PulseChain (PLS) is arguably the most anticipated crypto in the market and investors are eagerly waiting for its release. Not a day goes by on social media where investors question HEX founder Richard Heart about its release date. For the uninitiated, PulseChain is Richard Heart‘s second token in the market and reports state that it could be launched anytime in 2022. However, no official word on its release date has been made public by the PLS team since the originally scheduled May launch date was delayed. In this video, we will explain everything you need to know about PulseChain. Even if you are a beginner and don't know enough about PulseChain, this video will help you. Watch this video all the way through because we'll also show you a way to get free Pulse tokens right now.
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Now, let's get started.
PulseChain, when launched, will be a new blockchain created by copying Ethereum and changing some of its codes. PulseChain aims to make transactions faster and cheaper for its users. The upcoming blockchain will provide affordable gas fees when compared to the Ethereum network. The PulseChain team will not just copy the Ethereum codes, but also copy codes of NFTs and other tokens that are on the Ethereum network.
The upcoming blockchain’s native token will be PLS. Also, all the existing ETH on the Ethereum network will be converted to PLS on the Pulsechain network. It is reported that the supply will be inflated by at least x10,000.
The most noticeable difference between PulseChain and Ethereum could be transaction speed, cost, and the capacity of the network. PulseChain will also replace the proof of work (PoW) model with validators encrypting transactions.
Their website states, “The main differences are speed, cost, Deflation, and efficiency of the network. Capable of hundreds of transactions per second vastly outpaces Ethereum’s 13. Removing the need for the expensive computing power of PoW while maintaining a high level of security.”
PulseChain is yet to release and its launch price on day 1 remains to be a mystery. There are already thousands of investors waiting to pour in their money on the first day of its release. A majority of investors interested in investing in PLS are mostly HEX investors who believe that PulseChain could mirror HEX in terms of price.
HEX reached 1 Cent in just 14 months after its launch in December 2019. The token made average investors generational wealth as it doubled 13 consecutive times approximately every 48 days. Investors firmly believe that an early entry in PulseChain could be equally rewarding as HEX’s previous runs.
Its governing and native token will be PLS and investors are eagerly awaiting its release. Reports are doing the rounds that the PulseChain network might host nearly 120 projects on its platform during the initial days of its launch. The projects include tokens, NFTs, DAOs, and more.
The Twitter handle ‘Pulsechain News & Talk’ has been following up with the network and compiled a list of projects that would be on the upcoming layer-2 solution. The projects include TrustSwap, Slate DAO, PowerCity, MoreToken, AirDAO, and AlphaSwap, among others. We have already made many videos on this subject. In particular to explain why some projects are better and are very good investments.  You can visit pulse-chain.com to see the full list of 120 projects that will be launched on PulseChain. We've put the link in the description. Mostly all of them would be on the PulseChain network, though some obviously haven't guaranteed they will be launching on the first day. All of them have confirmed that they will, at some point soon after launch, or on the day of launch, be on PulseChain. The PulseChain Testnet is now on its second version, which includes validator rotation, registration, and staking. Richard Heart, the flamboyant founder of HEX, says that he will most likely have a better time frame over the next few days.
Heart also posted a follow-up tweet saying that once he knows when things move forward, so will the community. He too, he says, is waiting on a time estimate.
The release date for PulseChain remains to be a mystery as the team has kept its developments under wrap. The timeline for its release is not confirmed and might be launched by the end of 2022 or in 2023.
However, we believe that PLS can deliver the desired results and cater to our financial aspirations. Investors who missed out on Hex are more interested in PLS, as they believe it could mirror Hex’s early gains.
Nonetheless, nobody can surely affirm that PLS could repeat HEX’s run in the market. PulseChain is yet to be launched and it’s hard to pinpoint its success before it enters the ongoing bearish market.
Now, how High Will PulseChain Spike After Release?
Watcher Guru spoke exclusively to Dara Gadziala, the co-founder of stocks, crypto, and forex agency The Bomb Hustle to answer the million-dollar question of how high can PulseChain rise in year 1.
Gadziala remained positive and bullish on PulseChain but stopped short of predicting its price movements as it’s not released yet.
“Only price anyone can guess is it will start at 0.0000000001,” said Gadziala. The financial analyst continued, “I feel very optimistic about the future of PulseChain and can speculate its price only after its launch. It all comes down to marketing, circulating supply, burn rate, and market cap,” she said.
Anyway, PLS despite not being launched, is already attracting heavy buying pressure. Investors on social media are requesting Heart to release the crypto soon and thousands of people are hoping to pour in their money on the very first day of its launch.
They firmly believe that anything is possible in Richard Heart’s world as everything he touches turns to gold. Investors believe that Heart has a Midas touch and is capable of making investors experience the same.
At present, there is no data to showcase if PulseChain will be the key to richness for the average Joe. PLS is not launched yet. However, the sentiment out there in the market shows that there could be a possibility of it being the next HEX.
Nonetheless, we’ll have to wait out after its release if it actually makes investors gain generational wealth.
Now we'll tell you what you need to do to get free Pls tokens, even if PulseChain is not yet launched.
You will need Metamask to do this.
Metamask is one of the most popular crypto wallets, and it works directly in your browser as a chrome extension. Get the extension at metamask.io. Once you install it and create your account, you will need to add the PulseChain testnet to the wallet networks.
To do this, click the network and select Add Network.
On the Add a network screen, enter the information about the PulseChain network in the correct fields:
You will find these informations in the description below.
You must manually add your ERC20s for them to show. Use the Import Tokens option in the Metamask wallet to see the copied ERC20s.
Once this is done, go to the PulseChain faucet to get testpulse.
To pay the transaction fees on the testnet you will need test pulse tokens (tPLS). You can get free tPLS using a testnet faucet. You can claim 100 free tokens per day. The token will appear in your metamask wallet. Now, do you think PulseChain is a good project? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
And if you are new to the pulse ecosystem, and want to know more about the pulsechain, hex, or pulse X, we have curated a huge playlist, with all possible questions in peoples minds, it has more than 140 videos as of now. go check them out for more detailed information on this ecosystem, the link is in the description!
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