Pulse Chain is coming and if you’re into crypto you need to get into it now. The new Ethereum based coin might just be the next big thing with all of it’s innovation and is a golden opportunity for investors.

If you’re wondering what pulse chain is and just why it is such a big deal, just stick around till the end of the post to find out.


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Pulse Chain is basically Ethereum reimagined. Imagine all the flaws of Ethereum replaced by benefits that no one else can offer.

Let’s take a look at where Pulse Chain came from

Pulse Chain is a network that works by hardforking the Ethereum Network with a snapshot of the entire Ethereum blockchain converted into a Proof-of-Stake blockchain. Now I know that sounds complicated and technical but don’t worry. All you need to know is that it removes all the laws of the Ethereum Blockchain while still retaining all it’s advantages.

With Pulse Chain you’re going to get faster transaction times and lower fees. In addition it also solves the problem of Ethereum having an infinite coin supply by initiating a burn mechanism to prevent inflation.

If you’ve used Ethereum for transactions you probably know just how bad the fees and transaction times can get when the blockchain is rushed. Sometimes the transaction fees are even higher than the amount you’re transferring.

There’s also the issue that Ethereum, while different from Bitcoin, isn't that energy efficient. Pulse Chain with it’s native coin Pulse or PLS hopes to solve this with it’s proof of stake system instead of a proof of work one.

Ethereum plans to do all this too in the future with announcement of burn mechanism to soon be launched among others. All this is well and good but Pulse has already done all this and is just way ahead of the curve. Pulse Chain promises 4 times faster transactions than Ethereum due to all it’s upgrades making it a way better coin for transaction purposes.

When Pulse Coin releases it promises to be the next big thing and right now has the biggest air drop in the history of crypto.  A confirmed launch date has not been provided but it is expected to be launched any day now since the sacrifice stage has ended. The sacrifice stage was a 30 day period in which you could convert other assets into pulse as a way to get in before anyone else, allowing you to get a head start before the big launch.

 20 Million Dollars were raised during the sacrifice phase in just a few days which just goes to show just how strong of a community is supporting Pulse Coin. If you’ve been part of the crypto boom you know just how important community support is when it comes to launching and establishing coins. Just take a look at the doge coin community.

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 Another important thing here is where Pulse Chain launching?

Once again no announcement has yet been made but rumors say that it will first lauch on Uniswap and then move onto bigger exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

As for the price prediction, since Pulse Chain is going to hardform the Ethereum Block chain all existing Ethereum tokens will be converted to equal value Pulse Coin. With a limited market supply the pulse chain is going to be what determines the price of Pulse Coin and so far the estimates put the price to rise about 235% in the near future. Digital Coin Price says the price might even go up by twice of what it is now by the end of the year making Pulse Chain an incredible investing opportunity.

Now we do need to mention that before you invest it is always a good idea to research and look into everything yourself. This video was made for educational and entertainment purposes and is not financial advice. 


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