essential but should not be the only motivation that drives you to work.
According to his official website, in the crypto world, he helps people by encouraging them to use Uniswap, 1 inch, and tornado.cash early, making them eligible for their free airdrops.
He advocates that people take charge of their own keys, protecting them from exchanges by eliminating counterparty risk.  He also advises people to use security-audited software to keep their money safe.
Heart owns the world's largest cut diamond, $5,000,000 in watches, and raised $27,000,000 for medical research. He owns a couple of Ferraris, one of which is the quickest model ever made with 1000HP. He invented HEX.COM which went up in price 10,000x. He gave over $500,000,000 of free money to Bitcoiners. He created the world's largest free airdrop of coins through PulseChain.com. He also called the Bitcoin top two cycles in a row.
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