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Benjamin Franklin 

Whether you are a hexican/pulsican waiting for the launch of Pulse, or a general crypto investor, worried because of the crazy market conditions, You will be surprised to know how much potential you have to make a passive income with DeFi even during market downturns, and in fact, volatile markets yield the best rates! 

Why Mastering DeFi? Watch This!

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But why you should MASTER DeFi?

Well, for starters, the profits on DeFi are phenomenal, with interest rates ranging from 8% all the way up to 2,000% or even more.

Just think about how much time you would have saved if you had a stock portfolio that yielded even 20% annually.

For this very reason, DeFi is gaining popularity and has been termed the "gateway to crypto" even by individuals who are opposed to the use of cryptocurrencies.

We are right in time because the common populace is not even familiar with or knowledgeable about DeFi.

Liquidity Pools

Mine liquidity and yield farm for income

Risk Management

key strategies to reduce market risk

Staking & Farming

Boost passive income through staking pools and farming

Advanced Yield

Stay ahead with advanced strategies in this fast-paced field

What's Inside!!

#1 - How DeFi works05:18
#2 - Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and the Ethereum Blockchain14:52
 #3 - Money systems in DeFi 07:05
#4 - Navigating the DeFi process17:08
#5 - The concept of Liquidity17:34
#6 - The art of Staking  11:10
#7 - Apps to know in DeFi08:56
#8 - Your Position as a DeFi Player08:12
#9 - Mastering Security on your cryptocurrencies11:00
#10 - The winning strategy by bridging09:25
#11 - The concept of Cefi08:28
#12 - The Magic Internet Money13:09
#13 - The positions that you can hold 08:58
#14 - An overview of tactics and strategies that you can use08:18
#15 - How to highlight and hunt down degen high yields – Part A08:04
#16 - How to highlight and hunt down degen high yields – Part B06:42
#17 - What next!01:39

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Miely Miler

The Mastering DeFi course was exactly what I needed to get started with DeFi. The course covered all the basics and provided valuable insights into the different protocols and platforms in the DeFi ecosystem. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about DeFi

Randy Tyler

I am so glad I invested in the Mastering DeFi course. The course material was well organized and easy to follow. I have already started implementing what I learned in the course and am seeing great results. I would definitely recommend this course to others. All the best!

Edwin MCKenzie

I have been wanting to get into DeFi for a while now, but I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. The Mastering DeFi course provided a structured and comprehensive overview of the DeFi landscape, and I feel much more confident in my ability to navigate this space. Thank you for offering such a valuable resource.


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