Hey guys, there's big news for you today.
MoveZ, long-awaited crypto is finally going to be listed.
As we announced in a previous video, the listing is scheduled for today, June 10. 
and it will be explosive like never before.
We are in a bear market, but rest assured, this crypto is going to blow your wallet away.
In this video, we'll tell you why you should absolutely own this crypto, we'll also share news about its listing, and much more. Furthermore, we'll tell you about another crypto that will also explode in this bear market.
So, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now without further ado, let's get straight to the point.
#1: MoveZ
MoveZ is a web3 Dapp that is designed to provide a sustainable way to incentivize and reward people for taking control of their health by improving their fitness. Leveraging a unique combination of lock, burn, and utility functions, and industry-leading fitness tracking and personalization features, MoveZ is set to usher in a future where more people than ever before are happy, healthy, fit, and motivated.
This project is incubated by BlueZilla.
The advantage is that BlueZilla has incubated the most successful projects of the year, and it will be the same with MoveZ.
The listing will take place first on OKX, then on Bybit, and finally on Gate.io.
A fundraiser is currently underway and will end in about an hour from the time of this recording.
They have already raised close to $30 million. We don't know exactly what they're going to do with those funds, but one thing is for sure, the initial price will be $0.001. And as they announced on their various social media, the initial market cap will be $55k, but again, we're not sure because they gave away 10% of their offering, so logically, that should affect the market cap.
Again, we're not sure, but if it turns out that it launches with a market cap of $55k, believe it or not, in less than 24 hours, this crypto will make at least 300X.
And in less than a week, it will do over 500X.
But of course, you should not take what we say as investment advice, you should always do your own research and only invest what you are willing to lose. Cryptocurrencies are risky, and you can easily lose 100% of your investment in a very short time.
Another thing to consider about this project is that in less than 24 hours, their Twitter page went from 105k to 108.1k followers, which shows that many people are joining the project, and are eagerly waiting for the list to take action.
Moreover, this crypto has a real project behind it, so that's what attracts a lot of people.
As you probably already know, this is a Move-To-Earn, the new trend in the crypto space right now.
STEPN, already has a market cap of almost $1 billion, and FITFI also has a market cap of almost $100 million, but MoveZ is still very young, so, people are going to look at it. It's the one that will be making big money in the coming weeks.
The team announced that they have already implemented the staking mechanism, so you can already stake MoveZ, and earn rewards. Also, the app will be launching in the next few weeks, so these guys are going to go all out to meet their roadmap, and that's what people like.  
MoveZ brings the next generation of fitness combined with Web3 technology! MoveZ offers a unique earn capability that encourages users around the globe to embrace a healthier lifestyle and give new meaning to "move-to-earn" with NFT boosters and loads of other remarkable features!
MoveZers have many innovative ways of being rewarded with tokens that can be directly traded for a wide array of benefits! Some of these being goods/services within the app and in real life, exchanging #MOVEZ tokens for profit, and much, much more!
Fueled by your ambitions and the latest Web3 technology, MoveZ is powering a fitness revolution, and you’re part of it!
That's why you shouldn't miss this opportunity.
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The next crypto project you absolutely must have in your portfolio in this bear market is going to be QMALL.
Qmall is another crypto with great potential. Unlike MoveZ, the Mainnet is already online.
The QMALL token is a service token of the Qmall Exchange, the main application of which is to use it to pay a commission when using the exchange's services, including a trading commission, as well as to obtain additional privileges.
The overall goal of creating a QMALL token that goes beyond a specific set of innovations is to provide a more balanced and sustainable ecosystem that takes into account the needs of its users.
Qmall Exchange team, the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange, set itself the goal of creating a token infrastructure that is technically and reputably consistent with the European format and convenient to use the community of Western mentality. This presentation of the project aimed to implement a platform that will use a service token integrated into the most important functions of the cryptocurrency exchange with the ability of their users not only to get a convenient tool to interact with the site but also to generate demand for active user’s stock exchange. With the QMALL token, you can buy goods and services on the Qmall marketplace, and participate in voting for project development.
Qmall launched at $0.081 and reached $1.40 before getting to where it is now at $0.7. 
Even though all crypto-currencies are crashing right now, Qmall continues its march to the top, and it will soon cover its ATH.
This shows that this project is really solid, and people are strongly believing in it.
Independent company CryptoRank ranked companies based on the growth rate of their token prices. And guess what? QMALL is 5th in the ranking.
Now we'll tell you why you should definitely buy this coin before it explodes again. They are going to launch a new token soon! This means that you have new opportunities to make money with Crypto.
This new token is called Volt Inu. A hyper-deflationary token that aims to invest in multiple asset classes such as NFTs, nodes, altcoins, staking, and farming. This variety of investments mitigates risk by taking advantage of the potential growth of uncorrelated assets within a trend.
So, in addition to the classic revenue streams such as blue-chip NFTs – Stablecoin staking – Big and medium cap altcoins – Yield farms, $VOLT will generate a passive income that will benefit all holders through NFTs fractionalization that will be distributed to top holders and through the acquisition of nodes that will allow for continuous revenue generation to be funneled back into $VOLT.
This is the news we are looking forward to, and it will have a strong impact on the price of Qmall. And just for that, you must have this token.
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