What's up, everyone? In this video, we'll explain why the launch of PulseChain has been delayed. And why we think this is a good thing for the entire Richard Heart ecosystem. Then, we will share with you some important information you need to know about PulseChain, PulseX, and HEX. and there is special announcement where we are introducing something special for our cryptoprnr family, that will help you maximize your profits in crypto, so Watch this video all the way through, so you don’t miss anything at all!

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Now, let's get started.

One important thing to remember is that this year 2022 has been very bad for crypto. That's why security is most important. Everyone has been trapped. And in our opinion, if we had gotten what we wanted a year ago with the launch of PulseChain, we would have crashed too. And that's exactly what Richard Heart is trying to avoid. For now, Richard's ecosystem is only gaining popularity. Very recently, he even gained 20 000 followers in one day. And other hexicans have gained a lot too. Because he's always right about security. He's prophetic, and that's what makes it exciting. It's also worth remembering that he said things before they happened.

In 2017 Richard predicted that Bitcoin would reach $20,000 when it was only $5,000 and he called the Bitcoin top at $20,000. In 2019 he also predicted that Bitcoin would reach $60,000.


Richard called the top on Bitcoin at $65,000 on the day, warned everyone about the Ethereum top, and reminded everyone that the ETH top came 27 days after the Bitcoin top last time. And indeed, it happened again.

At this moment, everything is increasing. And soon we will be in a bull run. A bull run will happen with or without us. Guys, before a bull run happens, PulseChain has to work 100% perfectly.

It has to be perfect. Poor security is the reason why 99% of crypto projects fail.

Because 99% of chains fail, people fail with them. That's why people are demanding more and more security on projects. Better to run PulseChain when it is 100% complete than to run it and risk crashing at any time. So, it's better to just listen to Richard.

Any self-respecting crypto project has to bring "a solution" to a technological problem. Here, it's the Ethereum network's throughput issues and high fees that PulseChain proposes to solve. Its updates will, according to Richard Heart, bring four times faster network throughput, proof of stake, as well as a deflationary mechanism, with regular destruction of PSLX coins that will therefore give them value.

These advances would allow PulseChain to become an Ethereum fork that will ensure interconnectivity with other blockchains like Solana and Polygon. The same will be true for the hundreds of decentralized applications that currently rely on the Ethereum network. The goal is to be able to facilitate trading and offer advantageous staking. On paper, it's an innovative idea, but Richard Heart is struggling to convince his detractors, who see his lifestyle and working methods as a vast deception.

One only has to visit his personal website to see that Richard Heart is a self-proclaimed "Force for Good" and that his long list of personal accomplishments includes the creation of HEX as well as millions of "Airdrops" that would have made his investors rich.

Investing in PulseX is not advisable for anyone who has not read up on this highly technical project. Even if PulseChain has a few grey areas, especially regarding its future performance or its usefulness, it is important to know that the project excites a large number of early fans called Hexicans. They invested early on in HEX, a token based on Ethereum that promised a super high staking return. This token has certainly made some people very rich, but we don't know how many have bitten the dust on this investment.

If you are still wondering whether it is a good idea to invest in HEX, you should know that in terms of potential, HEX presents an innovative technology that will erase the role of banking intermediary and therefore reduce to the maximum the charges related to the investments of the savers.

Then, in terms of profitability, investing in HEX will make you earn a much higher interest rate compared to the traditional financial system thanks to its APY of 40%.

. In our opinion, buying the crypto Hex is a good investment idea. Hex is going to become a major player in the decentralized economy activities.

In fact, Hex (HEX) is starting to gain more and more popularity. And it will be even more interesting when PulseChain is launched.

These fluctuations imply movements in the market but also despite its high market capitalization.

This should allow it to occupy the top 15 of the world's best crypto-currencies, HEX being excluded from the top 200 currently.

By the way, at this moment of the bear market, you have the opportunity to buy it at a very low price. So, the sooner you put HEX in your portfolio, the higher your potential profit levels will be.

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Now, as far as the Richard Heart project is concerned, we just have to keep waiting. Good things take time to build. And in our opinion, we're not too far from launch.

So, do you think that delaying the launch of PulseChain is a good thing? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.

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