This project is literally exploding. It was launched just a few days ago at $0.01, and today at the time of this recording, it is already worth $0.22. That's 22X in less than two weeks. And all indications are that this is just the beginning. The project has many important game theories that guarantee it a winning potential of at least 1000X. It is a reflection token built on top of HEX that rewards HEX and integrates the official HEX staking into its contract. Built-in buy pressure logic ensures a supported price floor. The good news is that you don't need to buy this token because there are many ways to get it for free and we're going to show you in this video. So make sure to watch this video till the end so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
Everyone in the field of Dapps is constantly looking for Dividend paying programs. We usually don´t speculate on gains from price oscillations of Cryptos to make a living; we mainly earn from staking, we invest in the credibility of Teams & Tokenomics, and yes, we also buy for the price appreciation of Coins here and there.
But the project we are going to share with you is, in our opinion, one of the best at the moment, because it meets all the requirements. It offers a very high APY, and the good news is that you don't have to buy it to get it.
The project is called FairHex. Yes, as you may have noticed, it has HEX in its name. This means that it has something in common with HEX. However, this is not a Richard Heart project. We will tell you about the founder behind this project later in this video. Having said that, what is the project about?
FairHEX is a HEX staking platform. When you stake your HEX token, you are staking to the original HEX contract endorsed by Richard Heart. When you unstake, you are bound by the rules set in the original HEX contract (it can be penalties or rewards). FairHEX is a reflection token built on top of HEX that rewards its holders with HEX each time a wallet buys, sells, or transfers FairHEX tokens to another wallet. Half of the RFI tax is distributed to holders of FairHEX according to their holder share. The other half is feeding the Liquidity Pool. The Liquidity Pool is permanently locked. Staking rewards from profitable stakes are converted to FairHEX on DEX. That creates constant buy pressure, supporting the price floor of FairHEX.
The total supply of FairHEX is 21M, 90% of which is locked, has to be minted, and pays a bonus to all profitable stakes. 5% will be airdropped over time, and 5% will be held in custody, LP, Marketing, and other stuff.
As we mentioned earlier, you don't need to buy FairHEX tokens to get them.
If you have the HEX tokens, just stake them on their platform and you will be rewarded in FairHEX. Unlike HEX, which offers you conditional staking, FairHEX is much more flexible. For example, you don't have to stake your tokens for years to be rewarded.
A few days of staking is all you need to earn tokens. You stake HEX for 7/15/30 days to claim free FairHEX. Of course, the amount you will earn depends on the number of tokens you have.
Now, after 5 million tokens have been minted, the minting phase ends, and the staking phase begins.
Your HEX principal is left untouched (only bound by the rules of official HEX staking) and serves as proof of participation.
You are not subjected to fees when you stake or unstake (ongoing, completed, or late stake).
Now, let's talk about how FairHEX can make you earn more than the average.
While your initial HEX staking amount remains untouched, staking rewards from the official HEX contract are converted into FairHEX. On top of your regular HEX APY, the FairHEX platform is adding a Bonus APY according to our Bonus table. The bonus percentage begins at 40% until a staking balance of 9,999,999 HEX and decreases gradually to 20% when the total stake balance shows 200M HEX or more.
Besides a supported price floor, as a holder of the FairHEX token, you also receive free HEX each time a wallet buys, sells, or transfers FairHEX tokens to another wallet according to your holder share.
So, overall, with this project, you earn a HEX APY + Bonus APY + free extra HEX from RFI + possible price appreciation of the FairHEX token.
All this makes FairHEX a project you should definitely own if you are looking for a profitable crypto project.
There's no reason not to get excited about it now. Besides, if you already own HEX tokens, or if you're thinking of buying some, this is the place to be if you want to stake them. It offers rewards at every level. It's really amazing.
However, what makes us so bullish on this project are its many game theories.
Actually, if the price of the FairHEX token increases, inflation decreases, and vice versa. And if there are no buyers, there is no inflation. And in any case, the token will always increase in value. Now, if there are stakers, there is inflation, but there is also strong buying pressure.
If multiple stakers are ending on the same day, the first person to finish their stake gets more FairHEX if no one sells. Or the last person to finish their stake gets more FairHEX if everyone sells. That's very interesting. We are sure that not many people will do this because they will lose a lot of money to the last person to finish.
If FairHEX is sold into buying pressure, and the initial price has been reached again, a higher amount of FH will be distributed as Stake rewards, resulting in higher HEX rewards when others sell.
So, how good or bad is it if wallets sell when the price increases - at least temporarily?
Price is spiraling up, and LP accumulates Volume with every sale.
The more Volume in the LP, the lower the volatility, and the more FaireHEX have to be sold to bring the price back down that it was needed to bring it up. That's how it works.
In about 20 days, it will be 1121 days since HEX was launched. The price MUST double from wherever it was before that day - the reason is the built-in buy pressure.
The FairHEX minting periods are 30 days of HEX stakes. Staking rewards are converted into FairHEX.
We will certainly see a bunch of sell action that day, which provides reflection rewards to holders - currently, only less than 100K FairHEX minted - meaning, it´s gonna be a feast for holders and a very nice staking return for sellers. This is another reason why this project is interesting.
Now, as for the man behind this project, the founder is an OG Hexican. Contributed to 3rd party dapp development during the early days of HEX. Wrote the first HEX dapp. Brought in a total of 4 billion HEX to the 3rd party HEX ecosystem. He is the first to call out the HXY scam back in the day and prevent more users from being scammed.
So the man behind this project is experienced enough to develop a very good project for us. And the fact that the token has increased 22 times recently is proof that he knows what he is doing. We expect this project to take us to the moon as the community grows.
Now, do you think this project can do 1000X? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.
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