As you may know, there has been a lot of buzz around cryptocurrencies in the past few years. With so many new coins and tokens being introduced to the market, it can be hard to find high growth potential. In this video, we're going to cover the 3 cryptos to buy that have the potential to make millionaires. The best part is that all of the projects we're going to talk about today have lost a lot of value during the bear market and have the potential to recover their all-time highs. Watch this video till the end, so you don’t miss anything.
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The first altcoin project we believe is worth investing in and has the potential to make you a millionaire is VETTER.
The crowdsourcing DAO offers a dApp with tools for informed investment decisions. In the blockchain industry where things change in a matter of minutes and research is time-consuming, getting the right information at the right time can result in a successful investment opportunity.
Vetter Token (VETTER) makes crypto research fun! is a platform that aims to make it easier and faster to find the best new crypto projects based on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and other blockchains. With a proven use case, the dApp highlights projects worth researching by ranking the poster's performance. Add in compensation, points, tipping, and a badass interface, and you have the best crypto research tool at your fingertips.
Vetter's first dApp (CrowdX) was released in October 2021. As an acclaimed resource for high standards and results, dApp is now used by thousands of investors.
The CrowdX dApp is loaded with features for investors on the hunt for gains within the early-stage blockchain market. It is not unusual to see gains ranging from 150% to 1000% or more – even in the bear market – within 24 hours to 7 days from the project's launch. Everything here is audited, documented, and verifiable. And the best part about this project is that you must have VETTER in your wallet to access the most powerful features of the dApp.
Use CrowdX Calendar to spot early-stage blockchain projects showing the highest probability of yielding a 150% return (on up) within minutes of its launch.
Use the Intuitive Oracle to focus on projects with the highest probability of producing larger, long-term gains. Or access Signals and follow top members with a proven track record of posting projects yielding the most consistent gains. See the stats and mirror the best players in the game. These are just some of the feature-rich tools only available at CrowdX.
Vetter's ecosystem is expanding with the Skylabs (VSL) pre-sale that began on August 21 and will end on August 28. 
With its in-house dev team and the trusted reputation of Vetter, launching projects that meet the highest standards, plus non-custodial staking with royalties from revenue, not vaper…Skylabs is poised to lead several sectors of the blockchain. With new features to come like Skylabs, this would increase the use cases for the Vetter token. That's why we think this project is promising.
The next project is as exciting as the previous one. It is called SEEDIFY. You probably already know this. We have featured it several times on this channel.
NFT gaming is poised to reshape the entire video game industry as we know it. There are many projects out there that may try to scam you with low-quality games and NFTs, so doing your research is just as important here as it is with any other crypto-currency. That's why an incubator and startup company like Seedify can be so valuable in finding the right NFT game token and metaverse ecosystem to invest in.
Seedify is an early multi-chain launchpad and incubator for blockchain games that plans to launch its own blockchain game design studio. Originally, they started as a pure community launchpad project by dumping their initial token supply ($ SFUND) to their community. No outside investment, no IDO, no private sale investors, and they've grown considerably since their launch. Seedify plans to make a ton of updates in what they call Seedify V2, which includes plans for their own game design studio Seedify Game Studios. Seedify has incubated many successful blockchain games, including CryptoBlades Kingdoms, Forest Knight and Snook. Each of these IGOs has provided everyone who participated with huge returns. Their launchpad is currently focused on incubating/launching NFT game tokens, but soon they will be incubating actual NFT collections to be used in-game as well once Seedify V2 launches.
While Seedify is looking forward to one of the biggest advances in the cryptocurrency industry to date which is the Ethereum Merge, the company is also ready to integrate with the enhanced Ethereum network by opening a parity pool between its native token, $SFUND, and Ethereum.
This integration will allow Seedify to expand its community, reach a new audience and facilitate the adoption of its ecosystem by new holders, stakers and farmers.
With the proposed multi-chain support, anyone using the Ethereum network will be able to use Seedify services much faster. This will further enhance the growth of these services and the $SFUND.
To expand the reach of the Seedify ecosystem, the company will also be adding $SFUND/ETH farms very soon, to ensure that the liquidity of $SFUND on Ethereum provides a robust exchange economy.
Seedify will also be hosting surprise events to increase the visibility of $SFUND to native Ethereum users, as well as on the Ethereum network. With all the reasons we just mentioned, SEEDIFY is an excellent project if you are looking for a long-term investment.
#3: Polkastarter
And the last project on our list is going to be Polkastarter.
Polkastarter is a decentralized exchange (DEX) allowing crypto projects to raise funds in a decentralized environment, without trusted third parties or authorization, and based on the Polkadot project blockchain.
The Polkastarter platform has its own token, POLS. Its usefulness is twofold:
First, it allows access to the investments offered by the platform. Indeed, when raising funds on the platform, Polkastarter randomly selects a certain number of addresses that will be authorized to invest.
To be eligible for the draw, investors must hold a minimum number of 250 POLS and keep them for 7 days before the start of the draw. Each lot of 250 POLS represents one ticket that will be eligible to be drawn at random during the selection process by Polkastarter. Furthermore, above a certain amount, the 250 POLS lots will allow you to get more than one ticket. So, the more POLS an investor has, the more tickets they have that will allow them to be drawn to invest in a crypto project. You can check out their website if you want to learn more about this.
POLS can also be staked on the Polkastarter platform. By depositing their POLS in staking, the user immediately becomes eligible for future IDOs on the platform and is not subject to the 7-day holding period. In addition, the investor can also provide liquidity in the ETH-POLS (on Uniswap) and BNB-POLS (on PancakeSwap) pools, with each LP token representing 100 POLS and 20 POLS respectively.
Now, if you are wondering whether you should hold the POLS token or not, well, as we just mentioned, holding it will allow you to participate in the most exciting IDOs.
In general, IDOs represent interesting opportunities for investors. For example, recent projects that have raised funds on the platform, such as Galaxy Fight Coin, Mecha Morphing, and impactMarket, have allowed investors to realize +319%, +843%, and +1194% on their initial investment, respectively. So, what do you think? Are you willing to spend a few dollars to make a 3X, 8X, or even 10X return in crypto in a very short time? Let us know what you think in the comments. 
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