Cryptocurrency markets continue to trade sideways this week, with Bitcoin managing to hold $20k and Ethereum remaining above the $1.5k support. The overall capitalization of the Metaverse crypto-currency market stands at $14.4 billion. Some of the top gainers this week include Animal Friends United, which made over 26,000% in 7 days, Terra Classic, which made 50%, and Voyager Token, which made over 160%. Today, we look at our picks for the top three crypto-currencies in the Metaverse with massive gain potential to watch in 2022. Watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
#1: UFO Gaming
The first Altcoin on our list is UFO Gaming.
Launching in July 2021, UFO Gaming is a gaming Metaverse platform whose mission is to bridge the gap between traditional AAA games and the crypto play-to-earn model, allowing players to earn rewards by participating in the UFO Gaming ecosystem.
Dubbed the "Dark Metaverse," UFO Gaming will introduce its first NFT-based game, Super Galactic. In addition, UFO Gaming will launch an NFT marketplace for players to trade game assets and make profits.
Each game in UFO Gaming's metaverse will have its own governing planet. The team will hold virtual land auctions where people can buy their share of that planet and earn in-game revenue by completing specific tasks.
Originally, UFO Gaming was launched on the Ethereum blockchain; however, the team has since moved to Polygon's Layer 2 solution to reduce gas costs.
Although UFO Gaming currently does not have a minimum viable product, the project has garnered significant support from the community due to its visionary idea.
UFO Gaming recently released a bi-monthly update announcing dozens of features planned for later this year.
Although it is relatively new, the number of exchanges on which it is listed is growing.
Through its use in its ever-evolving ecosystem, it is a project that can support prizes in transactions such as purchases and staking.
New games to be added to the platform can increase the number of investors in UFO Coin. That's why we think this project has a huge potential for long-term investment.
#2: Verasity
And the next up is Verasity. Verasity is a next-generation video-sharing platform. Taking the best elements of traditional models such as advertising, subscription video-on-demand, and crowdfunding, Verasity's decentralized blockchain eliminates the middleman from the equation and keeps the value within the community.
Verasity is a leading provider of award-winning video player technology to major publishers around the world. The patent-pending video player enables tokenized rewards as well as loyalty programs in a video player portfolio. The unique technology is now available to over 2 million video publishers with 550 million users and 110 billion monthly views, driving engagement and revenue back to publisher sites. Verasity's attention-based model creates a booming VRA token economy among viewers, video publishers, and advertisers.
Its technology works by publishers integrating the Verasity platform into their video stack to run a loyalty program that rewards users for their attention. This displays a trophy in the upper right corner of the video player. Users click on any video or ad and watch. When they see the trophy on the right side of the video turn green, they claim these rewards by clicking on the trophy and creating a Rewards Wallet account. VRA is a crypto-currency that can be obtained by watching videos, pays the user immediately, and can be converted into cash, vouchers, or goods and services.
Verasity uses cutting-edge Blockchain technology and its VRA crypto-currency as a compromise between attention and value. It also offers custom rewards and points that can be defined by the publisher and do not include cryptocurrency.
Verasity's Proof-of-View technology is designed to securely, accurately, and publicly verify audience metrics, while almost completely eliminating the possibility of generating fake views through bots/click farms.
Verasity also provides programmatic pre-roll ad inventory for advertisers looking to reach engaged audiences on its global network.
Verasity VRA is a good investment because its token is functional and potentially profitable. It could generate substantial profits through rewards wagered on VeraWallet.
Today, there are many reputable crypto-currencies on the market, but only after social media influencers promote a token extensively for advertising purposes will it gain monetary value and merit.
Hype-men have a significant ability to influence potential Verasity buyers on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit. So far, it seems the hype has paid off.
The extravagant and intense publicity has given Verasity a considerable chance to be more successful in the future. As more and more cryptocurrency exchanges list Verasity, we expect prices to rise sharply due to increased demand.
Verasity is worth buying as it can be profitable in the future, but don't wait too long to buy, you may miss the opportunity. Opportunities don't come along every day - recognize them and take them whenever you can.
#3: Aurory
And the latest on this list of crypto to buy now is Aurory.
After a record-breaking August sale of 10,000 unique avatars in less than 3 seconds, the blockchain game Aurory has made a big splash with its entry into the Solana blockchain. Now in the spotlight, Aurory is generating a lot of time within the crypto-community with the way it's bringing players into the ecosystem.
The "Aurory Project" studio powered by the Solana and Serum platforms aims to introduce players to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, particularly through unique, in-game collectible cards.
Aurory's ambition is to educate new people about the mechanics of blockchain, via the prism of gaming.
The recent evolution of the video game market, as well as the cryptocurrency market since the Covid-19 pandemic, will push the studio to bet on a free game, to make it accessible to everyone, and especially to the most curious.
The choice of a Play to Earn model allows the uninitiated to start acquiring their first crypto-assets and NFTs.
The developers are still working on the release format and future plans for their AURY token. However, they have expressed their desire to apply disinflationary mechanisms, probably through the regular burning of some AURY.
We know that the game will be available only on PC, but a future mobile version is being considered.
For the moment, no release date has been officially announced. Users must therefore be patient before they can access the final version. However, it will be possible to access a beta version planned soon, in order to get a first glimpse of the game.
A first mint took place on August 31, with the creation of 10,000 Aurorians, unique avatars allowing to show support for the project. They will allow their owners to get a preview of new game modes, as well as additional content in the Aurory universe.
Finally, Aurory is an ambitious project that stands out for its accessibility. It could open a door to the world of cryptocurrencies for beginners, but also delight insiders.
Holders of non-fungible tokens will be able to use their Aurory crypto-assets in-game to keep getting new ones in a fun way. Thus, having better Nefties or items will allow you to acquire more valuable NFTs.
Rewarding active players, and taking into account the opinion of its community could make Aurory a must-have project in the coming months. Now, do you think these projects can be good long-term investments? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.
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