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Linea is a type 2 zero knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM). So, the zkEVM replicates the Ethereum environment as a rollup and allows developers to build on it as they would on Ethereum mainnet.
Linea lets users deploy any smart contract, use any tool, and develop as if they’re building on Ethereum. For users, this enables the experience and security guarantees of Ethereum, also with lower transaction costs.
Linea is a ZK rollup powered by ConsenSys, which has raised an incredible $726M and has launched its mainnet to the public.
They had already confirmed to reward early testnet participants, so they would likely launch their own token in the future and do an airdrop to early testnet and mainnet participants.
We, at Coinpedia, highly recommend that users do transactions regularly to increase the chances of becoming eligible, like every month or week.

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Next up is ZK rollup, a renowned trustless protocol that uses cryptographic validity proofs to provide scalable and low-cost transactions. It is all done on the Ethereum chain. It has raised a glorifying sum of $458 million from investors like Blockchain Capital and Dragon Capital.
It performs the computation off-chain and stores data off-the-chain.
It is built on Ethereum and is super safe!
It uses Gitcoin passports and Sybil wallets to ensure proof of humanity thus adding an extra layer of security!
The best chance to receive $ZKS airdrop is to interact with zkSync Lite and zkSync Era Mainnet Alpha . Moreover, many projects in the zkSync ecosystem also do not have a token yet. So interacting with their ecosystem dApps may entitle you to potential airdrops from zkSync and the ecosystem project.
Wormhole is a generic, cross-chain message transfer protocol made to carry out interoperability between heterogeneous chains like Ethereum, Solana and BSC, etc. It has raised $220 million from investors like Coinbase Ventures and Multicoin Capital.
Wormhole, a cross-chain protocol, has announced an airdrop of its W token. The team didn't provide  an exact date, but did say in a blog post that a snapshot of eligible wallets has already been taken.
Wormhole will distribute 5.1% of its supply to guardian nodes, 17% to its community, 12% to core contributors, 11.6% to strategic network partners and set aside 31% for maintaining its ecosystem and the remaining 23.3% for its foundation treasury.
The airdrop is meant to decentralize governance for the project by granting W holders a role in governance that will allow them to guide community programs and treasury-related activities.
Berachain is a highly performing EVM-compatible blockchain built on Proof-of-Liquidity consensus. Proof-of-Liquidity is a novel consensus mechanism that wishes to align network incentives, creating a strong sync between Berachain validators and the ecosystem of projects.
Berachain’s technology is built on Polaris, a great blockchain framework for building EVM-compatible chains on top of the CometBFT consensus engine.
It has raised a massive $42 million in funding from investors like Polychain Capital and dao5. It has also confirmed to launch its own token, “BERA”.
It has launched a testnet called Artio, and users who try out the testnet will likely become eligible for a BERA airdrop when the token is about to go live. This sounds amazing, let us know in the comments if you would love to be part.
Layerzero is an omnichannel interoperability protocol designed for lightweight messages passing across different chains. Layer Zero provides a safe and guaranteed message delivery with configured trustlessness. It has raised a total of $173.3 million in funding from many investors like Alameda Research and Andreessen Horowitz. They confirmed about the token launch and users who are in touch with the dApps built on Layer Zero may get an airdrop soon in 2024 Q1!
While the LayerZero team hasn't officially confirmed any airdrop eligibility criteria, we suggest a series of on-chain activities that could potentially enhance your chances of being included in their airdrop selection.
Utilizing the LiquidSwap Bridge, another innovation by LayerZero allows token transfers across multiple networks, including Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and Polygon. Transferring a minimum of $200 in value through this bridge might increase your eligibility for the airdrop.
Engaging with protocols and applications built on LayerZero’s technology could be beneficial . This includes platforms like Rage Trade, Angle Protocol, Mugen Finance, and Radiant Capital.
It is a browser extension that is about to launch its token soon! It offers all the facilities to manage digital assets from one place.
Why choose Metamask guys?
It is an extension browser that has a user-friendly mobile app
It has features like a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange.
Telos is a high-performance blockchain built on Antelope that supports Ethereum dApps for Defi services and products.
Telos offers low gas fees and fast block generation.
Users can earn TLOS tokens by completing the quests
These requirements could include holding a minimum amount of a particular token, being active on social media platforms, or completing certain tasks  set by the project team. It is crucial for participants to understand and adhere to these conditions to ensure they meet the necessary criteria for receiving the airdropped tokens.
This one is for NfFT lovers, if you are one of them, signify in the comments. ApeBets offers crypto enthusiasts an opportunity to invest in the future of sports betting on Solana. The main goal of the crypto project is to redefine the NFT landscape by developing a lucrative investment avenue while constantly rewarding NFT holders.
“ApeBets NFT” is a collection consisting of 8,888 membership NFTs. Thus, each NFT offers an experience that combines the thrill of ownership with the power of exclusive knowledge. ApeBets NFT holders will have access to valuable sports bet calls and constant assistance from the company’s team. The mint date is set to be February 18, 2024.
So these are the TOP 8 Crypto Airdrops to hunt in March. Let's be real guys, airdrops aren't guaranteed riches. Do your research, avoid scams, and don't expect overnight miracles.
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