Are you ready for some massive big win this year? Well, today we have brought you some of the best-earning strategies that you should probably try out this year. We assure you that they have worked with several people. We are glad that you are always here with us, and that we are happy to always serve you with the latest updates and the best from the cryptocurrency market.
In this video we will be covering everything, stable coin strategies, how to find new projects, projects with good farming potentials, and yield farming strategies that you can implement to accumulate more in this market and something small about DeFi. Okay guys, we just want you to stick to this video till the end, as it will be one of the best videos, we have brought to you so far. If you are ready, then let’s get started.
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We are all aware of the low trends in the cryptocurrency market, the crypto market has gone down, and now everybody is there stranded on where to go. But don’t worry we are going to take you through some of the best strategies that are going to enable you, people, to accumulate profits even at lower lows when the crypto markets go down.
As we had mentioned earlier, we will cover exclusively everything from stable coin strategies, how to find new best projects, and the projects with good farming potentials.
First, before we begin, we just want to urge you that always take a smaller portion of your portfolio for stable coins, why? It is because you can use those stables to farm.  Also, we want to take advantage of the dips when they come out.
Anchor is one of the best ways to farm stables. It has a total of 494,160,156 which is in yield reserve that would be distributed over the next period to people that stake UST.
Now, how do we find the best wallets so far? One thing we are always assured of is that Coindix offers this. Coindix is a platform where you can find the best tokens, for example, when you want to find the best place to farm UST- you will just go to the search bar and search UST and it will come up with a list of prices that you can generate the most UST. Coindex has the best yield farms that you can generate the most UST even when the markets are volatile.
Before we can even yield out, always ask yourself what are the best tokens? What are the best projects?  What are the best narratives? If you are looking for good projects with the big dips- you can visit coingecko and search for the best for your watchlist. From the top, we can find Fantom for our case…
Why has FANTOM been placed at a higher rank and why is it succeeding? First, there are a lot of catalysts happening for FANTOM to succeed.  $OATH, $BEETS, SOLIDSWAP are some of the platforms where FANTOM has been able to gain a bigger name or succeed as many might say. Not only the 3 platforms that FANTOM has seen itself grow, but we also have this one last platform known as GAME.FI where FANTOM has experienced some greater success. GAME. FI is one of the platforms that has helped most projects grow like Tank-war zone, Lost kingdom, and StumbeURumble… 
Guys, once you have verified a project has growth catalysts, we have to back that with data and statistics through the on-chain metrics- but before that, we just want to make sure that you guys are enjoying watching this video, and you can keep on smashing the like button as we continue. Now, one of the best places is the scanning sites- where you can see how a project has been performing. Scanning sites give you a true picture from the charts of the direction of the project. If it is dropping, which means a great opportunity for you, you have to therefore take advantage and buy. So, the scanning sites are the best way to also profit.
Diversifying portfolios is also another way to earn. Diversification is key in crypto, and caution to you all, please, don’t diversify too much- don’t have 60 to 80 projects, you can have 10 to 20 projects to be safe. We know that most of us don’t want all our funds in Bitcoin or gaming, but they have chosen to spread them across multiple narratives. Now, let’s say gaming just didn’t tip off just this year, but Ethereum did- if you are positioned in both then you can benefit from both.
So, we know FANTOM is a great project, we know Lunar, IVAX are all great projects, and there is no reason for just keeping them to waste away. You can actively earn a yield on these tokens, even if the market is dropping, you will still be earning yields. And the best thing about when the market is dropping is that you are accumulating tokens at lower levels. So, when you are re-investing Lunar profits back into Lunar and you are compounding it, you are averaging in through farming. So, farming is a great way to get the advantage of the swings in the market, because you are topping up on your tokens when the market is low.
Now, let’s talk something about Defi. Defi is an emerging financial technology based on secure distributed ledgers similar to those used by cryptocurrencies. Now, what is its goal? The goal of Defi is to get rid of the 3rd parties that are involved in all financial transactions. Some of the many key attractions of Defi for many consumers are- it eliminates the fees that banks and other financial companies charge for using their services, you hold your money in a secure digital wallet instead of keeping them in a bank. So, the Defi project is also a great win for you if you don’t want to have too many fees charged on your transactions.
But, what are the best Defi projects currently that you should prefer as some of the best-earning strategies? Before we dive deep into that, Waves which has gained 156.3% over the past 30 days has seen itself being among some of the top 10 projects currently. Now, what are the reasons why the Waves price gained 100% over the past weeks? Waves price rallied more than 100% after unveiling plans to launch a blockchain agnostic metaverse and establishing a new partnership with Allbridge to facilitate cross-chain transfers.
Now, the first reason as to why Waves is surpassing 100% is its migration from waves 1.0 to Waves.2.0. The biggest development sparking momentum for WAVES has been the announcement that the protocol has begun the process of migrating to waves 2.0. Guys, anytime you move from Waves 1.0 to Waves 2.0, try and upgrade your system and that becomes a success especially when you are a decentralized distributor protocol and this is always updating autonomously.
There are two major improvements in the migration and for the case of this video, we may mention only one, the heavy integration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Also, waves 2.0 will include a new generic governance model, gravity bridges to all EVM- compatible networks, and the creation of a blockchain agnostic level 0 inter- metaverse protocol capable of providing a toolbox for creating a connected metaverse that is unified by a shared economy and identity. So, this is a very exciting new capability for the waves blockchain and also one of the best DeFi earning strategies that you should try and think about.
DeFi also provides other good quality projects that can make you yield more even if the market is dropping at lower lows. There are two strategies that you can use to benefit from this market. Anchor protocol is where we will have to start because Anchor has had some real changes in the past that have made it one of the premier places to be able to earn a yield on your stable and earn yields…
Quickly, we will begin with LUNA. Luna farming and UST farming is the first strategy we will be discussing and then we will show you after this a strategy that you can use to eliminate the risk of liquidations for the people that aren’t comfortable staking their Luna on Anchor.
Let’s see how we use the Anchor protocol. Anchor is one of the best protocols to stake your Luna and earn a 22% yield at the moment of the strategy. Anchor that has now its refill, is starting to have its borrowing again on ANCHOR protocol. So, you are getting paid to borrow UST against your Luna. This API was negative for quite a while but at the moment it’s more profitable to stake your Luna and borrow UST than it was in the past and you are paid to do so which is positive…
Since we are all investing in different projects, we will also be talking something about Solana- another best-proof DeFi earning strategy that you should try. Solana is one of the best projects that deserves a spot on everyone’s portfolio and it is also something that we can leverage off to earn yield.
So, this is how you do with Solana. Simply, go to STsol and just click stake just like we did with Luna moments ago- and there you go you earn 5% API for staking of Solana. Because you only want to be doing 50%, and in this case, we are going to pair SOLANA with aSol. Put 50% to StakeSol for 5.71% and then go to Saber. So, Saber enables you to swap LS and put this to aSol- and aSOL is an abbreviation of aggregated Solana. An aSol is worth the same value as Solana and it is pegged to Solana but it is an aggregated pool. So, you are essentially trading Solana here but a different version of the Solana asset. Once you have got half of your Solana staked, you then come to Saber and then you stake that for aSol. So, essentially, we have SOL in your wallet and then you have 50% in aSol which you had just swapped in staked SOL.
So, once you have got SOL, you can pair aSol and sell together in an LP, and this LP is selling much better than a staked SOL LP. It is pretty that simple, and you could end up earning more yields by just continuing to stake them. Always put in mind also there is a small risk that you are taking when you are dealing with these coins- so, try and be cautious…
Remember to also make wise decisions before jumping into any crypto project. Always do further research to ensure that you are fully satisfied with a crypto project of your liking. Also, our channel will always be there, so that you have the best updates that will always guide you in your crypto journey. We highly appreciate you for always being tuned on to our videos…
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