In case you haven't heard, PulseX ($PLSX) is the latest project in the Richard Heart ecosystem. It's just about the best performing asset of all time. And for those of you who already know it, you're probably wondering how far it can go? What is his potential for success? Why is it so important to us? And most importantly, how is it different from other cryptocurrencies?
If you want to know the answer to all these questions, watch this video until the end because we will decode it for you.
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Let's get started!
Recently, the sacrifice phase of PulseX came to a close with about $1 billion sacrificed in total. And with the release of some juicy details about the DEX mechanics, many have started to wonder how far the project's native token can go and you can already see many threads about PulseX price prediction on Reddit. The initial market cap will indeed be higher than other projects that have outperformed in the space but rest assured because Richard has an amazing plan to give PulseX value. The total supply is not yet known but is estimated to be one billion pieces. An amount that will decrease after each transaction. This means that as people make transactions, some of the coins will be burned. And this will potentially increase the value of the token as demand will be the same or higher and the number of coins available will be reduced.
We've talked about this in previous videos, and you can check out our playlist to learn more about it. On this playlist, we explain in detail the mechanism and especially how it can make you a millionaire. Keep watching.
Now the good question is how high can the price go? and by how many X's?
Well, we don't know. But given the success of Richard Heart's previous project, we're sure this one will do better, because it's more popular, and with a good strategy behind it. 
Now, no one can predict the future and it is the same with the PulseX price prediction. All we can do is look back and create patterns. Remember that "all models are wrong, but some models are useful".
In any case, we think PulseX may outperform HEX.
We have all seen the incredible performance of HEX!
At its release in December 2019, HEX was worth $0.00027 and it hit its ATH at $0.5 in September 2021 which is a crazy gain of over 185,000%. That's huge.
This means that if you had bought HEX at its release, you would have made 1850X in 19 months. Imagine if you had invested $1,000 you would have made $1,850,000.
We think PulseX will do better than that because of its popularity and its burn mechanism which makes it deflationary.
How have similar DEX tokens performed?
Let's start by looking at similar projects and their performance.
PulseX is a DEX as are Uniswap, SushiSwap and PancakeSwap.
These protocols were launched and worked in different contexts, but they are our closest comparators. So how did their tokens work?
The Uniswap coin hit a low of $1.78 on November 16, 2020, and a high of $45.16 on May 3, 2021, according to the UNI-USD chart. If you bought at the low and sold at the high, you would have gained 2,482% or about 25 times the value.
Now let's take the case of PancakeSwap. According to Binance's CAKE-USDT chart, PancakeSwap went from $8.29 to $44.33 in 2021, an increase of 434% or 4.3 times its value.
SushiSwap is another comparable protocol. The SUSHI-USDT chart from Binance shows that it has dropped to a low of $0.485 and increased to a high of $23.46. This means a significant increase in value multiplied by 47.
Now, how is PulseX different? How is it similar?
In our opinion, PulseX has the potential to outperform Uniswap, CAKE and SushiSwap because it will work in a different context and has different tokenomics.
DEXs typically reward liquidity providers with fees and native tokens. In the case of CAKE and SUSHI, the reward tokens are inflationary, which means that their supply is continuously increasing.
In contrast, PLSX never inflates. As we said earlier in this video, PLSX's supply will decrease over time.
When supply stays the same or decreases, the asset price is primed to rise (if we assume stable or increasing demand). For this reason, we believe that PLSX is well-positioned to outperform the aforementioned DEX tokens.
In truth, we were hard-pressed to find any negative aspects of PulseX. The tokenomics have been well planned, and it seems that they are deliberately designed to drive the price up. This, together with the enormous confidence shown so far, leads us to believe that PulseX will outperform UNI, CAKE and SUSHI in its first year.
If the macroeconomic climate remains reasonably stable and similar, we see no reason why PulseX cannot outperform the comparable DEX in its first year. Of course, we could be completely wrong. However, this is our best estimate.
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