If you’ve heard of the best play to earn games chances are you’ll be interested in the world of non-fungible tokens. NFT giveaways give you the opportunity to win lucrative prizes.
While many NFTs have no real-world utility, a number of projects in this space are now offering lucrative giveaways. This includes everything from free cryptocurrency tokens and merchandise to $1 million in cash and a brand-new Lamborghini.  In this video, we explore the best NFT giveaways available right now.
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With so many NFT projects in this space, the market has very quickly become oversaturated. And as such, projects are looking to find new ways to attract investors and community members to its NFT collection.
One of the best ways for projects to achieve this goal is to offer free NFT giveaways. This means that those engaging with the project have the chance to win a variety of prizes.
Now, let's take a look at the eight best NFT giveaway prizes available to claim right now.
#1: Lucky Block
The very first one on our list is Lucky Block.
Lucky Block is a new and innovative crypto gaming ecosystem that allows its token holders to win a daily jackpot. Each gaming outcome is backed by blockchain and smart contract technology – which ensures complete fairness and randomness. For this reason, Lucky Block has become one of the best crypto lottery platforms of 2022.
In addition to the project’s LBLOCK token – which is one of the best-performing crypto assets of the year, Lucky Block has also created 10,000 unique NFTs. By holding a Lucky Block NFT, you will be accustomed to a range of notable perks.
At the forefront of this is lifetime entry into its daily jackpot draw. If your NFT number is drawn, you will win 2% of the daily jackpot pool. Moreover, if you hold a rare Lucky Block NFT and your number is drawn, you will win double the jackpot prize.
Not only that, but all Lucky Block NFT holders will have access to two lucrative giveaways. First, the project is giving away $1 million to one NFT holder via a live draw. Second, there will also be a live giveaway draw that gives you the chance to win a brand-new Lamborghini.
If you want to benefit from these two giveaways and guarantee yourself lifetime access to the daily crypto draw, you can still buy a Lucky Block NFT via its primary listing on NFT Launchpad. The cost of each NFT stands at just $1,000 – which needs to be paid in WBNB.
The next up is MECH.GAME.
If you have an interest in NFT gaming, then you might want to check out MECH.GAME. This play to earn game has a focus on live combats – which includes characters such as Goliath, Pathfinder, Stalker, and Maverick.
In order to amplify its player base, MECH.GAME is offering a huge giveaway across a variety of prizes. This includes 2 ETH – which is at the time of this recording, amounts to just more than $3,000 in value. In addition to this, MECH.GAME is also offering a giveaway of 10 NFTs.
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#3: Material World
Next up on our list of the best NFT giveaways is Material World. This NFT collection is home to 3,333 unique tokens that, according to the project, focus on utility rather than artwork.
Material World utilizes a tier system that determines the amount and type of perks that you have access to. This includes everything from free NFTs and giveaways to community benefits and private access to events.
Essentially, you can increase your tier by holding additional NFTs. In terms of its giveaway, Material World claims to be offering $275,000 worth of prizes.
This is allegedly inclusive of a BMW I8 and a Royal Oak AP. In order to be eligible, you will need to hold a Material World NFT. Be sure to read the prize terms before risking any money.
#4: Wizardia
The next one is Wizardia.
As the name suggests, Wizardia is a play to earn crypto game that centers on wizards and magic. In addition to staking, Wizardia also utilizes unique NFTs within its game. This covers both character and arena NFTs of various rarity levels.
The team at Wizardia recently announced that it is undertaking a huge NFT giveaway worth $10,000. This includes 60 x $50 prizes paid in USDT and 80 x $25.
There are also a range of free NFTs being given away – with the most valuable apparently worth $275. All in all, this is one of the best NFT games to play if you are looking to combine skill and luck with lucrative giveaways.
And the next one is going to be SKULLX.
SKULLX is an NFT collection that consists of 10,000 unique tokens – each of which comes with a variety of designs and traits. Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, these ERC-721 tokens give holders access to certain perks – such as exclusive events and live raffles.
In terms of its giveaway, SKULLX is offering its Twitter followers the chance to win 1 free NFT – which according to the team, has a value of 0.08 ETH.
#6: PirateXPirate
Another one is PirateXPirate.
PirateXPirate is a new P2P project based on pirates, ships, and crews. The idea is to defeat other users and conquer new lands with the view of winning PXP – which is the native crypto token of the project.
Additionally, PirateXPirate is also creating unique NFTs that can be won within its pirate-themed play to earn game. As of writing, PirateXPirate is offering a monthly lottery draw that allows you to win up to $1,000 in free PXP. To enter for free, you need to stake PXP tokens.
#7: Jackals Kingdom
Then, we have Jackals Kingdom.
Jackals Kingdom is building a platform that will host a variety of NFT games. The project is a strong proponent of gaming ownership, which means that players using its platform will get the chance to win NFTs.
Any NFTs won will remain under the sole ownership of the player. The team at Jackals Kingdom have announced that they will be implementing a free NFT giveaway very soon, albeit, an exact date is yet to be announced.
#8: MetaBlobs
And the last one is going to be MetaBlobs.
If you’re simply looking for the best free NFTs available in the market, then you might want to check out MetaBlobs. Each MetaBlob represents a unique and fun piece of art with many different rarity traits and characteristics.
In total, MetaBlobs is giving away 100,000 free NFTs. Of this figure, 90,000 will operate on top of the Polygon network while the balance will be available on Ethereum.
Now, which of these NFT collections offers the best giveaway right now. Let us know in the comments section below.
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