Most people in crypto who tell you how a coin is going to go 10,000x are full of it. One man isn't. He told everyone he designed a crypto to go 10,000x, and it did. That crypto is Hex, and its founder is Richard Heart. And today we're back with another video about PulseChain, founded by the same guy. Can PulseChain do 10,000X like HEX? In this video, we're going to share our thoughts on this. Watch this video till the end, so you don’t miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
Before starting this part, please note that this is not an investment advice. It is just our analysis based on our research, so you should do your own research before investing in crypto.
So, we all know hex did a 10,000X. Hex is a project built on Ethereum and offers rewards for people to stake their Hex – the longer and bigger the stake, the more you are rewarded.
 And even though it's remarkable that you can categorize that kind of meteoric performance as "stunted," it is an accurate description of what happened to Hex on Ethereum. CoinMarketCap refuses to properly list it and is being sued in Arizona District Court as a result. Compare their listing for Hex vs.'s listing. No Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) like Coinbase or Binance list it, even though this pre-viral crypto has outperformed every major cryptocurrency in 2021. And the worst part of all is that absurdly high gas fees on Ethereum are preventing people from buying Hex and starting modest stakes because it is simply impractical to buy 1,000 Hex and stake it for a year or so when your returns are wiped out by absurd gas fees on Ethereum.
So, Richard Heart decided to fork Ethereum, and add significant improvements to its operation. This has been done before, by projects such as Binance Smart Chain and Solana, but never before has the full system state been forked. BSC and SOL launched "empty," meaning that any project that wanted to use those Layer 1s must be built and launched on that chain.
PulseChain is the name of the upcoming fork. Designed for the future needs of the crypto industry it takes all of the shortcomings of Ethereum and improves them.
Now the question of the day is: Can PulseChain do 10,000X? Well, in our opinion, YES! Let us explain why. First of all, PulseChain is the world's largest free airdrop.
PulseChain will be launching an airdrop that will duplicate all the token users you currently hold on the Ethereum blockchain.
Any token participants currently hold on the Ethereum network will be automatically represented on PulseChain. You don’t need to do anything to take part in this airdrop. Just be aware of the moment PulseChain mainnet launches, connect your wallet to the new network and enjoy the ride!
It is extraordinary. Just for that, we are sure that many people will be there. People like free money. This Airdrop is like free money.  This will be the biggest airdrop to ever occur since the genesis of blockchain technology.
Basically, on the day that PulseChain launches, all ERC tokens on the Ethereum blockchain shall be copied over (or duplicated) to PulseChain. PulseChain will be an exact replica of the Ethereum system state, and anything you hold in your wallet on the Ethereum network will appear in the same wallet on the PulseChain network!
If you currently have 5k Hex, 0.7UNI, and a couple of NFTs they are currently stored on the Ethereum blockchain. On day 1 Pulsechain Mainnet launch you shall have another 10k Hex, 0.5UNI, and a couple of NFTs on the PulseChain network. Switching between networks is easy and it can be done in a few clicks and copy/paste on the most popular wallets. In addition to that, you'll be able to trade tokens on the Ethereum network and the PulseChain network independently.  Even tokens locked up in a liquidity pool or another smart contract will be forked over to PulseChain.
That's great. And that's not all. PulseChain will help reduce Ethereum's fees. PulseChain has a higher throughput, it's deflationary. It burns 25% or more of the fees. There's no inflation, it never mints new coins.
So, people like free money, and they don't like high fees. And this addresses all of those issues.
Now, if you look at HEX. HEX has grown 10,000 times in almost two years. Yet at the time, it was just another project like many others. There wasn't all the hype like today. The most interesting thing is that it has a chat room of 70,000 people. And PulseChain already has almost 100,000 people. That's huge. That's one more reason to say that PulseChain can really do 10,000X. And maybe even more than that. After all, it's a blockchain, and most of the time, blockchains work very well.
It will do well if it launches in the bear market bottom or after. If we launch now, we risk doing multiples downwards and creating an artificial ceiling for the next bull run. PLS will have its major liquidity pair with ETH, so it'll do price swings with ETH. HEX doesn't because its main liquidity is USDC.
In short, if PLS launches in the bottom of the bear market or later, the chart will exist in price discovery for years. Ultimate investment.
In our opinion, it's going to do at least 1000x in less than a year and we wouldn't be surprised if it outperforms HEX. Bigger net with many more users. HEX is just an ERC20 with good tokenization and a good ecosystem, but keep in mind that it will be a whole new chain where developers can also create products. This is going to attract a whole bunch of new people from other directions besides only the HEX stakers.
PulseChain will revolutionize the crypto space. Currently, there are hundreds of projects waiting for PulseChain to launch. Some will launch directly on PulseChain, and others that are already on other networks will migrate to PulseChain. Indeed, many projects depend on PulseChain. Even HEX depends on PulseChain. This is crazy.
So, the main reason we think PulseChain could perform 10,000 times is that it is a hard fork with the full system state of Ethereum. Being that it has never been done before we can see a lot of hype and volume around and after the launch. PulseChain is very unique in a way compared to other blockchains that launched previously and have done over 200X on average.
Polygon Matic made 1000X in 2.5 years, Polkastarter made 600X in one year, Neo made 412X in 5 years, and many other blockchains have done the same.
With the stats showing the success of many blockchains with hundreds and some thousands of x's, we can say here that "history will repeat itself" and PulseChain will be on this list next year! The X factor here is that PulseChain is NOT launching EMPTY like most of the EVM chains mentioned above. PulseChain is launching with every ERC and NFT on Ethereum, including all the liquidity pools. The volume PulseChain will get in the first 6 months of being LIVE is going to be nuts. We can see thousands of users port over and claim their FREE RPCs.
All PRC holders will have a DEX to trade on – DAY 1 (remember Richard Heart said DEX is an MVP.) You'll see tons of liquidity on PulseX and other DEXs that plan on launching a user interface on PulseChain. That will create a lot of volume and demand just from the start. In our opinion, the first three months after launch, 10x – 50x is relatively conservative. A lot of the other #HexiPuliscans are talking about a PulseChain price prediction day one at 0.003 which would be a 100x – that's insane, moon boy talk. But hey, you never know – it's crypto, anything can happen.
Now, what do you think? Do you think PulseChain will do 10,000X? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
And if you are new to the pulse ecosystem, and want to know more about the pulsechain, hex, or pulse X, we have curated a huge playlist, with all possible questions in peoples minds, it has more than 140 videos as of now. go check them out for more detailed information on this ecosystem, the link is in the description!
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