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If you’re looking for a reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform, you’ve probably noticed that your choices are Plenty. Since picking the right option for yourself can be rather troublesome, people flock to various user reviews, in order to get a better feel for their chosen platforms. I'm about to tell you why Deepcoin is the best choice for your business.
Let's kick things off by diving into the awesomeness that is Deepcoin! We're going to chat about some of the coolest features that set it apart from the rest – and trust me, there are quite a few unique gems in there!
Now, let's address the big ol' elephant in the room right away – the standout feature of Deepcoin. In the world of finance and day trading, you've got a bunch of options to choose from, each with its own set of pros and cons.
When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, the Spot market is the go-to for many. Basically, it's like swapping one crypto for another. Once the trade is a done deal, you've got that shiny new asset in your wallet, ready to be sent off to another crypto haven.
But here's the twist – Spot markets might be stealing the spotlight, but they're not the only game in town. And you don't just have to take my word for it – check out what users are saying in their Deepcoin reviews. There's a whole world of trading services beyond Spots, and Deepcoin has some tricks up its sleeve that you won't want to miss!
Deepcoin specializes in something known as derivative trading. Derivatives are some of the more-complex products in the field, but to put it as simply as possible, they refer to contracts that derive their value from an underlying asset - in our case, that asset is a cryptocurrency.
Derivatives trading does, naturally, have its own benefits. You don’t really need to worry about things such as liquidity, or when your order will be accepted - most of the time, these are non-issues. On top of that, since you’re not buying the *actual* cryptocurrency, but instead, a contract associated with it, you don’t need a third-party, external wallet, either!
As you might have gathered by now, derivatives are some rather complicated financial trading tools. They are usually used by experienced day traders, or individuals who aren’t keen on owning their own crypto, but instead, want to participate in active trades, and make a potentially-quick profit.
The Deepcoin exchange allows you to do just that! With its “derivatives-first” mindset, Deepcoin allows users to access multiple trading pairs, and a huge array of different, high-end tools, too.
With Deepcoin being focused on derivatives, though, this does not mean that you can’t trade actual cryptos on the exchange! As mentioned earlier, Spot markets are usually the first thing that individuals think about, when talking about cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The Deepcoin exchange does have a Spot market - that’s already great news if you’re looking to purchase and trade actual cryptocurrencies!
However, in that case, the next big question that arises usually has to do with the number of supported coins. Reading through user Deepcoin reviews, this particular exchange isn’t any different.
Deepcoin supports around 100 different crypto coins and tokens. Naturally, this number includes all of the major coins (such as ETH and BTC), as well as some of the more-niche projects, as well (1Inch, ZIL, YFI).
This number is actually rather decent! What this means is that you’ll be able to trade a wide selection of assets, and thus, diversify your portfolio quite a bit. Whether you’re interested in “playing it safe” and sticking with the major projects, or you’d like to take some larger risks, the point of the matter remains the same - you would be able to do so, with the Deepcoin exchange!
This, in turn, actually leads us into another major benefit of Deepcoin - the fact that the platform offers multiple trading tools. In other words, you will be able to trade perpetual contracts (derivatives trading), as well as participate in Spot trades, too!
You may also choose to mix and match your trading strategies, as well. For example, you could choose to hold some coins, indefinitely, while actively trading others! The point here isn’t what you’ll do - instead, it’s what YOU ARE ABLE to do. Or, as some user Deepcoin reviews put it, the variety of choice that the exchange provides to its users.
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Fiat money like USD, EUR, support is one of the most important features of any high-end, reliable cryptocurrency exchange that isn’t a DeFi project.
With crypto slowly becoming truly mainstream, more and more people are looking to get themselves some coins or tokens. Naturally, whether you’d want to acquire DC Coins, or any of the top-performing cryptocurrencies out there, you’d always prefer to do so with fiat money.
Why? It’s fast, simple, and trouble-free… In most cases. I do admit that this isn’t always the case with advanced-level traders, and those who want to keep their identities private - for the vast majority of the population, though, fiat is the way to go.
User Deepcoin reviews will tell you that the exchange does support fiat-crypto acquisition… To an extent. Specifically, you will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat money, but only through a couple of specific gateways.
Deepcoin uses Banxa and Simplex as their payment facilitators. So, if you want to, say, buy BTC with fiat money, you will need to pass all of the KYC verification checks requested by said platforms.
Why is this a significant point to mention? Well, simply due to the fact that Deepcoin, in of itself, doesn’t have any mandatory KYC checks.
On the user end of things, KYC usually means “doxing” yourself to the exchange - revealing your identity, taking a selfie as you hold up your ID card, providing your residential address, and other relevant information. As you might imagine, it’s a pretty controversial subject.
While it’s usually agreed upon that KYC helps protect users from potential scams, and also aids the process of bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream, there are still many crypto traditionalists who claim that KYC checks are a direct violation of one of the fundamental principles of crypto - anonymity. It is, without a doubt, a hot topic.
But what makes this platform so attractive is the leverage it offers. Just like Binance Future, Deepcoin offers traders the opportunity to engage in leveraged trading with up to 125x leverage, a risky yet potentially lucrative tool in financial asset trading that allows borrowing from the exchange to enhance trading positions, as highlighted in positive user reviews.
The affiliate program is also available to any user willing to be an advocate for Deepcoin. Bring your friends along and you'll be rewarded with a commission for their activity and a fixed salary. Note that you can earn up to 10,000 USDT monthly with Deepcoin! So be sure to sing up with the link in the description.
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