In today's video, we'll tell you why we think PulseX will make 10,000X.
Many of us have dreamed or feel that one or more of these new opportunities within this ecosystem will change our lives.
While 10,000x is the go-to number at the moment as the “gold standard” it seems, for many of us it may take 10x, 100x or even 1000x to have our lives completely changed.
Let's say you invest $1000 on crypto, and it makes just 1000X, your $1000 invested will become $1 million. It's almost like winning the lottery. But in this case, it is not a lottery because PulseX in our opinion is a safe bet.
Watch this video all the way through to discover why we think PulseX will make 10,000X. 
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Now, let's get started.
First, let's talk about its utility.
PulseX is aiming to create a decentralized exchange such as Uniswap, Sundaeswap, and PancakeSwap.
PulseX's goal is to provide PulseChain users with the best possible trading experience and yield farm with a strong focus on incentivizing ERC-20 holders to bridge in and back the value of their free PRC-20s. PulseX enables once PulseChain is launched will allow to exchange tokens ("PRC20s") on PulseChain for one another. For example, you could swap PulseChain's native token PLS for PulseX's token PLSX. It works like Uniswap on Ethereum. Bridges also let people trade currencies from other chains on PulseX.
PulseX will be the most transparent trading in the world - This means that not only can you see on-chain which addresses are trading which assets, but you can also transparently see which addresses have sold, bought and how much money they have left to buy more.
Furthermore, Gas fees are lower (they are pennies instead of hundreds of dollars), which is the main advantage of PulseX.
Just as most DEXs have a governance token, so will PulseX in the form of PLSX. Users who were part of the initial PLSX sacrifice, will all be airdropped a varying amount of PLSX depending on how much a user sacrificed. Currently, the PLSX sacrifice is over, but once the PLSX launches, users will be able to purchase PLSX tokens directly from the PulseX exchange.
To see how many PLSX tokens will be dropped into your wallet, click on the first link in the description below and enter the address that was used to initially send the sacrifice.
Now, will PulseX 1000x or even 10 000x?
PulseX was developed by Richard Heart, the creator of Hex and Pulsechain. Looking at those projects, we can greatly estimate the upside potential PulseX contains. The price of Hex has increased more than 10,000x from the day of its launch to its All-Time High.
Pulsechain and PulseX, are both expected to perform the same upon launch. Getting in early and purchasing PulseX on day 1 may be a strategy used by many to reap the potential gains following the release, as the real gains will most likely follow in the months after launch.
At the moment, PulseX has 1 billion dollars in sacrificed assets.
Yes, you heard that right. The 1 billion dollars will be used to determine the market cap and run the exchange. A market cap of one Billion will put PulseX in the top 100 cryptos upon launch.
PulseX will have a burning mechanism utilizing all fees to purchase PulseX to burn. This burning mechanism will cause PulseX to increase in price as supply and demand work positively on the PulseX price.
Between past performances of Hex, the one billion dollars sacrificed, and the burning mechanism implemented into PulseX, this project has the potential to truly 1000 or even 10 000x in the future.
Actually, in all of the PulseX pools, every trade that is made, adds liquidity, removes liquidity, and pairing, all of that will have a fee. And those fees, where do they go? They go into the buy and burn.
And currently, you can see that it works even if it's a testnet. But once Mainnet comes out, it will work perfectly, as it has for about 5 months. Right now, 52 billion PulseX has been bought and burned. So basically, at the current price of PulseX, on testnet, that's about $83 million. $83 million has been bought and burned. That's absolutely crazy.
So, imagine once we're on the Mainnet and all the people that are going to be flocking to PulseChain because everything else that the other chain is no longer making people earn. 
All the staking platforms are no longer offering consequential gains.
And most of these staking platforms have been destroyed.
Nobody knows where to put their money to earn returns. Now, if you look at the website,, well, it says that PulseX is designed to increase in value.
And it's the best asset class in history. The high yields.
PulseX is becoming more and more scarce.
PulseX is going to be an extraordinary project. It's going to be crazy. There's no cryptocurrency like PulseX.
Of course, some DEXs also have the buy and burn mechanism. But these projects are not deflationary. They are inflationary. That means that more and more tokens are added to the market, which means that the buy and burn does nothing. It doesn't really affect the price. 
Now, imagine a crypto that is simultaneously deflationary, and has this buy and burn mechanism. There is no reason why this crypto should not perform well. It has every chance of increasing in value.
The Buy and burn mechanism increase the value of a token by limiting its supply in the market. That's how it works.
Unlike traditional stocks, the buy and burn process in crypto is encoded in smart contracts and is therefore executed automatically. With stocks, equity investors don't know whether the redeemed shares will be released back into the market or not. However, the smart contract system in the cryptocurrency buys and burn process guarantees to investors that the sucked-out currency will never come back into the system.
The available supply of the tokens will decrease over time. This guarantees the success of the crypto. This is exactly what will happen with PulseX.
Another reason for the success of PulseX is the one behind it. What Richard Heart has done is incredible.
You remember what HEX did, right?
Only a few months after HEX was launched, it made over 120X. In the first year, HEX did 1100 X, and adoption amplified.
Just look at HEX and how HEX has done. 10,000X in two years like Richard Heart said. It's crazy. The man knows what he's doing.
And he said the same thing about PulseX. He said, "I don't see why it couldn't do 10,000X or more. It's designed to." We'll share his clip with you at the end of this video so you can see that this is not a joke. Richard Heart really means it, PulseX could do 10,000X.
In our opinion, in the first year, realistically, PulseX can do between 1000X and 2000X.
Just look at how all the other staking and lending platforms are completely destroyed. For example, in Celsius, all your money is frozen. There's nothing you can do about it. Let's say you have 10 million out there. You can't even withdraw anything.
That's why PulseX is going to be great. It's completely decentralized, with no admin key, nothing. And how well this buy and burn works. 
If you sacrifice for PulseX, you don't have to worry. And in case you haven't, you should definitely buy tokens from the first day it launches.
With gas fees being low, and also the fact that PulseX has the most liquidity on the PulseChain and is only becoming more scarce because of its buy and burn mechanism, in our opinion, PulseX will make 10,000X.
By 2050 PulseX will be worth a lot and it will be the rarest coin with a high value which will benefit people who buy this token when it gets launched.
Now guys, do you think PulseX will make 10,000X or even more? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 
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