The potential of XRP was realized by everyone after the start of its bullish trend and it has been in the spotlight ever since. Believe me, this coin's journey to the peak has only just begun, so if you belong to the XRP holder gang, your future is bright. Today we breakdown all the current events happening around XRP and its meaning.


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The crypto market is ruthless. It keeps testing you over and over again like you buy? Coin dumps. You sell? Coin pumps. But it all depends on how you react. Just as insightful it is, this message is for all crypto traders out there and getting it wrong might cause you to pay a hefty price for a learned lesson. At this point most beginners sell their crypto only to find out the coin will eventually pump and they should’ve waited a little more.


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Due to the strong bearish movement of XRP which meant heavy pessimism about the declining market prices scenario, people thought it’s the end of this coin. However XRP made an amazing recovery and started its way to the top. A tweet by @RippleXrpie shows that this coin might make its way up to 1000 dollars or even more than that. The tweet says that the XRP will never reach a single dollar with a white heavy check mark at the end. And that the XRP will never reach 10$, 100$, 1000$ with each line ending at negative squared cross mark. The coin has done the first step which was to break the 1-dollar barrier and next objective being crossing the ten-dollar mark. Crypto enthusiasts predicted this coin's death but XRP proved them wrong by surpassing the dollar mark. Since the launch of this coin, it has been making its way to top pretty smoothly and that is not going to change now. But most experts conclude, until Ripple can overcome $1.28, the token will continue to be trapped within the symmetrical triangle pattern.

The Ripple-SEC lawsuit is still not over. Ripple holders wait eagerly. Moreover, the judge’s ruling has also pushed the duration to finish fact discovery collection to August 31, 2021. Finally despite the 60-days extension, Judge Sarah Netburn has also scheduled an expert discovery action time to October 15, 2021.The key date is August 31 as the court scheduled a hearing with both parties to discuss the privilege dispute that has been dragging for months.The SEC refuses to hand over critical documents despite the Judge’s insistence because it claims they are protected under the DPP (deliberative process privilege), which aims to protect not merely documents, but also the integrity of the deliberative process itself.

Please bear in mind, we are not financial advisors and recommend that you do your own research prior to any investments.


Outside the court, Ripple has grown and expanded its footprints in the Asia Pacific region whereas in the United States the legal status of XRP is somewhat uncertain and poses a minefield for the firm. In the meantime,  the SEC Chair Gary Gensler is nowhere to be seen showing signs of stepping away from current “regulation through enforcement” practice. But, the good news is that Ripple is solidifying its partnerships with world central banks. Which means that if anything happens, Ripple will just have to change the way it presents itself in the US or go with the settlement plan. Hopefully, we can witness the coin’s price pump once this lawsuit wraps up. The best thing is that Ripple has real life meaning since it uses XRP as on-demand liquidity. So it's advisable to hold XRP now although XRP prices see heavy resistance at $1.19 there is an initiative to keep pumping.


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