Why people are so bullish about PulseChain and PulseX?
Last year, the hype for cryptocurrencies has become very obvious. With several cryptos reaching their all-time highs, the crypto community has boomed in a way it has never done before.
The only major criticism of Ethereum is its insanely high gas fees, which have caused people to look for more affordable options. This is where the brand new ETH fork, PulseChain, comes into play. Richard Heart, the founder of PulseChain, ensures that it contains all the features that Ethereum offers but with relatively lower fees. He also decided to create PulseX, a DEX that will surpass the others already existing.
 In this video, we'll tell you why people are so bullish when it comes to PulseChain and PulseX.
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Now, let's get started.
Among all the upcoming coins in the market, PulseChain and PulseX are the most-awaited cryptos. Investors are eager to pour in their money on the very first day of their release to make the most out of PLS and PlsX.
Rumors are doing the rounds that PulseChain might start with $0.0000000001 in the indices on the day of its launch. However, there is no official confirmation about the launch price, and is only speculations at the moment. We will have to wait and watch for its launch price when more details are released is revealed.
Besides, if you want to know about one of the most innovative projects in the crypto space, you should take a look at PoolSea, a new optimal solution for PulseChain that includes a DEX on which you can trade with 0% fees, an NFT marketplace with over 20 Million tokens that will allow you to generate passive income, and a Staking pool & stablecoin that will allow you to earn daily returns with liquid PLS. The advantage is that $POOL tokens will be a central part of their ecosystem. This is because $POOL will serve many vital purposes.
$POOL will serve as the primary governance token for the DAO USDH and the staking of POOL
To ensure token deflation, up to 31.5% of the commission earned on their decentralized exchange will be used to purchase $POOL and then burn it
To acquire $Hpx tokens, an amount of $POOL equivalent to the amount of $Hpx tokens desired will be bought and burned
Stakers will earn daily PLS, PLSX, USDH, HEX, and many more rewards as $POOL tokens are withdrawn from the liquidity pool.
Daily POOL buy & burn up to 31.5% from each commission earned from their Dex. This guarantees the rise of the $POOL token as it becomes progressively scarcer.
The profit phase of this token is underway and this is the best time to jump in if you want to maximize your profits. So make sure to check out this project. We'll put the link to their website in the description below. And don't hesitate to watch our previous videos if you want to know more about this project.
Now, let’s get back to the main topic!
PLS could also boast of a large number of holders, but the market condition might dictate its moves after release.
Watcher Guru spoke exclusively to Dara Gadziala, the co-founder of stocks, crypto, and forex agency The Bomb Hustle to answer the million-dollar question of how high can PulseChain rise in year 1.
Gadziala remained positive and bullish on PulseChain but stopped short of predicting its price movements as it’s not released yet.
Nevertheless, Pulse and PulseX are the coins that will make many people millionaires very quickly.
Certainly, faster than any other coin. They are deflationary, the burning mechanism is very fast, they can burn a lot and if it does, the coin will be rarer, which will literally boost the price.
If you want life-changing wealth, there's only one way to get it, and it's not trading, it's not gambling. It's to buy a coin when it comes out.
Keep it, build it, and sell it at some point when you have the Xs you're looking for. And that coin needs to have a solid foundation. As far as Pulse and PulseX are concerned, there is a real use for them. If you've been following us for a while, you probably know what we're talking about. The benefits of PulseChain are so numerous that a single video can't cover them all. The same goes for PulseX.
In our opinion, PulseChain will be the largest blockchain in the world. PulseChain is the fork of Ethereum, so it is designed to do everything Ethereum does, but better. PulseChain's transaction speed will be high (nearly 4 times that of Ethereum) and on top of that, transaction fees will be reduced. This will drive many other projects to want to launch on the PulseChain blockchain. Because it's fast and cheaper. Currently, more than 135 projects are ready to be launched on PulseChain. And PulseX will certainly be the first DEX to host these projects.
PulseX allows users to exchange tokens on PulseChain against each other. Its goal is to provide PulseChain users with the best possible exchange experience and return farm, with a focus on encouraging ERC-20 holders to bridge and restore the value of their free PRC-20s.
In our view, there will likely be more liquidity on PulseX than on other DEXs. That's what will make the PlsX token important. And then there is also the buy and burn which will reduce the supply of PulseX, so the token will become scarcer, and that will drive up the price of the token. The buy and burn feature is a unique feature of PulseX. To understand this, let's juxtapose it with the SushiSwap protocol. In SushiSwap, the protocol takes a 0.3% commission on each transaction. 0.25% of that amount is given to the LPs as a reward. But the remaining 0.05% is used to buy SUSHI tokens on the market. In effect, the protocol buys SUSHI tokens, thus contributing to the demand for tokens. However, these SUSHI tokens are then distributed to existing SUSHI holders, who can either sell them or keep them.
PulseX is different. Not only will it buy PLSX tokens in the same way as SushiSwap, but it will also burn them! In other words, the protocol will not only add demand to the native token but also reduce supply.
So, there are a lot of reasons to be bullish on this project.
Now, in order to get the most out of it, you need to have clear goals. There's no doubt that Pulse and PulseX are going to be hugely successful, but you need to set a price limit that you want to reach. For example, when you've made 100X or 500X, you might want to sell half of your tokens and wait for the rest to make a profit. We explained in one of our previous videos how to invest in crypto, and what we're talking about in today's video is one of the strategies to apply.
Basically, what we're trying to get across is that you should always set a price limit at which you can liquidate part of your position. But not all of it. Just part of it, it could be 25% or even 50%.
So, if you participated in the PulseChiain or PulseX sacrifice, you probably already know the amount of tokens you're going to receive at launch.
And if you didn't take part in the sacrifice, you can still use the faucets to get 100 tokens for free for each of them. We'll put the link to these faucets in the description below.
Now, do you think Pls and Plsx can do 10 000X? As always, share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below. And if you're looking for a way to turn $1k into $100k in crypto, be sure to check out this video that will appear on the end screen.
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