Would you like to turn your $1000 into $10,000 or even $100,000? If you had invested $1,000 on Fantom (FTM) at its all-time low and sold it at its all-time high, you could have turned your $1,000 into over $100,000. Likewise, if you had invested it on DogeCoin, you could have gotten over $3 million. With that amount, you could have retired from work, bought a house in the Bahamas, and enjoyed your retirement. In this video, we're going to show you step by step how you can take as little as $1,000 and turn it into $50,000, $100,000, or even $1,000,000 with crypto. Be sure to watch this video all the way through because we're also going to share with you the best crypto gems that we believe can help you reach your $ 1 000,000 goal quickly.
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Now, let's get started.
Now we are going to tell you how to build a good portfolio to really get 100X. But first, note that this video is not investment advice. Investing in crypto is very risky. So, you should always do your own research before you invest.
So how do you turn $1,000 into $10,000, $50,000 or even $100,000?
The strategy we recommend is to invest in crypto before they are listed on exchanges. The best way to find these cryptos is to go to Launchpads like Dao Maker. Dao Maker is an incubator, a launchpad for new altcoins. For example, if you go to DAO Maker, you will find over 120 projects that have been launched.
On Dao Maker, projects like beFITTER went up 15 times when they reached their all-time high.
My neighbor Alice also increased 327 times. Another very interesting example is Step.app. Step.app went up 149 times from its presale to its all-time high. Of course, not every project is going to do 15X, 149X, or 327X. But regardless, when you invest in one of these projects before it launches, you're sure to multiply your money by many X's.
You can look at the projects that have been launched on Dao Maker, most of them have made at least 10X. Now imagine you are lucky enough to come across a good project and it does 100 or 200X. If you are patient and time it right to sell all your tokens when the crypto hits its all-time high, your $1,000 investment will turn into $100,000 or $200,000. It's a good deal, right?
Multiple projects are launched every month on Dao Maker. So, you have multiple choices. You don't have to invest in all of them. Do some analysis to select the best ones. Once you've done that, you can invest in it. If you don't know how to do this, leave us a comment and we'll make a video on how to do a good crypto analysis. 
Dao Maker is not the only incubator where you can find interesting projects.
Polkastarter is also a great incubator. Several projects have been launched there. One of the projects that were launched last year was called Thetan Arena. You can see that the price per token for that presale was $0.08.
They also raised over $200,000 in that pre-sale. And this crypto-currency absolutely exploded by rising by over 26,000%. So, if you had participated in this pre-sale and bought your tokens for 8 cents and sold them at the peak at around $18, you would have made over 100 times your money.
As you can see, not all of these projects are going to multiply your money by 100. Not all of these projects are successful. Some are more successful than others. That's why you need to do a due diligence analysis and look at the usefulness and hype behind the project before you invest in it.
Another example is Oxbull.Tech. When they launched their project, the IDO price per token was 3 cents, and the token was listed at 4 cents. Today, Oxbull's all-time high is $6.91. That's 230 times your money.
Now, for this pre-sale, they only raised $35,000 and only 250 people participated. And if you were one of the lucky ones to be able to invest $1,000 in this project, and you chose the time when the price was the highest ever, about $6, you too would have made over 200 times your money, turning $1,000 into over $200,000. And even today, while the price has dropped significantly from the all-time high, it's still $0.42, which is almost 10 times the presale price. Just like the previous launch pads, if you look here on Oxbull, over 30 projects have already launched there. And many of them have done well for investors.
Pocoland has done 76x, Altura NFT has done 800x, and Catecoin has done 2969X. Wanaka made 157x, Alpha Kombat made 25x. In fact, almost every project that was launched did well for investors. The lowest performer was Metaseer, which only made 1.2X.
As you can see on Oxbull's platform, on average, these 30+ projects made over 197.7x. If you do a good analysis, you have a good chance of getting a good project that will make at least 197X. That's how it works. So, if you would like to turn your $1000 into $10,000, $50,000, or even $100,000, check out these Launchpads, make some analysis, and buy one of these Altcoins while it's still on presale. That way, you'll have a better chance of multiplying your money exponentially. Now, we are going to share with you the best crypto that we believe can help you turn your $1000 into $10,000 or even $100,000. But before that, if you have learned something by watching this video, hit the Like button, hit the Subscribe button, and share this video if you haven't already.
Now, the first project that we believe can help you turn your $1,000 into $100,000 is called PulseChain.
We have shared this cryptocurrency project several times, and the sacrifice phase for this cryptocurrency project is complete.
Once it’s launched, you can buy it on the open market. We’ve done a lot of videos on PulseChain and its explosive potential, so we’re not going to get into all the details. But the reason we are bullish about PulseChain is that the founder who created PulseChain also created Hex, which has done over 10.000X in two years.
Now, another PulseChain-related project that we believe can help you turn your $1000 into $100,000 is PulseX. The sacrifice for this project is also complete and more than $1 billion has been sacrificed for this project. The goal of PulseX is to be the number one decentralized cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Just like PulseChain, the only way to get it is when it is launched. Now if you look at the previous Blockchains and DEX you will see that they have done well for their investors, especially for those who have bought them at the presale. So there is no reason why PulseChain and PulseX don’t do well. That's why you should look into these two projects if you're looking for a way to multiply your money exponentially.
Now if you want to know about the latest updates on PulseChain, PulseX, and Hex? And are we any closer to a launch than before? First of all, development is proceeding as it should, which has been verified by many industry leaders, and voices, as well as Richard Heart himself.  Although the main network has been delayed, the testnet has been there, and running smoothly for months, building the necessary trust. However, Richard Heart didn't reveal too much about PulseChain's progress in his interview, and instead spoke about the overall crypto market in general terms. Now if you are new to the pulse ecosystem, and want to know more about the pulsechain, hex, or pulse X, we have curated a huge playlist, with all possible questions in peoples minds, it has more than 140 videos as of now. you can go check them out for more detailed information on this ecosystem, the link is in the description!
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