Ethereum's gas fees have gone through the roof as its blockchain congestion has been one of the causes. Could forking be the way out?
We know Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, plans to migrate the entire Blockchain from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. But then, what if there were an alternative that could match Ethereum?

In this video, we would make a full analysis of the Pulse Chain and one of its native tokens, Pulse Oxygen.

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Now without further ado, let's get straight to the point.

Pulse Oxygen is a token on the Pulse Chain that aims to create an on-chain financial incentive that would allow the project to collaborate with others in support of protecting the environment and making the world a better place.

It aims at promoting renewable energy sources and therefore, decelerating climate change and letting people have access to all carbon bonds markets. Don't worry guys, we'll still discuss carbon markets later in this video.

So, at the very heart of the project, what are the services Pulse Oxygen offers?

Pulse Oxygen rewards investors with the financial tools that will allow them to hold green assets in their investment portfolios, trade them, stake them and obviously, earn from them.

The project strives to support their customers in creating clean energy for a sustainable future through continuous research and development for new equipment and better services.

Pulse Oxygen is driven by a culture of safety and innovation. They have obtained certifications from ISO and OSHA and accumulated five hundred patents so far and over eighty certifications of global safety qualifications.

Pulse Oxygen will be able to deliver on its promise because of its advanced blockchain, Pulse Chain.

Pulse Chain comes with its own unique set of advantages: one of the biggest is its low gas fees since twenty five percent of them are burned anyway, worldwide acceptance, EVM-compatible smart contract and the potential to be a game-changer, creating value and accruing capital. Big flex, right?

How are industries kept in check in many parts of the world? This is where we discuss Carbon credits.

Mandatory compliance markets are governed by regional, provincial or national laws. They compel emission sources to meet greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

But as it turns out, these targets happen to be too lofty for these companies, so there's what they call "Compliance program offset credits", which are generated and traded for regulatory compliance.

That's basically saying "Okay, if you purchase this licence, we will permit you to continue running your company and releasing so-and-so tonnage of greenhouse gas."

European Carbon Credit Market is the European Carbon Credit contract which is exchange traded.
A futures contract for the purposes of trading and delivering a form of license, as we discussed, called European Union Allowance, or EUA for short. One EUA allows the holder to emit one ton of carbon (IV ) oxide or its equivalent greenhouse gas.

The California Carbon Credit Market is not very different from this model. One credit from the California Carbon Allowance represents one metric ton of carbon (IV) oxide equivalent.
There are several others like in the aviation industry and voluntary market carbon pricing, where the companies involved can offset their unavoidable emissions by requiring carbon credits beforehand.

That would be like paying for the parking ticket before you even park illegally. Funny, right?

As for the rest of the parent project, REDD+, it leaves its impact on the world by offsetting your carbon footprint, releasing an environmental awareness NFT collection– Pulse Oxygen NFTs CO2, advocating for the preservation of the native forests, reforestation and natural regeneration of forests.

Pulse Oxygen employs a means of fundraising that they call "Sacrifice". What does this mean?

Sacrifice, as they describe it, is a donation that is to be made as a political statement in support of a greener future through the Pulse Chain network.

The developers point out clearly that the sacrifice is not an investment and therefore, profit should not be expected as the tokens currently do not have any value.

Pulse Oxygen sacrifice is to create a community that looks forward to a greener and more sustainable future for blockchain.

So, When does the Sacrifice start?

Well, It already did but you can join in now. It started exactly on the fifteenth of May.

But it ends ninety days after. The Sacrifice would only last for three months, so do not hesitate to make your pledge, if of course, you are so inclined.

What could the benefits be? You might wonder, well the answers are not far-fetched at all. The project provides the customer a big discount, the community gets a proof-of-stake model, one Ethereum would envy, promotes the use of greener technology and helps combat climate change.

The Sacrifices provide the customer with tokens. So, is there some kind of bonus multiplier? The way things are now, yes. There is a bonus multiplier so that people are motivated to Sacrifice even more before the launch date.

In the first thirty days, every dollar pledged is equivalent to one thousand points and it is multiplied by three, although every day one percent of the points is burnt.

In the second thirty days, the points against the dollar would drop slightly, a dollar pledged is now nine hundred and ninety points, but working with a multiplier of two instead, also losing one percent every day.

In the final thirty days, the points drop even more to seven hundred to a dollar, no multiplier and no deductions.

Now Here is why you should consider being part of this.

Aside from the Pulse Oxygen, the Pulse Chain has other tokens too, one is TO2, presumably standing for "Oxygen", and another is TCO2, for "carbon (IV) oxide."

Since they are all connected to the same goal of protecting the environment, their website says investing in TO2 means you would be investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the financing of REDD+ projects, the ones stated earlier.
Investing in this token empowers the project in its issuing of authorizations and emission rights and projects that capture greenhouse gases from the air. From the website, it states that One TO2 token is equivalent to fifty TCO2 tokens.

To the next token that could help save the environment, with TCO2, Pulse claims you will be directly investing in industrial carbon bonds, that is aviation, oil industries, mines and other industries. You would also be investing directly in innovative efforts focused on scaling up use of captured carbon as one of the scalable solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

Eventually, it would result in the cutting of emissions in both power and industrial sectors.
The website also states that one TCO2 token is equivalent to ten PO2, that is, the Pulse Oxygen tokens.

Being part of this project might just provide the solutions we so desperately need.

You might be wondering: What happens after the sacrifice ends? Well, it would interest you to know that the total supply of Pulse Oxygen will be based on how much the total value is of the USD sacrificed. Like these tokens that are received by pledging dollars, let's talk about converting something of value into a digital token. There's a word for it– tokenization.

What is Tokenization?
Tokenization is the process of converting something of value into a digital token that’s usable on a blockchain application.

Crypto tokens usually provide several user benefits that can be generalized into three main categories: more liquidity, faster, cheaper transactions, and transparency and provability.

So, What is the difference between buying Pulse Oxygen tokenized Carbon credits and the regular ones?

Obviously, you can buy carbon credits directly in the voluntary market, the difference is that you need a broker and those guys only accept fiat currencies plus they always take part of your profit.

Instead, Pulse offers the possibility of buying them with cryptocurrencies. Pulse is going to acquire them in large quantities, therefore, this lowers the commissions by a lot.

It's one thing to have your assets tokenized, but what does Pulse offer that would guarantee that your assets won't tank overnight? This is where we discuss liquidity as one of the factors.

What is Liquidity?
Liquidity refers to the ease with which an asset, or security, can be converted into ready cash without affecting its market price. So if an asset is described as volatile, it means it has low liquidity. This is why having liquidity pools is important, the price stays relatively stable as the asset is bought and sold.

TO2 and TCO2 are backed up one to one with real carbon credits because when your carbon is backed to a real asset, it is easier to trust Pulse. The developers can easily earn the trust of their community because the members can hold, buy and/or even sell whenever they desire. That way, the members can be confident that this project is not a honeypot or any means of defrauding the community.

As every asset on the blockchain, the access to our tokenized Carbon bonds is decentralized. Every person in the world can access this market with the project in just two clicks.

Pulse allows you to participate in this market safely, quickly and anonymously.

Will there be an audit? Yes INDEED. All contracts will be audited.

What's more? This week, the agreement with Fairyproof has already been closed.

Is Pulse Oxygen listed on HEX PulseChain? Yes, they just got listed! Check out here ( for editor)

That's it for today guys. We hope we were able to provide some value and help you to move a step ahead in your crypto journey. Be sure to check out our Crypto Brand called Cryptopreneur, get yourself the highest quality Crypto Merch available right now on the market, and make sure to subscribe so that you don't miss out on any of our content. Till next time, Goodbye.