We are making this video following the latest update from Richard Heart on PulseX. This is a mechanism that could help you earn more PulseX Tokens. In today's video, we'll explain how this method works and how to set it up to get the most out of it.
But before that we're going to introduce you to the 3 crypto projects that are set to explode this year. One of the biggest problems with cryptocurrencies right now is that it's impossible to tell what their value will be tomorrow, let alone next week or next month. However, if you look back over the past few years, you can see that many crypto projects have made huge jumps in value without warning, and this is a trend that is expected to continue throughout 2022 and beyond.
We will go through such 3 undervalued projects In this video.  So as usual, watch this video all the way through because at the end, we're going to introduce you to a mechanism that will allow you to earn more PulseX tokens. 
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Let's get started!
You may be asking yourself, why 3? Why not 5 or 7, or even 1? we've only included three because these three projects show more promise than the rest of the 17000+ projects in the crypto space. These projects all have the key fundamentals that will allow them to explode in the coming months and bring massive profits to investors of all shapes and sizes. Find out more about these projects. Keep watching.
#3): Outer Ring.
The first project is Outer Ring.
Outer Ring is an MMORPG that combines fantasy and science fiction. It is based on the book Outer Ring Saga, which allows players to explore an open world that also supports the Play to Earn system and the player-driven economy. The game's real-world economy is also complemented by an in-game economy.
Outer Ring aims to offer a mix of old-school and modern games that can appeal to different types of people, such as those interested in the financial aspects of the game and casual gamers.
The release of the game is structured around milestones, a strategy that allows for easy testing and continuous updating. This strategy ensures that players can start enjoying the game from the very beginning, offering rewards to those who commit early on.
The game is available in early access during all phases of the private and public sale and has a built-in DEX that allows in-game and out-of-game purchases.
The token sale was held on March 2, 2022. A sale during which 450K dollars were raised.
Anyone with a digital wallet will be able to trade their credits and in-game quests for tokens, high-level equipment, vehicles or NFTs, and trade them back into in-game items on the marketplace.
Essentially, it is up to the players, not the developers, to create a real economy, instead of being hindered by a developed economy.
It is important to know that almost all cosmetic items, such as clothing and hairstyles, as well as all customization items that change your character's stats, can be purchased with in-game currency. You do not need to spend NFT on the NFT market.
Outer Ring is a PLAY TO EARN game, where players can convert their in-game credits into tokens on our Dex or even turn them into fiat currency on third-party exchanges with a few exchanges.
The total number of tokens in circulation at launch is Q$210,000,000 with a market cap of $1.08M.
Designed to accommodate everyone, Outer Ring is one of the few MMORPGs where you can start playing and earning money simply by downloading the client.
It is designed to be accessible from any computer.
There are many similarities between MMO games and the traditional gaming industry.
#2): The Bullieverse
This is our second project.
The Bullieverse is an open virtual space created by gamers and other creators for the Web 3.0 community. It is designed to provide an immersive environment for 3.0 citizens. For these reasons, players have an extraordinary experience, based on a transparent and fair method of monetization that exists within a Play-to-Earn economy. This Play-to-Earn economy also powers a low-code platform open to community members to create and publish games. With games integrated into all aspects of life, the Bullieverse provides high-quality games and allows users to interact and participate in these games by playing and winning, as well as building relationships with the platform. Bullieverse embodies the future of decentralized, community-owned organizations and immersive experiences powered by technology: the Metaverse.
The key aspects that distinguish Bullieverse and make it the Metaverse are: (Decentralized governance, immersive user experience, fair user compensation, seamless game creation, ownership of digital assets).
At its core, the Bullieverse is a game ecosystem. But players are paid for their time and commitment. You can not only own non-fungible tokens but also use them to play our games. Community members can rent their assets to other members. It all starts with building a crypto-native community that loves great NFT designs, great immersive gameplay and simple game creation mechanics.
In addition to becoming a Bullieverse citizen, Bull owners will be able to access exclusive owner features, including priority access to new games and some of the best real estate, while earning higher rewards for playing. The reward rate depends on the rarity of the NFT, the number of NFTs owned, the player's EXP and skill in the game. Those who own COBI tokens will also be able to rent their COBI assets to other players via the marketplace.
Owners of 10,000 COBI Bull NFT will receive one Cow NFT per drop. This will allow breeding and the creation of NFT offspring. Limiting breeding to avoid inflation.
Players who do not own a COBI NFT have free access to Bulliever Island and can play any game, experience any experience and purchase any good from the shop. However, unlike other players, the free pass will not allow them to participate in 'play to win' mechanisms and may be seen as a way to discover the Bullieverse.
In the marketplace, the user and creator will be able to trade, buy and sell virtual assets such as territories, portals and game elements.
As a result, creators earn revenue and royalties from the games they publish and the NFTs they create and sell on the marketplace.
#1): ADALend
ADALend is driving another wave of flexible financial marketplaces by providing a platform for instant loan approval, automated collateral, trustless custody and liquidity. Using the Cardano blockchain (ADA), ADALend is establishing a decentralized and scalable lending protocol to eradicate the traditional banking middleman.
To do this, the platform will use the latest innovations in blockchain technology, as well as IOHK's research and development to provide a simple, secure and more transparent way to exchange value.
ADALend aspires to democratize the lending industry with the Cardano blockchain.
It is scheduled to launch this month, on March 11, 2022, on multiple Launchpads.
ADALend leverages the best features of multiple industries to build a new stream and sustainable revenue stream for businesses, investors and borrowers. By all means, ADALend strives to solve the problems of lenders and borrowers who have been struggling to manage a platform safely and transparently.
The team behind the ADALend project is made up of expert economists, engineers and business professionals who have come together to develop a decentralized, trustless lending protocol that will allow users to operate in a self-managed environment. Thus, users can borrow, lend and earn money anonymously and securely.
Its native token, ADAL, will be available for purchase at the discounted rate of 55 cents until the end of the private sale round A on 31 January at midnight GMT.
In addition, there will be a Private Sale B round for 70 cents from 1 February. The private sale will continue until the launch of the IDO, and the starting price will be USD 1. Immediately following the launch of the OID, the ADAL token will be listed on several leading exchanges.
ADALend is an OAD-driven lending protocol that evolves and operates in a decentralized manner.
Over the past decade, the decentralized finance space has had to continuously evolve to keep up with the growth of the digital asset market.
The Lend protocol will fuel the next wave of flexible lending, providing instant loan approval, collateral, custody and seamless liquidity.
The ADALend protocol will pave the way for the next wave of flexible financial markets by providing the basis for instant loan approval, collateral automation, custody and liquidity.
That's it for the three crypto projects. So, as promised we are going to give you a very effective method that will allow you to earn extra PulseX tokens. Well, this method comes from the recent tweets of Richard Heart. And we decided to share this with you.
So, what is this brand-new mechanism? It's just a mechanism that allows you to stake PulseX and earn xPulseX. Then put that xPulseX on the farm to earn more PulseX Tokens. It's a two-step mechanism. For now, it's only hypothetical because PulseX hasn't been launched yet. So, it can still be changed.
And if they do end up implementing it on PulseX, it's going to be something crazy. 
So basically, you take your PulseX, you stake it and you get xPulseX.
After you get your xPulseX, you have two options.
Either you keep it, which is pretty ridiculous considering the whole point of investing is to make a profit, or you take them and you go away or you go to the farms. You grow them. But what happens when you raise them?
Let's take the case of the no-burn scenario. You take your PulseX, you plant it, you get the xPulseX, then you take that xPulseX. You go to the farm, you grow your xPulseX and you go back, you're going to get more PulseX.  So what they're going to set up is the redistribution of PulseX. So, you're going to have the PulseX and in that case, what are you going to do with that PulseX? 
You take that PulseX that you got and you go back to the bet and you put it in a pool bet to increase your xPulseX amount.
Remember, your xPulseX amount will not increase if you leave it there. However, if you automatically increase your xPulseX in a staking pool, your xPulseX will increase.
If one increases, the other increases. If one increases in value, the other will increase in quantity. However, you can't go back to the xPulseX farm and repeat this over and over again. 
You can do it as long as the protocol exists now, regardless of the RPA here. This will compound your gains now in the case of the burn. Now imagine if the original idea of 21% for the buy and burn is kept. You will enjoy 21% for the buy and burn, 7% for the PulseX redistribution. Well, now all you have to do in this case is to do the same as we have just explained. That is, stake the PulseX to get xPulseX, then take your xPulseX, bring them to the farm to grow them. And the only thing that's going to change that benefits all of us are going to be the increase in value of PulseX because it's going to get scarcer and scarcer on the market. You know, if there are fewer tokens on the market, there will be more price appreciation. A simple financial mechanism.
Now, there is no need to remind you what PulseX is.
Nevertheless, let's remember that just as the Ethereum ecosystem will be copied from PulseChain, PulseX will be the fork of Uniswap.
It is intended to be the main DEX of the PulseChain ecosystem. For reference, PancakeSwap is also a fork of Uniswap and has performed this analogous function on Binance Smart Chain.
DEXs like SushiSwap and Uniswap have their governance tokens - SUSHI and UNI, respectively - that grant voting rights to the holders. PLSX will be the token of PulseX, and those who have sacrificed will get some 'points' depending on the size and timing of their contribution. These points correspond to an amount of PLSX to be dropped into their wallets once the exchange is launched.
The price of PLSX will start at $0 and subsequent price targets are anyone's guess.
Many believe that Pulse will launch in April or May and PulseX towards the end of the year. But what is going on?
For now, what we have to do is wait for the official launch of PulseX so that the serious stuff can start.
That's it, we hope our explanation is clear enough for you.
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