In the previous video, we explained how to check your Pulse and PulseX sacrifice balances on BLOCK Explorer and Metamask. But today we are going to show you how you can simply swap your PLS tokens into PLSX to store them and then have PRTs that are worth more than PLS. Furthermore, we will show you how to get more PLSX tokens by doing a simple little task. You'll see, this is a foolproof method that will give you more coins simply by outsmarting the system.
So, as usual, watch this video to the end, so you don't miss any details.
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Let's get started!
So, to start with, we'll just go to Metamask, you'll see the total amount of your assets.
We've already shown you how to display this. Know that you can do this with any amount. But for our example, we will assume you have 5000 PLS. Once you have defined an amount for your transaction, go to the app.v2b.testnet.
We've put the link for you in the description of this video. 
Then, once on the site, click on "Exchange", then, select the tokens you are going to use in your transaction.   Since you want to exchange PLS for PLSX, in the first box you will select PLS, and in the second box, you will section PLSX.  Then put the amount of PLS you want to exchange for PLSX. You don't need to remember to put an amount greater than what you have.
Once this is done, you have to confirm the Swap and wait a few seconds for the transaction to be validated, and you will have your PLS tokens exchanged for PLSX.   For an amount of 5000 PLS, you will get 11220 PLSX.   
So, after exchanging your tokens on the app.v2b.testnet, you will not be able to see your PLSX directly on Metamask. You have to do one last task for that. And it is very simple: You just have to click on "add PLSX to Metamask".  
After exchanging your PLS to PLSX, go back to the app.v2b.testnet, and click on "Earn", then select "Pools". 
A page will open and you will see all the details you need to know, including the APR which will be about 94%, the maximum amount you can stake which will be 10,000,000 chips, and the staking duration.  
Now that you have all these details, on the same page, click on "Enable" and confirm the transaction in Metamask, and go back to the Staking page and click on "Stake", then choose "Max" if you want to stake your total balance, then click on "Confirm", and you're done. Well, from the moment you start your Staking, you will start earning RTPs.  
So, now you need to go and get the address of the PRT and put it into PLSX to collect your earnings. You will find this address in the scan.v2b.testnet, we have put the link in the description of this video.
Once you have this address, go back to the app.v2b.testnet, and click again on "Exchange", then paste this address in the appropriate space, then click on "Import", and you will see the PRT Icon appear.    
After that, click on "Earn" again, then on "Pools", you will see the number of PRT you have earned since the beginning of your staking. Click on this amount, you will see two tabs: the first one is "Compound" to get the compound interest on your PRT earnings, and the second one is "Harvest" to get your earnings.
But, for our example, we will take the second one, to directly retrieve our harvested PRT earnings. So, click on "Harvest" and then "Confirm" in your Metamask.
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Now I'm going to give you a very quick way to get more PLSX.
Well, still in the app.v2b.testnet, search for "Incentive token (INC). And you will be able to Swap your collected PRT in INC token, then Swap again the INC token in PLSX to have more PLSX.
As you can see, if you swap your PRT directly into PLSX, you will get less PLSX tokens. So basically, the INC token offers a better rate.
You can do this with your tokens and you will see how great this method is. The advantage is that the INC token is universal so it can go in any direction. You won't have any trouble doing it.
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