Hey do you know, Richard heart announced the launch date for pulsechain? Yes, he mentioned in his recent live that pulsechain will be launched in the mid may, that is the best prediction he got from his dev team on pulsechain launch, which is the worlds largest free airdrop, we will add the exact clip from his live at the end of the video, so you can check it out yourself!!
Now lets move to the main question of the day, should we trade our PlsX into Pls? Or should we provide cash for this pair before the bridge?
In today's video, we will share our opinion on this question. We will see whether or not you should trade your PlsX for Pls. Of course, as we just mentioned, this is just our personal opinion, and should not be taken as investment advice in any case. You should do your own research before making any decisions.
So, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss any details.
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Let's get started!
To answer this question, the first thing to consider is how many people sacrificed for PlsX because they missed PLS?
The answer is " many".
But how many of these people are waiting to exchange PlsX for Pls?  Well, in our opinion, a lot of people. Now, why would anyone want to do that? First of all, in crypto, people value crypto-currencies in certain ways. Blockchains and applications built on blockchains are valued differently. Over time, the valuation will change. But currently, blockchains are valued more than these applications. But, what does this mean?
PulseChain is a blockchain, and PulseX is an application of the PulseChain blockchain.
If we consider what we just said, it means that logically, Pulse tokens will be more valuable than PulseX tokens. One reason is that most of the value is not derived from utility and speculation. Look at all the other blockchains, like BNB, Avalanche, or Pancake Swap, you will see that this is exactly what happened. The same thing will be applied to PulseChain.
If we look at it in terms of utility, Pulsechain is more useful, because, without PulseChain, nothing else exists. But Pulsechain doesn't generate as much revenue. If you take a look at BNB which is the Binance smart chain, it is similar to how Pulse will work. But then, how many chips are they burning? When we look at bnbburn.info, we see that in the last seven days they've burned a little over a million dollars. That's right. Now if you look at how much they burned for the quarter, it gives you a different number.
While that number is a bit dubious, for the first quarter they say they burned about 741,000,000. That's almost three-quarters of a billion.
So if, for example, the other originators had a lot of coins, if they decide to burn 10% of those coins, it doesn't affect the market because those coins weren't on the market, to begin with. So it has no impact on the price.
So the fact that they're burning over 700 million coins doesn't matter. The number you need to look at is what they burned by buying a smart chain. That's an automatic burn. Specifically, it's the million they burned in the last seven days. It's going to be about 50 million for the year if it continues like this.
That's the amount that will be burned. But if you look at PulseX, on the other hand, if it hits the same volume as uniswap, it's likely to bring in about 600,000 a day. Which comes out to about 219,000,000 a year. So the buy and burn that we have on PulseX is much higher than what you have with Pulsechain.
Unless PulseChain becomes Ethereum 2.0 and starts having those expensive transaction fees, which I think is highly unlikely. But if that happens, we'll quickly move to a new scaling solution. So in terms of which one generates more revenue, PlsX is going to generate more revenue, but much more in the long run. It will take time for that to happen. Its valuation should be higher than Pulse. But, for those who want short-term profits, Pls is the way to go because, as we explained, Pulsechain is a blockchain and so, for now, blockchains are more valuable.
PulseX generates more revenue. In a perfect world, that should mean that over time, its valuation should be higher than Pulse's. But we don't live in a perfect world. Basically, the majority of speculators, who have more money than the buy and think mechanisms, will value Pls more than PlsX. So it's a good idea to set up liquidity for Pls and PlsX tokens. The reason is simple, if you set up liquidity before the deck, people will drain your Pls chips because Pls chips have a smaller sacrifice than PlsX. But the value of Pls tokens will be higher than PlsX tokens at first until the burn gets worse.
So despite all the other factors, blockchain is going to generate more speculators, because what's going to drive the prices up are the institutions that come in and buy the coins, these are the people that want a piece of the action, and these people usually never go deep into the breadth and study. They just buy the chips. This is also part of the reason why people are late to the sacrifice. It's because they didn't want to have to wrestle with the research and wonder what a graph looks like. They did it simply because they heard that Hex did well, and they thought it was another opportunity to get a free agent. 
So Pls will outperform Plsx at first, but we also expect Plsx to outperform, right? However, over time, when that happens, we may see a shift towards the good performance of the PlsX price.
One possibility to improve PlsX performance could be for Richard Heart to provide cash for PlsX to allow people who came in late to have an opportunity to get Pls tokens. But in any case, both tokens will be fine. 
So, we think, if you didn't participate in the Pls sacrifice, you have to trade some of your PlsX tokens to get Pls tokens.
Now lets watch the Richards clip about the launch dates..
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