A Web3 lifestyle application, STEPN (or GMT as it is more well-known), is equipped with an amusing gaming design and other comparable characteristics. Also noteworthy is the fact that, as one of the field's most popular applications, STEPN is committed to spreading the notion of Move-to-Earn into the mainstream. GST may be earned by jogging, walking, or running outside for users who have non-fungible token Sneakers, which can then be used to level up or mint new sneakers. Players' NFT shoes may be traded or leased on the in-app marketplace, and all earnings are kept in the in-app wallet, which is also said to contain a built-in exchange function. The first version of Solana's game move2earn NFT, STEPN, is the game's original iteration. STEPN operates on a two-token structure, with the GST gaming token serving as the gaming token and the GMT governance token serving as the governance token. So, what is STEPN? How does it work? And what is the most unique feature of this project? Stay tuned!
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Well, the , has been known to grow since its public beta launch in December of last year. Before we go any further, it's important to note that STEPN is said to have been developed by Find Satoshi Lab, an Australian fintech business that specializes in digital currency.  GMT, on the other hand, is said to be the native utility token of the STEPN platform, and it may be used for a variety of functions on the network, according to the developers. However, the Move-to-Earn efforts have been quite successful in terms of identifying the general need as well as the numerous benefits of regular exercise that cannot be understated; nonetheless, some people still struggle to stay up with the program. But one this is for sure; when STEPN enters the picture, things become interesting.
According to the whitepaper, the team has developed a Web3 lifestyle application that has built-in Social-Fi and Game-Fi functionality. It is stated in the whitepaper that the goal of STEPN's Game-Fi is to encourage millions of people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, connect the general public to Web 3.0, and combat climate change, all while retaining the benefits of its Social-Fi aspects in order to create a long-lasting platform that can foster user-generated Web3 content. Player rewards are also plentiful, including in-game or native STEPN currency such as Gems and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Also included are two crucial currencies: GMT, which serves as the project's governance token, and GST, which serves as the game token. Both of these currencies may be used within the game or converted to actual money. To begin with, GST is thought to be limitless, and it serves as the primary reward symbol for users who are still at the beginning of their journey. But GMT, on the other hand, has a limited supply of around six billion units and can only be gained through the use of the 'Sneaker Lv30' skillset or even higher. The overall number of users and activities on the STEPN platform has increased dramatically, despite the fact that it is still in public beta, with daily active users on the site going from about 1500 in January to more than 100,000 now, which is a 6,500 percent increase.
So, what are some of the items of this project? Well, Solo Mode, for example, is one of the items developed by the project. The NFT Sneakers are handed to users in Solo Mode, and they must wander about in order to gain tokens. The usage of energy is required in order to earn GST. And for every 1 Energy, you may perform 5 minutes of physical exercise. The user's energy begins to replenish immediately after receiving the NFT Sneaker. To begin, the user selects a shoe and presses the "START" button on his or her device. Tokens may be spent to raise the level of NFT shoes. And users can make contributions in the form of attribute points and NFT Gems to improve the performance of the sneaker. Shoeboxes may be made by merging two NFT shoes and burning some tokens, as well as other means. And in some situations, 2/3 of a Shoebox can be purchased for the price of one. When the Shoebox is opened, the user will receive a random NFT shoe as a reward. Members of the Marketplace can trade their NFT shoes, Shoeboxes, and Gems with other members. In addition, users may be able to obtain free footwear at this location. But after all, users may utilize the Binance interface to purchase cryptocurrencies, swap tokens for other cryptocurrencies, transfer and deposit tokens/NFTs, and perform a variety of additional operations.
Now that we've talked a lot about STEPN, some of you may be wondering whether or not it's a good idea to invest in cryptocurrency. So, let's take a look and see if that's the case or not.   Aside from that, it's worth mentioning that there are currently 600,000,000 GMT coins in circulation, with a total possible lifetime supply of 6,000,000,000 GMT coins in the future. So, the information you have gained so far should have given you an excellent understanding of the platform, and you should be able to determine whether or not investing in STEPN is the best option for you. And given what it has to offer, as well as its past performance and plans for the near future, I am confident that STEPN will prove to be a rewarding investment in the not-too-distant future, providing you with increased returns as well as the possibility that your existing investment will increase in value. However, nothing is guaranteed at this point! As a result, it's crucial for you to understand that, like any other cryptocurrency, STEPN carries its own set of risks, and that you should only invest if you're willing to accept those risks and incur any and all losses if necessary.
So, now that we know what STEPN is and what it entails, the question now is, where can you buy it? To be sure, STEPN is currently available on all major cryptocurrency exchanges, but some of the more well-known ones are Binance, BTCEX, OKX, and FTX, as well as DigiFinex, to name a few examples. According to InvestorsObserver's research, STEPN is a low-risk investment. It is calculated by using a proprietary scoring system how much money would be required to change the price in the last 24 hours. And by examining recent changes in volume and market capitalization, the statistic determines how much a token may be impacted by limited trade. The risk score ranges from 0 to 100, with lower values suggesting more risk and higher values indicating reduced risk as to the number of points increases. Hence, the risk gauge score for GMT currently suggests that it is a low-risk investment. Risk assessment is a statistic that portfolio managers place a high emphasis on. You may find risk assessment to be more beneficial while attempting to avoid (or uncover) more dangerous assets. And so, GMT's recent price movement in relation to the trading volume provides traders with reason to be confident in the token's manipulability at this time, resulting in a low-risk grade for the token. So, what do you think about STEPN?
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