PulseChain is revolutionizing the world of cryptography like never before. They had the most successful pre-launch that any project has ever seen, with about $14 billion raised from over 50,000 investors. PulseChain is essentially a carbon copy of Ethereum, and only its value is deflationary. It is easy to buy and cheaper to use than any other blockchain network.
PulseChain will soon be live, so to optimize its performance, several actions are being carried out on it, notably another sacrifice phases on MetaMask?
In Richard Heart's latest publication, he hinted at a new phase of impending sacrifice that might interest you.
Indeed, in one of his most recent live streams, he stated that we may be entering a new sacrifice shortly.
In today's video, we'll take a look at what that means. How can this be a potentially lucrative and fascinating niche in the PulseChain ecosystem? Then we will present you with 3 new projects launched on PulseChain. 
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Let's get started!
Let's talk about sacrifice.
Richard Heart is currently working on a replacement for MetaMask. Another platform that will replace Metamask.
This project is already underway although he hasn't hired anyone for it yet. So, it might be a good idea, but for now, nothing concrete. However, Richard Heart himself has said that this project of creating a new MetaMask is already on the roadmap. He stressed, however, that this will not delay the launch of PulseChain because it is independent of him. So, it won't delay anything. It's parallel. 
Now, will there be a token associated with the MetaMask project and will that be a sacrifice for him? Well, at the moment we don't know, and he has said that he shouldn't have any other tokens besides the ones that already exist. But we think that, like any other major launch, this will probably go through that sacrifice phase.
So, you don't have to think about anything in the future. The decision hasn't been made yet. So, on the one hand, Richard says there will be no new tokens and no sacrifice phase, and on the other hand, we know that to scale up the project, the most appropriate strategy is the sacrifice phase.
For the moment, this is just a hypothesis. Therefore, we are not sure. It is all speculative.
You may wonder why we need a new version of MetaMask. Because, as it turns out, MetaMask is not decentralized. In Venezuela, they recently banned transactions. So MetaMask, on a whim, decided to disable the use of their wallet, which is a no-brainer. This goes against the whole purpose of crypto-currencies, which is to fight censorship and allow everyone to benefit. You know, if these things are immutable enough to be untrustworthy, if they're not censorship-proof, then there's no point to crypto-currency in the first place.
Now, let's talk about these new projects launched on PulseChain!
This is a continuation of the videos we made recently. So, all the chips we see here will be new. Of course, we won't cover all of them in this video, but we'll be making more videos about them. Let's now move on to the projects.
#1. Pulsedoge
Pulsedoge is a community token launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on an equitable basis to integrate BSC users into the upcoming launch of PulseChain.
Users who hold $Pulsedoge on BSC will receive an equal airdrop, ratio 1:1, on PulseChain once the token on that channel launches. This means you will have double the number of tokens, as they will exist independently on each channel (BSC + PulseChain).
This is the first and currently only project that integrates Binance Smart Chain users with PulseChain.
We believe that both chains will live in harmony for different types of users, both tokens will have value on both chains. We never want to see cheap $Pulsedoge on either chain, Pulsedoge targets users on two chains to become the strongest dog.
Once on PulseChain, Pulsedoge owners will get new features and use cases as we develop the project.
Pulsedoge is deliberately launched without any of the tokenomics trappings you would normally expect from "doge" coins.
There are no reflection fees or trade taxes, no token burning, no development allowances or "marketing budgets". No smoke and mirrors.
It's just a 1 billion supply token that you can hold, buy and sell. And that's it!
Its mission is simple. We want to be the best meme token in existence. We want to create a fraud-free community to be proud of, and of course, we want PulseChain to be its home.
HEX (also Richard Heart's creation) has proven that crypto can be done well. We think PulseChain will prove to the world how to do a transaction network properly.
Most MEME / DOG tokens rely on proof of weak hands, which means they need shady fees, fraudulent marketing and excuses for slippage to have a successful price.
Pulsedoge relies on neither, buy nor selling $Pulsedoge freely with only paying for the low gas fees on Binance Smart Chain. Hold $Pulsedoge until the launch of PulseChain main net to receive a free copy/airdrop in a 1:1 ratio of all your $Pulsedoge tokens on the new chain.
How to buy $Pulsedoge step by step.
Step 1: Go to PancakeSwap.
Step 2: Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap.
(You can use MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect, Token Pocket, Binance Chain Wallet, Safepal or Coin98).
Step 3: Select the token/asset you wish to trade.
Step 4: Add $Pulsedoge
Copy and paste the Pulsedoge contract address and press import.
Step 5: Press Swap and confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet.
Step 6: Preview the transaction in the pop-up window. Confirm the transaction request in your wallet.  You can track its status on bscscan.com.
Step 7: To see your tokens in the MetaMask wallet, you must add the token.
Click on Import tokens
Copy and paste the $Pulsedoge contract address into the "Token address contract" field.
Finally, click on "Add Custom Token". Now you should be able to see your $Pulsedoge tokens in your wallet.
#2. Mintra 
This project has a fairly simple concept.
NFTs have been commonly minted on the Ethereum blockchain, the second most popular after Bitcoin. An analysis found that the energy footprint of an average transaction on this network is about 35 kWh, roughly the same as powering a refrigerator for a month. But NFT transactions also involve minting, bidding, selling and transferring a digital token. All of these actions are expensive, totalling on average 369 kWh, or more than 10 times as much energy. One researcher calculated that a certain artist selling two pieces of art used more than 175 MWh, creating the greenhouse gas emissions of 21 years of electricity use by a US household. Crazy and bad for this planet.
NFT transactions on Mintra will be verified by a POS (proof of participation) blockchain called PulseChain. This will eliminate this unnecessary NFT energy consumption.
So, is it clear about that?
Can you see how important this project is?
It solves a direct and concrete problem and at the same time, it will gain in value. That is why many people are interested in this project.
The Mintra sacrifice started on 16 February and is due to last 30 days. It will therefore end on 17 March.
So far, about 10 million dollars have already been sacrificed.
Mintra's sacrifice creates a set of people who believe in a green and sustainable future for blockchains.
Excessive and unnecessary energy consumption is a huge problem in crypto-currency mining.
One of the goals of proof-of-stake blockchains like PulseChain is to use greener technology to help protect the environment. We believe that blockchains should NOT destroy the environment.
If you agree with this, you can show your support by sacrificing at the address below.
If you support this movement and have participated in the sacrifice, you will receive free parachute tokens. These tokens will have no value. Remember that this is not an investment of any kind, you should have no expectation of profit from the work of others. It is a sacrifice to show that you support a green blockchain future.
If you do NOT want to support, you don't have to do anything.
But instead, if you want to sacrifice, you have to sacrifice directly from an exchange.
Sacrifice your wallet. You can send from MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Trezor or MEW.
The elders already know how to sacrifice.
For newcomers, simply go to the official website to copy the sacrifice address and execute it.
We will put the link in the description.
The most amazing thing here is that you can sacrifice more than once.
The sacrifice will accept ETH and the following ERC-20 tokens: HEX, WBTC, USDC, DAI, USDT, other EVM channels that will be accepted are Binance BEP-20, Polygon and Avalanche. The tokens accepted on these channels are USDT, BUSD, USDC, BNB, AVAX and MATIC.
To participate in the Sacrifice, you will receive credits. Anyone with these credits will receive a free token called $MINT.
The token will be dropped to all participants who have sacrificed for their belief and support of a green crypto-currency future. 
The number of tokens dropped will be determined by the number of sacrifice points earned by the participants combined.
$MINT will be the native token used in the Mintra market. During the sacrifice phase, as mentioned earlier in this video, the token has no value or use. Do not have any expectations of this token.
The average market fee for transactions is 2.5%. Mintra will only have a 2.25% market fee. 1.25% of all Mintra market transactions (55.55% of the fee) will be sent to a public address. There should be no expectation of profit from this address.
This address can do whatever it wants. It could use the 1.25% to buy $MINT tokens on the open market and burn them, the revenue from the airdrop market fees to $MINT token holders, or both. For example, it could divide the 1% airdrop fee revenue and use 0.25% to buy back $MINT and burn it.
Regardless of what the address chooses to do with the 1.25% of daily volume, holding $MINT tokens does not guarantee any profit from the work of others.
MINT will be distributed once the main PulseChain network is launched.
Mintra will not have administration keys for protocol smart contracts or the $MINT token. Mintra will have a very basic administration panel unrelated to smart contracts for things like entering featured users, featured artists and adding or removing categories.
The $MINT offer will be determined by the total USD value sacrificed. All $MINT will be minted shortly after the sacrifice, $MINT will have a fixed supply, which means that no further tokens can be minted. Mintra could double the supply. This could be used for liquidity, burnt, etc.
There will be no "team tokens".
When PulseChain is launched, they will be worth nothing, only the markets can dictate the value of an item. No one knows what the first trade will be.
You will keep your tokens in Metamask.
So, there are still a few days left for the sacrifice phase. Don't hesitate to participate if you are interested.
#3. Khaos Verse
Khaos Verse is a decentralized crypto ecosystem providing the first bridge between ERC-20 and PulseChain Network.
Khaos Verse was created by PulseChain investors to bring you the very first decentralized Crypto exchange platform. From bridging and exchange to NFT trading, Khaos Verse has it all. The goal of this project is to make it as easy as possible for both experienced and inexperienced investors to accomplish all of the above and more.
Khaos Verse provides Pulse investors with a fully decentralized exchange for all things crypto.
Consider if you want to use an asset that is not native to your preferred network. If this is the case, you can drop it here and the project will use it as collateral to issue you a kTOKEN which will be burned on its return to the bridge when you retrieve the original token.
This is a simple method of exchanging one token for another at fair market value in exchange for a small fee from one of our many pairs of tokens.
Khaos is unique for everything that is not fungible. Access your favourite marketplaces, buy, sell, monetize and exchange your NFTs with ease.
In addition to their bridge building, they are also planning "Khaos Swap" which will allow users to find swap cash pairs in exchange for a percentage of the transaction fees generated by users trading the assets provided.
They also plan to enter the NFT market on PulseChain, more details are to come at a later date.
Now let's talk about the Khaos Verse token: Khaos will be releasing a native token that we believe has not yet been named and will be sold in pre-sale in the coming weeks. No date or price has been given. One thing we can confirm is that there will be 100,000,000,000 native Khaos Verse tokens in circulation. No work if it will be deflationary.
The members of their team we have had discussions with have answered all our questions and have been transparent.
To learn more about Khaos Verse, they encourage anyone interested in their project and their corner to join their Telegram channel, their Twitter page and their official website.
#4. SYNC Network
SYNC Network offers tradable and time-locked liquidity stored in CryptoBonds, a brand-new financial asset combining DeFi with NFT.
The aim is to strengthen crypto projects by incentivizing long-term liquidity providers with SYNC tokens.
With this project, you can bet your Uniswap liquidity and earn SYNC ERC-20 tokens with the new tradable NFT CryptoBond ERC-721 from our selected partners.
SYNC Network encourages liquidity providers with high-reward tradable NFTs called CryptoBonds to lock in their cash pool tokens.
SYNC Network is currently on Ethereum, plans to launch on PulseChain and expects to be ready on launch day.
In simple terms, it's a sort of crypto creator and NFT ERC-20 that allows you to stake and lock your SYNC tokens which are then placed in a "CryptoBond" as they call it. The total amount of SYNC is inflationary or deflationary depending on the Cryptobond. PulseChain SYNC Cryptobonds can also be bought and sold. You can lock your cash pool tokens from 90 days to 3 years! When you lock your cash, all your tokens are collected inside the NFT. A very interesting concept indeed.
A Cryptobond contract will allow their holders to mine SYNC by staking, somewhat similar to PulseChain staking. What makes these bonds special is that they are tradable NFTs, which as you may know have become the hit of the crypto world. These come with SYNC mining.
SYNC will also have the DeFI lending platform: you can use your "Cryptobonds" as collateral on their P2P lending platform/marketplace. This, inevitably, allows SYNC holders more flexibility with any cash they may have tied up.
So, in a simple sentence, SYNC will bring NFT creation, staking and DeFi lending to the PulseChain network.
 Since PulseChain has not yet been launched, SYNC is not yet available for purchase.
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