IDOs are becoming more and more common in the crypto space right now, with dozens of new IDOs launching every month, it can be hard to know which ones to keep an eye on. That's why we've created this list of the top 5 IDOs to watch out for in June 2022, each project has something unique and is definitely worth keeping an eye on if you're looking to invest or get involved in the cryptocurrency scene in June 2022. Some of these projects will be incubated by BlueZilla, so, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.

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Now without further ado, let's get straight to the point.

#1: GetKicks

The first project on our list is going to be GetKicks.

The GetKicks team has created a blockchain-based platform to bring the sneaker community together, fun and engaging. GetKicks is a sneaker matching game for both desktop and mobile. Play it to earn tokens, get fit or relax and enjoy yourself. It’s a service that allows you to connect with your peers, get well, and make money. The possibilities go beyond just trading sneakers.

GetKicks offers a free-to-play platform. This platform provides various features that are already in service, including earning, collecting, and trading sneakers. To play the game, players have to earn tokens by completing actions such as playing games or achieving objectives in the game. These tokens are then spent on sneakers, upgrades, and other items in the game.

They plan to work on a sustainable business model. With the help of brand partners and the popularity of cryptocurrencies, they will bring the sneaker community together in one place. The team has experienced designers, developers, and marketing specialists behind them. These brands will add to the reward pool for their players and make the platform more engaging. Furthermore, partners will also contribute to the development of the game.

One of the best parts of this project is NFTs. People are already familiar with cryptocurrency and the concept of tokens. GetKicks will utilize the blockchain to create a unique token for each sneaker in their marketplace. They will also use smart contracts to ensure that the sneakers can be bought and sold at the best prices. We will give more details about this project in another video.

The IDO will take place on June 13-14, 2022 on Lithium venture, Game Station, and enjinstarter. And its initial market cap will be $218,750.

Now let's move on to the next project.


#2: WalkN App

The next crypto project is called WalkN App. This is another Move-To-Earn project.

WALKN is a web3 fitness app that integrates the Move-To-Earn mechanism through activities like Walking, Jogging, and Running.

Overall, there’s a total supply of two billion WLKN tokens, which will be released over the length of the Walken project.

When it comes to evaluating if WLKN tokens are a good investment for the future, we can simply look at Walken's roadmap and plans to expand their ecosystem. Down the line, we can expect Walken to enable staking functionality and a fully fleshed-out DeFi platform that encourages developers to create apps revolving around the Walken ecosystem. All of these plans point towards increased utility for WLKN tokens, making the HODL strategy for WLKN tokens even stronger if you're already confident in the project's long-term future.

Speaking of confidence, a significant part of this assurance also comes from Walken's secured $4.7 million funding from industry-leading venture capitalists. With big names like Infinity Ventures Crypto, Shima Capital, and Yield Guild Games, investors and players can expect the development team to rapidly scale up Walken in terms of feature rollouts and growing their overall.

Its initial market cap will be $166,000.

And its IDO is scheduled for June 15, 2022, on InfinityPad, DAOStarter, and more.


#3: AlfProtocol

The next project is called AlfProtocol.

AlfProtocol is a protocol for capital deployment on Solana for liquidity provision and Yield Farming, both with and without leverage.

Complementary that, Alfprotocol offers two protocols for unleveraged liquidity management: AlfMM, a decentralized exchange service, and Alf which is an overcollateralized borrowing service. The core purpose of both protocols is to provide entry points for traders and risk-averse investors, offering them a platform to trade and provide liquidity, all the while reining in additional revenue from indirectly providing liquidity.

The protocol will be an interesting tool for risk-averse investors to use their capital to follow a target of principal-protected yield by providing capital into the AMM pools. Whereas risk-seeking investors will be able to use their capital to gain maximal yield by providing liquidity into AMMs with leverage borrowed.

The IDO is scheduled for June 13-16, 2022 on DAOStarter, SolSter, and ACYFinance.

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The next project on our list is

TIDEX is a safe and efficient cryptocurrency exchange. DeFi services. User-friendly interface. Tidex is a unique type of exchange platform because you can do 4 things; buy, sell, margin and exchange. No other site is as good as Tidex in these 4 businesses. Registration on the site is free and you can get started as soon as you sign up.

Tidex has a reputation for being fast, reliable, and simple to use with a series of possibilities. It allows you to trade different cryptocurrency asset, which is over 70 coins aside from Bitcoins and Ethereum.

The platform is already up and running, and in the last 24 hours, it has seen over $192,569,846 in volume. Which is pretty huge for a new platform right? If it keeps going like this, they'll colonize the market.

They plan to launch their crypto and IDO will take place on June 15, 2022, on BSCPAD, ETHPAD, POLYPAD, and many other launchpads.  

The IDO will be supported by BlueZilla. This is where our confidence about the IDO being safe and successful lies.


#5: FOTA

The last project on our list is FOTA.

We presented this project in one of our previous videos, and we insist on it because it has great potential.

So, FOTA is Triple-A MOBA Gaming Project that prioritizes player experience in the Metaverse. To do so, FOTA incorporates Microsoft Mesh - a Microsoft Corporation platform pioneering in creating the most immersive Metaverse experience. Developed by Meta DJINN PTE. LTD, FOTA is a breath of fresh air within the GameFi industry as the project offers high-quality graphics, outstanding variations of game modes, and the most solid, supportive communities.

NFTs in FOTA are extremely valuable with such limited quantities and versatility. Heroes have a significant role in progressing throughout the game. Each Hero comes from different races and classes, thus creating rich biodiversity within the FOTA universe. NFT holders can make a passive income with their spare NFTs, such as Heroes or Items, via the Rent-2-Play mechanism. The NFT rental feature will be most likely suitable for beginners who need to use Heroes or Items with a high level but do not want to spend too much time or money on upgrading the above NFT components. Therefore, Rent-2-Play is a remarkable feature for both newcomers and advanced players.

We are not sure, but it could be another BlueZilla project. As a reminder, MoveZ, BlueZilla's latest project did over 30X in less than an hour after its launch. So, imagine what FOTA is going to do. 

Its IDO is scheduled for June 16 on Polypad, MetaVpad, BSCPAD, NFTLaunch, and others. And its initial market cap will be $269,000.

FOTA is one of the best projects on our list. So, you should not miss this.


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