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Back to airdrops which is why we are here, First, we will be looking at cosmos airdrops. The Cosmos blockchain, dubbed the “Internet of Blockchains,” revolutionizes interoperability among decentralized networks by enabling seamless communication between independent blockchains. It leverages the Tendermint BFT consensus mechanism and the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol for efficient and secure transactions. With its unique architecture of interconnected zones and the Cosmos Hub, along with a developer-friendly SDK, Cosmos stands out as a scalable and innovative ecosystem in the blockchain landscape.




Cosmos ecosystem is expanding, and you can earn airdrop on the upcoming blockchain/dApps, mainly by:


Staking .

Staking is a key activity in the Cosmos Ecosystem where users lock up their cryptocurrency to help run and secure the network. By doing so, these participants, called validators or delegators, earn rewards for their contributions. This process, crucial for maintaining network stability, also gives users a chance to receive more benefits, like a larger share in project airdrops, especially if they stake more tokens.


Taking part in Governance 

Governance is a crucial part of the Cosmos Ecosystem, allowing users to vote on important decisions like protocol upgrades and ecosystem changes. This decentralized system gives users a significant role in guiding the direction of the ecosystem. It’s both a right and a responsibility for community members to participate in these governance activities, which happen every two months, to help improve the ecosystem continuously.


Mainnet and Testnet Interactions 

Mainnet and Testnet interactions open doors to explore and contribute to the development and testing phases within the Cosmos Ecosystem. Mainnet represents  the live blockchain network, while Testnet serves as a sandbox environment for testing new features and protocols. Engaging with Mainnet/Testnet tasks allows users to actively participate in the refinement of projects and protocols, gaining insights into the ecosystem’s innovative developments.


$OSMO from the Osmosis platform, $INJ on the Injective chain, $TIA representing Celestia, and $KUJI associated with the Kujira network all present distinct ecosystems where stakers contribute to security and functionality.

By staking these tokens, participants not only support the respective projects but position themselves for potential airdrops and rewards, which is what everyone wants.


ATOM holders enjoy a three-fold utility within the Cosmos network. Firstly, as a spam prevention mechanism, ATOM is used to pay transaction fees. Secondly, by staking ATOM, users contribute to the network’s security and earn block rewards.


In 2024, the Cosmos ecosystem is stepping into the spotlight with a lineup of exciting projects, convergence with  Ethereum, notable airdrops, and a growing FOMO factor. Don't miss out on the action – it's capturing the attention of the entire crypto community! These are the Upcoming Excepted Airdrops in Cosmos Ecosystem

  • Dymension (Already announced airdrop)
  • Archway
  • SoarChain
  • Berachain
  • Eclipse
  • Skip Protocol

Make sure to watch out on them well and never miss guys, lets know in the comment if you would participate or not.


Next on the list is celestia. Celestia is a modular data availability network that safely scales with the number of users, allowing anyone to easily establish their own blockchain. So, they are having important news:

  to Ethereum.

They created a free and open-source tool for streamlining node operations across several networks.

And a partnership with Lumoz.

The best way to get celestia airdrop is by staking. To stake, head to your dashboard, you actually want to pick a validator and stake that validator and there are a few rules, pick validators outside the top 20 because of less commission, avoid validators tagged to an exchange because sometimes project discount these validators because they want to give users the airdrop and not exchanges. By doing this, you are contributing to the project and you can get access to these airdrops:

  • Milky way zone
  • Dymension
  • Movement labs xyz
  • And doki coins.

After staking in the celestia ecosystem, you will receive some tokens back, and getting access to the airdrop.

Celestia, however, is likely to emulate the performance of Aptos. This means there will be a listing pump, followed by a 50-60% correction and sideways movement afterward. Any price above $4 is good to take profit, and if you see a listing pump of 60% or more, sell your tokens immediately.


The presale space is heating up in early 2024, with the new project Meme Kombat emerging as a rising star.

According to some traders, the unique battle concept and considerable fundraising have Meme Kombat (MK) positioned to pump post-launch.  Meme Kombat has garnered attention in the cryptocurrency space with its clever play-to-earn (P2E) concept, which revolves around meme bouts driven by AI.


Users of the site can wager on matches between well-known meme characters, each of whom has distinct attack animations, weaknesses, and strengths.

Gamers have the option to bet on PvP matches with other players or PvGame matches against artificial intelligence.

The native ERC-20 token of Meme Kombat, MK, is used to payout winnings.


Staking helps prevent huge price swings while allowing MK holders to generate a passive income stream.

Gamified features like leaderboards and prizes for top performers further enhance community engagement.

As noted in the project’s whitepaper, the Meme Kombat team plans to roll out new “seasons” featuring different meme fighters, battle modes, and rewards to maintain dynamic gameplay. This ever-evolving ecosystem will provide long-term sustainability and drive continued demand for the MK token.

Citing factors like the project’s real-world utility and wealth of organic community hype, Bury forecasts huge demand for MK once it hits the open market.

Meme Kombat has even drawn the attention of well-known Twitter personalities.


For example, Crypto Tony, who has more than 391,000 followers, endorsed Meme Kombat in late 2023, highlighting its doxxed team and “innovative new gaming platform.”

This praise from high-profile names in the crypto space has helped Meme Kombat secure the number one spot on CoinSniper’s list of the best coins today

With influencers and crypto pundits lining up behind Meme Kombat, interest in securing MK tokens during the ongoing presale has intensified.

Currently in its final stage, the presale has already raised over $6.9 million from an enthusiastic community eager to get their hands on this new coin.

The Meme Kombat team has allocated 10% of the total MK supply for DEX liquidity at launch, helping ensure price stability right out of the gate. Once the presale ends and the battle arena goes live, crypto pundits widely expect demand for MK to skyrocket.

As a result, many investors are opting to join the ranks of early believers before the token’s price potentially increases on the open market.


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