Would you like to generate a passive income of $100 to $500 per day in crypto?  Well, with a masternode and staking, you can generate income in a completely passive way.
For months, everyone has been talking about passive income with a masternode. Don't you understand what it is? And yet you feel like you're missing out on something important? Well, a masternode is actually within everyone's reach. In this video, we'll tell you everything you need to know about masternodes, and we'll also share with you the best masternodes to generate passive income. Watch this video all the way through, so you don’t miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
When you make a transaction on a cryptocurrency, it is necessary to use intermediaries to verify the transactions. This is called a miner or a masternode, it puts the computing power of its computers at the service of the community computers to verify transactions. For this task, he is paid in cryptocurrencies. Depending on the protocol used, proof of work, or proof of stake, they will be respectively, either the miners or the holders of this crypto-currency. Mining has become a real business with substantial revenues.
A masternode is at a higher level, its purpose is to add more functionality as features such as enabling anonymous transactions, making them faster, and many other things. Moreover, a masternode has, unlike the miner, a right to control the future of the crypto-currency. To summarize, a masternode holder can offer second-level services to secure transactions such as making them anonymous, making them instantaneous.
Mining, on the other hand, is at the first level. Therefore, the profits are shared between the miner and the masternode holder.
Concretely, owning and configuring your masternode allows you to have passive income such as rent for real estate or dividends for stocks. Obviously, the risks are not the same but the principle is the same.  Basically, by becoming a masternode, you will be rewarded for making your material available to the community to make calculations. The best part is that you will have a voting right proportional to the number of masternodes that you own.
To create a node, you must buy a pre-set amount of tokens for a given project which are then burned to secure your node.
That means unlike with something like staking where you retain ownership of those tokens while they earn you returns, the burned tokens used to create your node are now gone and serve as your initial investment to get a project running.
The upside is you also begin to start earning immediately and once you recover your ROI, it’s essentially all profit. Most projects seem to take around 100 days to deliver that initial investment back.
So, what do you need to receive your first passive income? Well, you need to hold a minimum amount of cryptocurrencies in a wallet. Let's take Dash as an example. It currently takes 1000 Dash to become a masternode.
Most people made their masternode start with DASH back in the day. Right now, it requires over $180k just to have one masternode in DASH, and because of this, there are too many people who look elsewhere for a smaller entry to the masternode world.
Anyone who is interested in masternodes and can afford a hefty fee for it ends up having at least one DASH masternode. The entry price is $180,000, but the annual return is also high, making this masternode one of the largest passive income generators in the crypto world.
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Let's start with STRONGBLOCK. Strong is currently the OG of the Nodes space and has been going “strong” for almost two years, which is absolutely ancient for projects of this kind. Right now, Strongblock offers the ability to build both Ethereum and Matic nodes.
It looks to offer better long-term gains. At its current price, it takes 10 STRONG (approximately $63) to start a Strong Node and you earn .093 STRONG each day. That means it takes approximately 110 days to recoup your initial investment. That's not enough, but remember that you can create as many as you can. A $500 investment will pay you about $4 a day. However, prices can rise and fall and a higher price ensures a quicker return on investment.
There are higher-paying node projects out there right now, but none have had the stability of Strong, which makes this the safest of all plays at the moment since they are essentially a proven commodity.
The next one is VAPORNODES.
VaporNodes is a newcomer to the node world and one that has a reputable team and a much more palatable entry point. We like the fact they are starting out with a solid model that emphasizes sustainability and extreme upside in token price. To create a Vapor Node, it requires a minimum of 15,000 tokens which at their current price of $0.0017 will run you approximately $25. A node of that size would pay a daily reward of about 25 cents. The upside here is that you can build several nodes at a relatively low cost and turn that passive income into a more substantial figure. Additionally, the token still has the ability to 10X or more in price which would mean your monthly profits would multiply as well. With some of the upgrades the VaporNodes team is working on, we see a better than decent chance that this project will not only endure but blossom into an industry leader.
#3: Cubo Protocol
And the last one is going to be Cubo Protocol.
Cubo is a node protocol on the Polygon (MATIC) network which owns its liquidity and automatically adjusts its supply in order to maintain a stable yield forever. It also maintains and grows a DAI treasury that gives the token a real floor value.
To summarize how the system works, Daily ROI will increase, the more the $CUBO token is worth.
Because $DAI is a stable coin and will never deviate away from $1. This means that part of the cost for minting a node will be fixed. This makes it so that the higher the price of $CUBO, then the higher your return will be.
It should be again said, there is significant risk involved when it comes to node projects. Some people, with good reason, believe them to be nothing more than glorified Ponzi schemes looking to rope in new victims with too good to be true rewards. We certainly cannot dispute that there are a lot of shady projects out there who have pulled the rug on unwitting investors by suddenly closing operations and cutting off access to funds or drastically adjusting promised rewards after substantial investments have been made. There have been high-profile failures and they have essentially stolen a lot of money. That is why we implore you to do your own due diligence and to never invest more than you could afford to lose if you choose to venture into this territory.
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